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Heritage of Mankind


Homage to Shakyamuni Buddha,

Perfectly Enlightened One,

The Teacher of gods and men.


Hommage au Bouddha Shakyamuni,
Parfaitement Eveillé,
Le Maître des dieux et des hommes.

Shakyamuni बुद्ध को श्रद्धांजलि,
बिल्कुल एक प्रबुद्ध,
देवताओं और पुरुषों की टीचर.

Homenaje al Buda Shakyamuni,
Perfectamente Iluminado,
El maestro de dioses y hombres.


Hommage an Shakyamuni Buddha,
Perfekt Erleuchtete,
Der Lehrer der Götter und Menschen.

تحية لبوذا شاكياموني ،
مستنيرة تماما واحد ،
المعلم من الآلهة والرجال.


I. स्वस्ति OM SVASTI : with embedding, sharing, favouring, rating 5* & commenting on Visual Dharmas – spiritual Teachings for 3rd millennium you promote wisdom, love, compassion, inner & outer peace on the planet. Wherever Visual Dharmas are played , it brings great Blessings and merit.

The Gift of Truth excels all other gifts. Dhammapada


Le don du Dhamma surpasse tous les autres dons.

सत्य के अन्य सभी उपहार उपहार

El Don de la Verdad sobresale de todos los demás.


The Gift of Truth trội tất cả các quà tặng khác. Pháp Cú

هدية من لجنة تقصي الحقائق تتفوق جميع الهدايا الأخرى.

Das Geschenk der Wahrheit übertrifft alle anderen Gaben.

“Four Noble Truths (arya sacca) are the briefest synthesis of the entire Teachings of Buddhism, since all those manifold doctrines of the threefold Canon  are included therein. They are : truth of suffering, of the origin of suffering, of the extinction of suffering and the Eightfold Noble Path leading to the extinction of suffering.

1.Dukkha: all forms of existence are unsatisfactory and subject to suffering : birth, decay, death, sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and despair are suffering.

2. Tanha : all suffering and all rebirth is created by craving : sensual craving (kama tanha), craving for existence (bhava tanha), craving for non-existence or self-annihilation (vibhava tanha).

3. Nirodha: extinction of craving results in extinction (nirodha) of rebirth & suffering = nibbana.

4.Magga : extinction of suffering is accomplished by the Eightfold Noble Path which is wisdom (panna), morality (sila, Tib. Tsultrim) and concentration (Samadhi).

Suffering is compared with a disease; origin of suffering with cause of the disease; extinction of suffering with the cure of disease; the Path with the medicine.

8-fold Noble path is :

1.right view : understand the Four Noble truths

2.right thought : your mind must be free from sensual lust, ill-will and cruelty

3.right speech : abstain from lying, tale-bearing, harsh words and foolish babble

4.right action: abstain from injuring living beings, stealing & unlawful sexual intercourse.

5.right livelihood : abstain from wrong living and gain ( gambling, selling of alcohol, meat, drugs, weapons etc).

6.right effort : maintain virtuous states of mind and virtuous results

7.right mindfulness : avoid greed & grief and be mindful

8.right concentration : dwell in four absorptions

In this Visual Dharma we see the Stupa of Sarnath. Buddha`s teachings are timeless & always contemporary : we  see traffic at Budapest city , bridge over the river Danube and the Balaton lake.

II.Visionary Art : Wisdom without borders- Ars sacra*contemplative Art connects cultures, places, languages & musical expressions with mantra.  It is Healing Art & Visual Therapy.View it with relaxation & awareness.

Buddha Shakyamuni taught the 4 Noble Truths 7 weeks after his  Enlightenment  at Bodhgaya. He taught these Truths to 5 ascetic disciples at Sarnath, on the Dharmachakra day .

1.Truth of suffering must be fully understood

2.Truth of craving to be abandoned

3.Truth (Nibbana) to be realised

4.Truth of the Path to be cultivated

It is said in Visuddhi Magga XVI :

“Mere suffering exists, no sufferer is found. The deeds are , but no doer of the deeds is there. Nirvana is, but no traveler on it is seen.”


«Souffrance simple existe, aucun patient se trouve. Les actes sont, mais pas celui qui fait des actes est là. Nirvana est, mais aucun voyageur, il est vu. “

मेरे दुख से मौजूद है, कोई पीड़ित पाया जाता है. कर्म हैं, लेकिन कर्म का कोई कर्ता वहाँ है. निर्वाण है, लेकिन इस पर कोई यात्री देखा है. “

“La mera sufrimiento existe, no se sufre se encuentra. Los hechos son, pero no hacedor de los hechos está ahí. Nirvana es, pero ningún pasajero a que se ve. “


“Nur das  Leiden vorhanden ist, wird keine Leidenden gefunden. Die Taten sind, aber kein Täter, der die Taten schaft . Nirvana ist, aber kein Reisender auf sie gesehen wird. “

“مجرد معاناة موجودا ، تم العثور على أي المتألم. الأفعال هي ، ولكن ليس الفاعل من الفعل هناك. نيرفانا هو ، ولكن لا يعتبر المسافر على ذلك. “

This is introduction of the doctrine of Anatta / egolessness, found only in Buddhism. On Mahayana Path Anatta is introduced as shunyata/voidness . On Vajrayana Path it is  introduced as 3 dimensions. In  Atiyoga Dzogpa chenpo it is introduced with the Base,Path,Fruit.

Buddha Manjushri said in ancient sacred text : Manjushri-nama-samgiti : “After I explained  three vehicles, I stand on the Fruit of One Vehicle”. All doctrines & orders of Buddhism are  essential Oneness.

This Visual Dharma is entitled the Dharma Wheel – Path of Peace, Happiness & Bliss. “Happiness is the indispensable condition for attaining concentration of mind (Samadhi). The mind of the happy one has concentration as its fruit and reward…In him who is filled with happiness, right concentration has found a foundation.”

May the Dharma wheel , related to the Heart chakra with 8-petalled Lotus, awakens your Heart*Bodhi Mind. May this Visual Dharma, empowered with the Sound*Light of Dharmata bring you peace, happiness and Bliss.


走向绿色。拯 救地球。

BE VEG. GO GREEN. Sauver la planète.

शाकाहारी . जाओ ग्रीन. ग्रह सहेजें.


ベジタリアンがあります。グリーンでGO。惑 星を保存します。

BE VEG. Go Green. Salvare il pianeta.

يتعين فيغ. اذهب الأخضر. انقاذ الكوكب.

BE VEG. GO GREEN. Σωτηρία του πλανήτη.

야채 좋을. 그린 가렴. 성을 구할 .

BE VEG. GAAN GROEN. Planeet red.

צמחוני. Go Green. להציל את כדור הארץ.

Jadilah Vegetarian. GO GREEN. SAVE THE PLANET.

BE VEG. GO GREEN. Спасти планету.

III.Selected bibliography :

*Buddhist dictionary : by Nyanatiloka. Ceylon, 1970.

*Visuddhi Magga, Bhadantacariya Buddhagosha, Singapore, 1997

*Dharma Wheel –Path of Peace, Happiness & Bliss

49th Visual Dharma

Buddha Dharma-OBFI  April 2010

www.izum.si/cobiss 90321, 90352

1.02 Overview-scientific article 2.18 scientific film,video recording H.E. Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche , ven. Mangala Konchok Norbu, EU.

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