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Alive Dharma teaching, Oct. 4, 2009

“O Guru Rinpoche, turn my mind towards the Dharma.

Longchenpa and Jigme Lingpa,

Exalted and all-knowing,

Let me not deviate into any wrong and inferior pth.

O Lama, you who are one with them :

Hear me !” *

“Homage to the gurus, yidams and dakinis.

With their great love may they lead us on the path.” (1)

With these invocation we begin Alive Dharma teaching on this full moon day,  dear worldwide Friends  of Buddha Dharma. Please accept 43. Visual Dharma as the Gift of Truth which is multiplying.  May it inspire you to take time, read aloud & write comments with your insights. By embeding it, favouring, sharing … your positive energy will increase day by day. In such simple and natural way everyone can take part in the Wisdom without borders and Heritage of mankind projects. The following teaching/research comes from the description of 43rd Visual Dharma-Buddhist teaching for all 3rd millenium and for all sentient beings.

In Buddha Dharma´s  Sunday´s  Collective meditations and prayers  for inner and outer peace on the planet we  remember more than 700 deceased and more than 3000 missing after the earthquake in Sumatra. May they all soon reach Buddha Amitabha´s Pure land of infinite light.

Dear Friends, we did not forget your already sent questions. Answers , selected channel & Visual Dharmas comments will be prepared next  weekend. May your days and nights be full of peace, happiness, joy, loving kindness and prosperity.


Visual Dharma: Guru PadmasambhavaInspiration prayer for deliverance from the dangerous pathway of the Bardo


1.1This Inspiration prayer (Tib. Mönlam, Wish-path) was transmitted by Buddha Padmasambhava and written down by Wisdom dakini Yeshe Tshogyal in 9th century Tibet. It was discovered in 14th century as a hidden treasure (terma) at the Gampo hill in central Tibet by tertön Karma Lingpa.Other Bardo Thödol prayers, connected with the Liberation through hearing text, are : Inspiration prayer calling on the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for rescue, Main verses of six Bardos and The Bardo prayer which protects from fear. Al these four prayers should be read aloud together with the Liberation from hearing sacred text when giving spiritual help  for living and dying. All four bardo prayers and other research/teachings are part of DVD Light mandalas (2).

II.Importance of Bardo Thödol  for humanity :

2.1.These Dharmas are Heritage of mankind- Guru Padmasambhava´s revealed Dharmas are most important, since they give detailed explanation about birth, life, dying process, death and rebirth in six realms of cyclic existance. Buddhas also give guidance how to achieve liberation from samsara. Buddhist ancient yet so contemporary wisdom tradition is true support for humanity also now in 3rd millenium. Contemporary world is focusing too much on material development and is neglecting personal happiness of each and every being. We are all interconnected, both spiritually and materialy, living in  material world. How to transform material world into non-materialistic world , how to cut down also spiritual materialism ? This is the process which every authentic spiritual path must go through. To accept that we are impermanent, that everything is in process of change, demands courage and wisdom. Buddha Dharma´s 42 Visual Teachings-published until Oct. 2009 are  empowered Buddhist texts. Embeding, sharing, favouring , commenting and contemplating them brings great blessings to you*

2.2.Inspiration prayer can touch human heart – it is speaking directly to you and every-one. It clearly describes  mental poisons: confussion, ignorance,aggression,pride,intense desire,envy,strong unconscious tendencies and fierce confussed projections throgh which  human being stays in samsara. We can aggree that anger/aggression is main mental poison, experienced by contemporary human beings. From the perspectives of TCM and Buddhist Wholesome medicine : Toxic Anger Syndrom comes from poisoning of liver chi which ascends upwards. Everyone who is still eating meat is poisoning oneself with TAS, because meat of murdered animals contains a lot of stress hormones.

Inspiration prayer further describes five elements and their connection with five Tathagatas and their consorts. Purification process of one´s  energy  starts with purification of inner elements. Pure outer elements support inner purification – taking care of environment is very important.

