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TREASURE OF PURE DHARMA ๑۩۞۩๑ ཨོཾ་མ་ཎི་པ་དྨེ་ཧཱུྃ་ ๑۩۞۩๑


ཨོཾ་མ་ཎི་པ་དྨེ་ཧཱུྃ་ ๑۩۞۩

. .•*¨`*♫.• ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥¯`♥❥¸¸.☆¨¯`♥❥❥*☆.¸.☆*

Alive Dharma Teaching , March 31,2012

I. ..•*¨`*♫.• ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥¯`♥❥Dear friends & associates of Buddha Dharma,

may this Treasure find you in good health, peace and wellbeing. We are now in 2139 . Buddhist year, Water Dragon, 2nd month. In 1st lunar month or month of miracles (Bumjur Dawa) there were important anniversaries Drukpa Kunley (1st day of 1st month),of supreme Nirmanakaya Guru Garab Dorje (full moon day and Dharmachakra day ) and 59th anniversary of tertön Ayu Khandro (1839-1953). All this sacred anniversaries reflected in our Facebook ongoing events, sharing and publishing,prayers and meditations.On March 8th we also celebrated 102ndInternational day of women.

Om tare tutare ture svaha ✿⊱╮ༀ་ཏཱ་རེ་ཏུཏྟཱ་རེ་ཏུ་རེ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། ✿ღ ✿⊱╮

Kyabje Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche became new principal of Nyingma Vajrayana Buddhism.   May the Treasure of Dharma-Heritage of Mankind benefit all .


_/♥_ NAMO AMITABHA ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ། 南无阿弥陀佛

Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche entered parinirvana on March 30, at Benchen monastery in Kathmandu . NAMO AMITABHA ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ། 

In Tenga Rinpoche’s biography, Rinpoche said:
“ I have come to the age of 79 and have several health problems, but since I know them to be illusory, I feel no depression or discouragement. Whenever I think of my lama, he is above my head or in my heart, and every benefit and joy comes from that. Love, compassion, and nurturing the nature of mind without distraction is the main point of practice. I have the extraordinary confidence that whenever it is that this illusory body disintegrates, the mind of the Buddha, the Karmapa, and my own mind will meld indivisibly into one.”


Surpreme emanation Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche,
even though you have merged your intention into one with dharmadathu,
for the sake of the doctrine and beings, in general and in particular,
may the moon-like face of your emanation rise again soon!

This supplication was composed by H.E. Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche in the early hours of 30th March 2012, in the presence of the precious remains of Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche. Immediatedly translated by Sherab Drime (Thomas Roth).

Tenga Rinpoche (1932-2012) Lama) in the Karma Kagyu tradition.



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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0My-IwiYfGc&feature=plcp&context=C4c91607VDvjVQa1PpcFOPceceHRASyuMRJLy_Xtl2tadhOBiB740%3D   Happy 102nd International Day of Women  March 8, 2012

 TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche shared Guru Khyentse Ozer‘s status (Bhutan).

_/♥\_ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔ ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔ ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔

Om Mani Pedme Hung Hri!…… may you all be healthy & happy……

Sign of things to come: New group of sunspots unleashes huge solar flare as years of violent solar s


The huge X1 flare comes as astronomers predict two years of solar storms which could disrupt satellites and electricity networks – and even affect Earth’s magnetic field.

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Please recite these mantras every day aloud with devotion , to protect our planet in next 2 years. Visual Dharma:
spiritual guidance for 3rd millennium .
Buddhist mantras for peaceful world.


DHARMA CALENDAR – ongoing events

_/♥\_NAMO AMITABHA ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ། 南无阿弥陀佛
Together we pray & meditate for inner and outer peace on the planet.
http://www.facebook.com/events/167055266664549/ Medicine Buddha , Arya Tara

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Buddhist meditations and prayers every Sunday.


Dakini day, Dharma event

Dharmachakra days

Vegan for one day. Vegan for a life. GO. GO. GO.素食一天。素食的生活。转到。转到。转到。


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Prayers in Dragon Year 2012.在龙2012年的祈祷.

