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╰დ╮☼╭დ╯How to prevent violent extremists in religious world ?

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Welcome to 174 . alive Dharma teaching at the Heritage of mankind .
Every month we have interesting podium discussion at HWPL /Warp office in Seoul South Korea , Slovenia , European union and New Zealand . In May we discussed very important theme about violent extremism in the world , since HWPL NOG from South Korea is organising PEACE WALKS in many cities worldwide . Our discussion was timely, it happened before Manchester UK bombing attack . Audience at Seoul office had interesting questions for guest speakers , including pastor Rodney Stubbs from Protestant church in New Zealand , Mr. Talha Ahmad from Ahmadiya society in Slovenia and for Tara Tulku Rinpoche representing Buddhism .
Later in May 2017 His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama gave Avalokitesvara /Chenresig empowerment at his monastery in Dharamsala H.P. India which was broadcasted on Live stream .

13th Warp office conference
May 21st 2017

Violent extremist in religious world : how to prevent it ?

1. 1.Is it possible for anyone to become a violent extremist ?
If so, what is the reason ?
Nowdays in contemporary schools all over the world there is no peace education for young generations . Therefore there is a lot of violence among youngsters in the form of harrasment , bullying and other forms of violence . There is also a lot of violence in the families . It seems that governments with their ministries of education are not interested to create a peaceful world , they rather support world of tensions , hatred and domination over individual citizens . Agenda 21 was accepted by UN already in Brazil 1992 , entitled : Sustainable development .
Yet : Corporate media with many tv channels mostly report about catastrophies and not about positive happenings in the world . General population –including young and elderly people all over the world – who view these corporate media -are influenced by negative reporting and catastrophic news creating fear .
There are also many violent computer games influencing people !
Reasons for violence is always fear , lack of inner peace , lack of personal growth and lack of human values . Peace education should start already in the kindergarten , followed by primary and secondary school , then universities . Peace education must become integral part of worldwide education if we wish to create more peaceful world . Peace education is not something passive and inactive : it should include practicing martial arts like Tai chi , Chi Kung , healthy life style , mindfulness meditation , cleaning of enviroment , help for ederly generations , growing organic food in community gardens , saving lives of animals and much more .

1.2. How are you embracing different religions or denominations which have different ideas and doctrines ?
At Buddha Dharma we started Interfaith dialogues already in 1998 : we organised seven symphosiums at the Cultural and congress centre in Ljubljana, to promote understanding among religions which are part of civil society , government organisations and universities . Video from our youtube channel sho which topis were discussed at the Dialogues and Ars sacra for world peace : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U_wIVPE8p0
At Buddha Dharma we actively oppose any kind of violence in the society, be it psychic violence , verbal violence or physical violence . We support those projects which promote peace and oppose those who promote violence in many different forms . We are also active in vegan movement worldwide with the aim of saving animals from being murdered for food . We actively oppose animal sacrifice in the name of frelogions and successfully joined with animal rights activists who stooped Gadhimai animal sacrifice in India few years ago ! We oppose animal sacrifice practiced by Muslims all over the world and animal sacrifice done by few Hindu sects . Life of animals is precious and must not be taken to become halal meat . Animal sacrifice in the name of religion doesn*t belong to contemporary world and it should be prohibited in all countries . There are many petitions against animal sacrifice ! We invite everyone to save lives of animals to create a peaceful world .

1.2.1 Is there a case of violent extremism in your country ?
In Slovenia there is a lot of hate speech because people visited communist and socialist schools and are very uneducated about religions . (But I see that people in South Korea also don*t know much about religions , although South Korea is modern democratic state . ) There is one group in Slovenia , called Dharmaling lead by French man , promoting hate speech and trying to dominate everyone . He came to Slovenia in 2002 and presented himself as representative of HH the Dalai Lama office . Office for religious communities at the Ministry for culture beleived this scam and registered them as religious community . They started with hate speech toward others . In later years French man was accused by his followers of the abuse and was imprisoned for three days in Ljubljana . After release from the prison he escaped to France and is now awaiting trial at the court in Ljubljana .

1.2.2 How are you taking your position on that situation ?
At Buddha Dharma we actively opposed hate speech of that group and started Buddhist awareness campaingn against cyber bullying where we published all relevant documents and legislation against hate speech . We put those people who engage in cyber vulliyng on the black list so that everyone can see who they are ! We also asked Office for religious communities to organise pannel discussion about social responsibilites against hate speech . Pannel discussion was successfully organised by them .

1.Europe as place for migration from the Middle East and Africa : with millions of economic migrants from Middle East and Africa Europe is becoming very unstable , especially big cities as Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin , Munich … Migrants from Africa and Middle East come from completely different cultural environenment and many of them are harrasing women in Germany (incident in Koeln/Cologne for the new year 2015/16 ) ! German student of medicine who lived in Freiburg in Germany was brutaly murdered few months ago , after helping at the migrant center of that city ! Parts of London and Paris are now already gheto of migrants trying to impose sharia law on everyone . Mufti of the Muslim community in Slovenia said on national tv that Slovenia will be completely muslim state after 30 years …
2. Preachers of Islam often promote hatred toward others : speaking in Arabic language only their followers understand , after translating their speeches general audience is stunned ! Google search shows many results about this .

2. As a religious leader what do you think are some solutions to resolve violent extremism ?
Majority of 7 billions of human beings on this planet is religious . Obviously religions are still playing great role in contemporary world ! There are many solutions to resolve violent extremism :
2.1. Teach in your religion and society true ethic for every human being :
*avoid any kind of killing , be it humans or animals
* avoid an kind of false speech or lying
* avoid all kind of stealing
* avoid any kind of sexual misconduct
* avoid any kind of intoxications (alcohol, drugs )

In Buddhism we call this Five ethical precepts which are for every human being , if he or she wish to have virtuous human life .
2.2. Religions should be practiced in daily life and on personal level , contributing to personal growth of every human being . Religion and spirituality must contribute to liberation of every human being , not to their enslavement .
2.3. Religions and spiritual groups must oppose any kind of killing , oppose death penalty still practiced in many Arab countries , USA, China etc . Religions and spiritual groups must also oppose euthanasia .
2.4. Religions and spiritual groups must promote legislation against weapon industry and obligatory service in armed forces .
2.5. Religions and spiritual groups must become less commercialised .
2.6. Religions and spiritual groups must stop abusing their members and followers which are often expected to offer free sevices and free work to them just to prove they are worthy members ! This is kind of brain washing and mind manipulation as is well documented in scientology groups .
2.7. Religions and spiritual groups must provide equal opportunities for women and promote gender equality on all levels . There is a lot of evidence in many videos about exploitation of women in Arab world and also about exploitation of foreign workers in Arab world . Google search about this topic !
2.8. Religions and spiritual groups should avoid close connections with those polititians who support New world order . Google search about bankers like Rothshields , Morgans etc .
2.9. Religions and spiritual groups must promote mutual collaboration between people and avoid pyramid structures of power. They should avoid temptation to be a »priest caste« as we know them in India and other countries .
2.10. Religions and spiritual groups must avoid creating cult of personality , but teach freedom and liberation to every human being .
2.11. Enlightened master Padmasambhava -who was emanation of Amitabha Buddha -gave advice to Buddhists how to perform ten enlightened activities in contemporary world . Following His advice we formed Open Buddhist Forum International in 2001. . May peace prevail everywhere ! Buddhist mantras for peaceful world

Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche
Bibliography of researches and authors : Institute for
Information science , Izum , Maribor Slovenia, European union ; cobiss 90321
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