Atiyoga*Dzogpa chenpo meditator practice the Sound of Dharmata (Tib. Chönyid kyi rang dra) with light and rays, training in recognition of these Sound*Lights*Rays as natural liberation. Meditator train in spontaneously knowing the bardo, attaining  liberation into three dimensions/ kayas : Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya. Atiyoga*Dzogpa chenpo essence Lineage introduces these wisdom through empowered Visual Dharmas – Buddhist teachings for 3rd millenium. May it be auspicious for everyone : may all beings soon be liberated into three dimensions of Buddhahood. OM AH HUM SVAHA

III.Additional research


*The Dzogchen innermost essence preliminary practice “Longchen Nyingthig Ngöndro” by Jigme Lingpa, with original Tibetan text, translated by ven. Tulku Thondup, edited by Brian Beresford, LTWA, India, 1989

1.Tibetan book of the dead , Shambhala, USA,1987, pg. 100-102

2.Mangala Konchok Norbu : Light mandalas, Vajra-Garuda e-Publ; Buddha Dharma, 2004, ISBN 961-91189-3-6

3.2.Selected bibliography

*Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche: Bardo Guidebook, Rangjung Yeshe Publ. , 1991

*Sogyal Rinpoche: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Rigpa fellowship, Harper Inc., 1992

3.3. Related Visual Dharmas

*Padmasambhava: Main verses of six Bardos

*Condensed Tsog Offering verse by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche II.


Padmasambhava: Inspiration-prayer… Visual Dharma 43, Buddha Dharma_OBF International; bibliographies of researchers/authors www.izum.si/cobiss 90321 Tara Tulku Rinpoche 90321 Professional Article 1.04; 90352 Mangala Konchok Norbu – scientific film video rec. 2.18.

Buddha Dharma – OBF international

Serving, upholding and protecting the Teachings of Buddhas as taught by Buddha Shakyamuni and His emanation Buddha Padmasambhava; promoting Millenium goals of United nations : Universal education , Gender equality and empowerment of women.

Buddha Dharma is generaly beneficial religious/spiritual organisation , since 1995 registered in Slovenia , European Union.


www.myspace.com/BuddhaDharma_OBFI Dharma art


Heritage of mankind: blog with  Dharma art & links to Wikipedia.

Ven. Mangala Konchok Norbu , Buddha Dharma, EU

H.E.  Sagar Rinpoche- World peace envoy, Nepal;

Shifu John Chow, martial arts,TCM, healing, Australia;

H.E. Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche, Nyingma Vajrayana Atiyoga Ling, EU

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◊❤ ஜ_/♥\_۞ DHARMA PRACTICE IN DAILY LIFE ◊❤ ஜ_/♥\_۞

Visual Dharma- Buddhist teaching for 3rd millenium www.youtube.com/OpenBuddhistForum

Visual Dharma- Buddhist teaching for 3rd millenium http://www.youtube.com/OpenBuddhistForum

DHARMA  PRACTICE  IN DAILY LIFE : Alive teaching, Sept. 6, 2009


Dear worldwide Friends  of Buddha Dharma : may this teaching find you in peace, good health, joy and prosperity.


1.1 This time we focus on Buddhist practice  in daily life. Buddhism is not only philosophy, but also healthy and noble way of life. Therefore once again: become spiritualy aware – become a vegetarian and save the planet !  In such noble way everyone can benefit sentient beings, receiving blessings of all enlightened beings :  from timeless  Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of ten directions . To multiply   enlightened energy on this planet Earth we send you Visual Dharma :Verses of prayer to Eight noble auspicious ones, recited by venerable Ayang Rinpoche (South India). Increase your positive energy by favouring *****, sharing, commenting upon and embeding Visual Dharmas – Buddhist teachings for 3rd millenium. May your peace, joy and creativity always increase ….


2.1. VAJRA GURU THONDUP (Recitation of Vajra Guru mantra for 100 million times) is being organised at the staue of Guru Padmasambhava at the Hill of Samdruptse, Namchi, South Sikkhim, India, from 22.09 to 4.10 2009. We extend our heartiest invitation to all the devoties around the world.

Those who believe in Buddha Dharma shall always lead a life of enlightenment. May Shakyamuni Buddha and Guru Padmasambhava bless all sentient beings in this world.”

Received from : http://www.gurupadmasambhava.org
Related Visual Dharma: 7-line invocation and Teaching about 7-line invocation; May all beings benefit from the blessings and positive energy of the Recitation of Vajra Guru mantra. Together we
 pray and meditate for inner and outer peace on the planet ***** Join the Vajra Guru mantra recitation in this period also  if you meditate at home.

3.1. GENTLE RAIN OF NECTAR BLESSINGS – Alive Dharma work in continuity  Vol V

Dharma practice in daily life

Homage to Shakyamuni Buddha

and to all authentic Buddhist masters

who teach the Dharma

and promote ten Dharmic activities

This teaching is based on meditations, prayers and Dharma lecture transmitted on Aug. 22, 2009 in central Slovenia, EU.