Dharma event by Mangala Konchok Norbu

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Gim Yong amituofo

TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche SEASON GREETING, dear Friends. It is EQUINOX time , March 21, 2012 when we recite Kunzang Gongpa Zhangtal prayer of Rigdzin Godem

Namdroling Monastery added you to the group Namdroling Family. 3:43am  of HH Penor Rinpoche, Karnataka, India  https://www.facebook.com/groups/157783310944734/


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_/♥\_ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔ ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔ ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔

The Great New for Buddhism fellowship.
On 6th March, 10.30am all the representative of 6 main Nyingma monasteries and two representatives of Nyingma in the Government of Tibet in exile, had audience with Kyabje Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche in his monastery in Shimla, H.P. India. They made the body, speech and mind offerings to Rinpoche. Then after the offerings were done, the representatives explained to Rinpoche the purpose of their visit and then requested Rinpoche to accept the position of Head of Nyingmapa. After thinking for sometime Rinpoche said that if you all work together for the benefit of Nyingmapa, then only he would accept and his name would just be used as the Head of Nyingmapa. To this we all agreed. Tea and lunch was provided to all of us by Rinpoche.
We all thanked Rinpoche for accepting our request and wished Rinpoche long life.
After Rinpoche is officially announced as the Head of Nyingmapa, all representatives will offer long life prayer to Rinpoche.

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TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche May Nyingma Dharma prosper .♫♥♫✿♥ …_/♥\_ོཾ་མཎི་པད་མེ་ཧུཾ་ Om mani padme hum ♫♥♫✿♥ ❤✿(。^‿^。)✿❤
NAMO AMITABHA ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ།Together we pray & meditate for inner and outer peace on the planet…

Ayu SriMulyani Kromodidjojo Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung, Ah ! _/\_ thanx to your wishes, my dear TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche

TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche As Rinpoche said : “We all should work for the benefit of Nyingma Dharma. “Health and long life prayers for Kyabje Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche who is teaching Northern Treasure lineage of Nyingma Vajrayana Buddhism . Kunzang Gognpa Zhangtal Wish-granting Prayer of Samantabhadra is essential prayer that we recite on every Colelctive prayers and meditations (on Sundays), discovered as Mind terma by Rigdzin Godem .

  • you honour will u plz send me the meaning of om ah hum vajra guru pedma siddhi hum..

Tenzin Namgyal you honour will u plz send me the meaning of om ah hum vajra guru pedma siddhi hum..

TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche Dear Tenzin, Vajra Guru mantra is explained in this video/Visual Dharma http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NDt5ViCjsk&feature=plcp&context=C48eef93VDvjVQa1PpcFOPceceHRASyhzEmfnGhm60obxyiPEFnm0%3D  Teaching about Seven –line invocation of Guru Rinpoche


·  Dee Suup Pema Dorji Bhutan    rinpoche,
i am in serch of explanation of Jamyang Soldep. i have written to many but no body helped me yet. would you mind helping me withit rinpoche?

TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche

  • Jamyang means Manjushri or Gentle Volce (Jampal Yang). Soldep is abbreviation of Solwa Deb = asking for blessing. ╔═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╗

    ◊❤ ஜ_/♥\_۞ Wisdom Blessings ۞ஜ_/♥\_❤ஜ ◊

    ╚═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╝”

    mantra of Buddha Manjushri : OM A RA PA TSA NA DHI

    Please, recite it every day, to obtain blessings of Buddha Manjushri.

TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche shared Kalu Rimpoche‘s status.

 OM AH HUM Religious hierarchial structures are diffilcult to change, because uneducated people like to depend on such structures . Many times religious structures instead of liberating people, only oppress them . In Ati Yoga / Dzogchen we teach the Dharma of self-liberation , to develop noble quallities of Bodhisattva and to depend and have confidence in innate Buddha nature / Dharmata.