“After we have done Sang rite (1) for purification of outside meditation place and planted the tree for world peace, you obtained reading transmission (2) for Vajrasattva 100-syllable mantra (3) and for short prayer to Buddha Amitabha (4). You also obtained reading transmission for Verses of paryer to Eight noble auspicious ones, written by Mipham Rinpoche.

Briefly  the Buddhist wholesome medicine was taught. After the consecration of inner meditation place you listened to lecture : Dharma practice in daily life .

1.Essential teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha is : refrain from all unvirtuous deeds of body, speech and consciousness. Practice virtues. Purify your consciousness. The Buddha is Teacher of gods and men. Seven weeks after His Enlightenmnet Buddha Shakyamuni did not teach His Dharma. Brahma asked the Enlightened One to teach the Dharma. Only the Buddha is teaching about Four noble truths and about Eightfold noble path (6).

2.Three principles of Buddha`s teachings are : sila (ethic), samadhi (meditation), prajna (wisdom of discernment). Sila (Tib. Tsultrim) refers first of all to five ethical precepts which you must keep in your life if you wish to be born as human being again and to avoid rebirth in lower realms of samsara (animals, hungry ghosts, beings of hell realm). The meaning of samsara (7) and upper realms of samsara (humans, half-gods, gods) was clearly described. I also explained the meaning of vegetarian food on spiritual path.

3.Mindfulness is the base of the path toward liberation from samsara. With Buddhist literature and texts that you obtained, deal with respect (they should not lie on the floor or around on dirthy places). You yourself and the meditation place must be clean, peaceful and blessed. For purification and blessing  invite the Buddhist master (as it was done in this case). I also taught about correct manner of prostration and about meaning of prostrations.

4.After the Refuge ceremony (renunciation of samsara etc.) which you obtained , take Buddhist path toward Enlightenment seriously. Refrain from bad company, from alcohol, meat, tobacco and drugs. Everyday meditate and practice the prayers for which  reading transmission was given. To have enough time for meditation and prayers, simplify your life and do only that which is essential. Have correct attitude toward money and offer for religious and humanitarian purposes to accumultate merit and positive energy for yourself. Refrain from five mental poisons , especially ignorance, pride and envy. Purify ignorance by reading and study of Buddhist texts and by study of Visual Dharmas published on our Buddhist channel. Purify pride by praying and performing prostrations. Purify envy in a manner to rejoice in merit of others and to appreciate their spiritual work. Respect and appreciate the Buddhas, their teachings, Sangha and those who teach Buddha Dharma and give your Refuge to escape samsara. In short : after receiving the Refuge, turn your consciousness toward the Dharma, because human life is very impermanent. Take part in regular prayers and meditations on Sunday : for developing your virtues and wisdom. At Buddha Dharma we meditate and pray for inner and outer peace on the planet and for all sentient beings (already since 1988 ).

Buddha Shakyamuni is teaching : “I show you the Path toward Enlightenment, but you must walk on it.” This means : practice the Dharma in your daily life .

Colophon : this teachings, prayers and meditations must not be changed or used for commercial purposes. They can be taught only by those who successfully accomplished the programme at our Intn´l institute for contemporary Buddhist studies. May all be happy ! I dedicate my merit for the enlightenmnet of all sentient beings. Sarwa mangalam – blessings to all.

Notes :

1.Visual Dharma-Buddhist teachings for 3rd millenium : Buddhism, peace and ecology; www.youtube.com/OpenBuddhistForum

2. Tibean : Lung

3.Vajrasattva meditation and 100-syllable mantra; ibid.

4.Amitabha-Buddha of infinite light; ibid.

5.Verses of prayer to Eight noble auspicious ones ; ibid.

6.Selected literature : Gems of Buddhist wisdom, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1996

7. Six realms of cyclic existance

E-learning curriculum :

1.Why must we respect and appreciate the Buddha and His teachings ?

2.Why must one practice the Buddha Dharma is daily life ?

3.Write down your meditation experiences

„The best of all gifts is the Gift of Truth.“

D h a m m a p a d a

© All rights reserved. Written permission to copy Dharma Texts of H.E. Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche  can be granted, provided that reprint is for free distribution (serving the Teachings of Buddhas) and that such reprints are not sold as merchandise. Tara Tulku Rinpoche is continuing the Dharma work of Ayu Khandro Tsewang Paldron (Tibet 1839-1953), teaching in Atiyoga Essence lineage.  The Author´s copyright notice must appear, along with the title of the Dharma Text or publication and related data. Notice must be given, that reprint is by permission of the Author. For written permission to  reprint write to the Vajra-Garuda e-Publications . You will also be asked to send 1 copy of the reprinted Dharma text or publication. May all beings benefit !


a) Yatukih001 Iceland

Hi there and thank you so much for your brilliant and highly informative messages. Can I ask you a question : what is the significance of the deities of Tibetan Buddhism to you?