My dear friends, any system, any structure, be it material, politic or religious , first it brings hope, hapiness and stability. Then come confusion, and for sure at the end of the road corruption . It is just a matter of time. But, spiritual truth as long as it is kept on a personal conection, a 1 to 1 conection, not a 1 to a 1000 ,cannot be corrupted !! Please be wise !

Pema Tshomo Radhatshang thank u Rimpoche la n will follow la.

3.2. Primordial Sound ❁‿↗⁀◎⊙ღ๑۩۞۩๑ღ⊙◎‿↗⁀❁ really great video . Primordial Sound must be further explained 🙂 or even better : by turning attention inside to hear Primordial Sound ….

 The Known Universe, Primordial Sound, Vibration, and the Cosmos Visually


http://zackcovell.com/gravity-and-magnetism | This Known Universe is a celestial presentation of profound significance because the Stars, Planets, and the Co…

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๑۩۞۩๑ ཨོཾ་མ་ཎི་པ་དྨེ་ཧཱུྃ་ ๑۩۞۩๑

OM SVASTI Anger has two sides : in psychology we teach about implosive anger and expslosive anger , expressed inside (implosive) or outside (explosive). People with great anger are called anger junkies and need anger management programme. There is very good movie Anger management with Jack Nicolson (Buddy Rydell) . Screenplay is written according to anger management programme in US. Very recommended for everyone to view and to understand how anger works. Among Buddhists or spiritual practitioners there are some who suppress their anger (implosive anger) , being very calm outside , but boiling with anger inside. To suppress anger is not a solution .To express anger with violence of body (physical violence) and speech (hate speech) is also not solution. In Kunzang Gongpa Zhangtal – Wishgranting prayer of Samantabhadra there is Dzogchen Atiyoga advice how to liberate the energy of anger , but to develop this capacity one must understand Dzogchen -ones natural state or Dharmata first. Anger can also be overcome by purifying practitioners energy (liver energy or chi, as taught in TCM and Wholesome medicine). People should avoid meat , alcohol , drugs , junk food, allopatic drugs because all this polutes ones energy and diminish clarity or inner light.

 Anger Management Movie – Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson, Photos …
movies.about.com › Films By Genre › Comedy Movies
Information on the romantic drama/comedy, Anger Management, starring Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson and Marisa Tomei. Movie news, synopsis, trailer, video …


 Anger Management (2003)


Directed by Peter Segal. With Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler, Marisa Tomei, Luis Guzmán. Sandler plays a businessman who is wrongly sentenced to an anger-management program, where he meets an  instructor.


❁‿↗⁀◎⊙ღ๑۩۞۩๑ღ⊙◎‿↗⁀❁WISDOM WITHOUT BORDERS ❁‿↗⁀◎⊙ღ๑۩۞۩๑ღ⊙◎‿↗⁀❁ ཨ ཨ


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_/♥_ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔ ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔ ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔

4.1. International Tibet Network is a global coalition of 185 Tibet groups dedicated to campaigning non-violently to restore the rights Tibetans lost when China occupied Tibet sixty years ago. Contact Us

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    _/♥\_ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔ ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔ ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔

TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche

‎_/♥\_ NAMO AMITABHA ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ། 南无阿弥陀佛 ཨ ཨ ཨ Happy 102 nd International day of women.

ღ dharma ~ sisters _/♥\_ Khandro ~ Dakini ღ

‎~~ Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo ~~ “I have made a vow to attain Enlightenment in the f…See More

‎… blessings for all our wonderful known and unknown sisters keeping the dharma alive for the benefit of all sentient beings_(♥)_

By: Ulla Tashi




Visual Dharma WOMEN IN BUDDHISM by H. E. Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche is published to benefit all and to commemorate 100.International day of wom…


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TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche ❤✿(。^‿^。)✿❤we also need many more men who listen with attention and support Gender Equality . 🙂

Domenico Cavallaro should at least be compensated

Dawa Lama · Friends with Ju Vili and 1 other

women r important in society respect dem all.

You are subscribed to Women’s Issues for U.S. Department of State. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.
Women: Background Briefing on the 2012 International Women of Courage Awards and other Women’s History Month activities

TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche   March 14, 2012

4.3. Religious freedom :NAMO AMITABHA ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ News : after tel. conversation with the Cabinet of the president of Slovenian government Mr. Janez Janša, European Union, we find out following : 1. Office for religious communities and Churches will become part of the Ministry for culture,education, science and sport beginning of April 2012. Since more than 17 years this Office funtioned as separate Office of the government . According to past director of thet Office Mr. Aleš Gulič they had difficulties to effectively communicate with ministries . Solution of Mr. Janša – to put this office as part of united ministriy for culture,education,sport and science is therefore appropriate.We expect greater collaboration with this Ministry, since we have many generaly beneficial programmes . Law of religious freedom is important legislation in Slovenia, European Union , but must be put more into practice and daily life. As many of you know Slovenia is very young state , celebrated 20st anniversary of state founding recently. There are still some government officials that wish to undermine the Law of religious freedom and equality of all religions and religious communities, because they were educated in old communist or socialist educational system where all religions were viewed with suspitions. We actively partitipated in formulating the Law of religious freedom (2007) and wish its actualisation in practice . Mass media in Slovenia EU often wish to spread yellow journalism (to attract readers) and wish to undermine importance of religious communities and Churches in democartic society. Therefore one of our programmes is educating civil society about human rights of Buddhists , education about civil courage, Millennium development goals of United nations (Universal education , Gender Equality and empowermnet of women). May all be peaceful and noble everywhere in the world with the culture of wisdom and peace. Tara Tulku Rinpoche BUDDHA DHARMA-OBF INTERNATIONAL

P.S. Dear Friends, Please share your knowledge and experiences about religious freedom in your country….

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 Taiwan, China , USA etc. needs to abolish death penalty like nations of the Council of Europe . OM VAJRA SATTVA HUM

Falun Dafa practitioners perform a special demonstration the exercise outside the National Theater in Taipei, Taiwan.

In stark contrast with persecution in Mainland China, Falun Dafa has flourished in Taiwan, where the government openly embraces the practice. Today, the number of Falun Dafa adherents in Taiwan is estimated at 600,000. Several Falun Dafa summer retreats for school teachers have been organized with the endorsement of the board of education, and practitioners of Falun Dafa have also been welcomed into the nation’s prisons so they can teach the practice to inmates.


V. WELNESS & HEALTH ..•*¨`*♫.• ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥¯`♥❥

. .•*¨`*♫.• ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥¯`♥❥

5.1. NaturalNews Insider Alert ( www.NaturalNews.com ) email newsletter
Dear NaturalNews readers,

A proposed new law in Australia would allow children to “consent” to being sterilized without parental consent. It’s just the latest wave of the global eugenics agenda that seeks to drastically lower human population:

NaturalNews Insider Alert ( www.NaturalNews.com ) email newsletter
Dear NaturalNews readers,
A proposed new law in Australia would allow children to “consent” to being sterilized without parental consent. It’s just the latest wave of the global eugenics agenda that seeks to drastically lower human population:

 Natural health news   www.NaturalNews.com

Natural health news

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5.2. The Government of Western Australia’s Mental Health Commission (WAMHC) has basically conjured up a proposal for new mental health legislation that bypasses parental involvement in the mental health treatment process, and instead tasks child…See More

Mental Health Commission, Government of Western Australia


All the resources to help with mental health in Western Australia – for consumer…See More

TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche Author of this eugenic plan : On 16 December 2011 the Minister for Mental Health, Hon Helen Morton MLC, launched the Mental Health Bill 2011: Draft Bill for Public Comment. Consultation closes on 9 March 2012. For more information visit Mental Health Legislation page.

I wonder if this eugenic plan is not completely and only against aboriginal children .

Jackie Tran invited you to the event World Water Day 3/22/2012. 11:34pm

5.3. MEAT FREE MONDAY worldwide :

Croatian minister for preservation of environment supports vegetarian diet for employees of the ministry: one working day in a week is meat free !


Hrvaška ministrica na svojem ministrstvu uvaja vegetarijanski dan


Hrvaško ministrstvo za zaščito okolja in narave bo en dan na teden v restavraciji ministrstva zaposlenim ponujalo zgolj brezmesne jedi.

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TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche MEAT FREE MONDAY initiative worldwide .

TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche Visit this event encouraging people to become vegetarians and vegans http://www.facebook.com/events/223258577693123/
Vegan for one day. Vegan for a life. GO. GO. GO.素食一天。素食的生活。转到。转到。转到。


Vegan for one day. Vegan for a life. GO. GO. GO.素食一天。素食的生活。转到。转到。转到。

Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 4:30am

Going (914)

TaraTulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche (Host)

Wladimir Ivanov Castro Trabucco  Chimy Relden Domenico Letizia

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VI. Colophon ※..•*¨`*♫.• ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥¯`♥❥

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Her Eminence Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche♥President & CEO of   BUDDHA DHARMA-OBF International 

 Nyingma Vajrayana Atiyoga Ling, EU * Continuing the Nyingma Vajrayana Atiyoga Dzogpa Chenpo Essence lineage of Ayu Khandro Tsewang Dorje Paldron (Tibet 1839-1953)Dharma Counselling, Astrological Consulting, Buddhist Wholesome Medicine: Wellness & Health  :Skype : Tara Tulku Rinpoche.    Member of social network :  Tara Tulku Rinpoche’s Public Profile

Mangala Konchok Norbu – Dharma Art Director of Buddha Dharma – OBFI

His Eminence Lama Karma Gyan Sagar Rinpoche, Association for non-violence, world peace, wheel, Buddhist religion in Nepal(monastery, Buddhist school for orphan children, peace pagoda, Dechen Ling gompa, three-year meditation retreat)*****Dharma assistant : Khenpo Pema Sampa Lama

and many Associates of Buddha Dharma-OBF International around the world.


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VII. Dedication ✿⊱╮May the merit and virtues accrued from this work adorn the Buddha´s Pure Land,

Repaying the four kinds of kindnesses above and relieve the sufferings of those in the three paths below.

May those who see and hear of this all bring forth the heart of Understanding and live the Dharma for the rest of this life. Then be born together in the Land of Infinite Bliss. Homage to Amitabha Buddha

_/♥_ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔ ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔ ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔

Notes : Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche’s Tukdam has ended

On 3 April, at 3:15 p.m., Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche chose to end the state of Tukdam, which is the deep meditative composure that some realized masters enter into after the demise of their physical bodies, after four and a half days. The event was accompanied by rather out-of-the-ordinary weather occurrences. Here in Kathmandu, a very strong and totally unseasonal thunderstorm was observed. Around 3:00 p.m. it began to get very dark, followed by strong gusts of wind, squalls of torrential rain and several thunderclaps that shook the monastery. After the weather cleared rainbows were observed by some. Similar such weather occurences were reported from other places as well. Most significantly from Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim, the seat of the Karmapas in exile, where Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche served for so many years as the 16th Karmapa’s vajra master. It was reported from Rumtek, that a similar thunderstorm occurred there, exactly at the same time as here. Rain, thunder and lightning, growing ever more distant, persisted throughout the night.

In the meantime H.E. Drubwang Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche continues with the Oral Transmission of the 21 volumes of Prajnaparamita Sutras, which were of such great importance to Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche. Our lamas are now preparing the Precious Kudung for public blessing which will commence tomorrow, 4 April. Meanwhile, as advised by H.H. the Karmapa, the Guru Offering ritual to H.H. the 16th Karmapa, composed by the present 12th Tai Situpa, is under way for several days. Other rituals will follow suit. Rinpoche’s remains are being prepared presently to be moved to the Tara temple, inside the main monastery building.

We will keep you posted about further developments. Please check back to the website frequently.

Sherab Drime (Thomas Roth)

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