Dear friend of Buddha Dharma, you will notice that the term Tibetan Buddhism is not correct, but Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism.  We teach without obscuration of race, nationality etc.

Deities are described in detail  in the Bardo Thödol cycle of teaching, taught by Buddha Padmasambhava and revealed by tertön (treasure revealer) Karma Lingpa . These teachings have been translated into English  by venerable Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche . We recommend them for study. Meditational deities (Tib. Yidam, Skt. Dewa) are part of Vajrayana Refuge to the three Roots (Guru, Dewa, Dakini). Meditational deities confer siddhis or enlightened powers. Certain Buddhist masters of Mahayana and Vajrayana lineages had direct contacts with meditational deities such as Arya Manjushri .  Master Sachen Kunga Nyingpo received teaching Parting from four attachments directly from Arya Manjushri (see related Alive Dharma teaching). Texts in sadhanas of Visual Dharmas : Avalokiteshvara, Medicine Buddha Blessings describe the relation of the meditator with his chosen meditational deity. As it is written : May I quickly attain the state of noble Chenresig/Avalokiteshvara and lead all beings into the state of enlightenment. This answer is from the point of view of Buddhist practice.  May Visual Dharmas inspire you for meditation, bringing you peace, joy and creativity.

Selected literature:

1.The Tibetan book of the dead : The great liberation through hearing in the bardo; translated by F. Freemantle & Chögyam Trungpa; Shambhala Dragon edition; Boston, 1975

2.Natural liberation: Padmasambhava´s Teaching on the Six bardos; commentary by Gyatrul Rinpoche, translated by Alan Wallace; Wisdom Publications, USA, 1998

Related Visual Dharmas : Avalokiteshvara – Buddha of compassion, Medicine Buddha blessings, Main verses of six bardos.

b) Nutier, France :Dear venerable Sir , please enjoy my question , thank you .
The word dharma literally translates as that which supports all wholesome , unwholesome , and neutral of natural laws . Then , desire , samsara , greed , generosity , pain , pleasure , calmess , agitation , honest , dishonest , happiness , unhappiness , mental , spirit , mind etc. are dharma .
Q.101 – As Samsara is dharma , can it be also virtuous Samsara , unvirtuous Samsara , and neutral Samsara ?
May peace and happiness be upon you always !

Answer: Dear friend  of Buddha Dharma, when quoting from  books about Buddhism, please always write the title and the author. Also the quotation must be correct, not interpreted. Samsara has to do with individual and collective karma . As explained before, there are virtuous and unvirtuous karmas , leading to virtuous or unvirtuous causes, conditions and effects. Only after you understand the meaning and application of karma on individual level, can we speak further about what the Dharma is. Please look at today`s  teaching : Dharma practice in daily life.

May you and all beings be always peaceful and happy, accumulating merit and wisdom. This is virtuous karma. Our next creative dialogue will be published next week.OM MANI PADME HUM


BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF Internationalserving , upholding and protecting the Teachings of Buddhas by performing ten Dharmic Activities ; promoting millenium goals of United nations : universal education, gender equality and empowerment of women.

His Eminence Lama Karma Gyan Sagar Rinpoche, World peace envoy, Association for non-violence, world peace, wheel – Buddhist religion in Nepal

Venerable Mangala Konchok Norbu, Buddha Dharma,EU

Shifu John Chow, Martial arts, healing, spirituality; Australia

H.E. Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche, Nyingma Vajrayana Atiyoga Ling, European Union

BUDDHA DHARMA is generaly beneficial religious organisation, since 1995 registered in Slovenia, European Union. Residents of Republic Slovenia can donate 0,5 % of their yearly income (Slov. dohodnina) to our generally beneficial projects (Slov. E-davki).


www.YouTube.com/OpenBuddhistForum www.myspace.com/BuddhaDharma_OBFI


Heritage of mankind – Treasure of pure Dharma

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Gautama Buddha
Image by Mahesh Khanna via Flickr


OM SVASTI : Dharma instructions are SEEDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT

Dear Friends of Buddha Dharma – OBF International, may these Dharma instructions find you in perfect peace, health, prosperity and compassion.

I.BUDDHIST MEDITATIONS & PRAYERS : our meditation retreat place Atiyoga Ling is celebrating its 20. anniversary. Collective prayers and meditations every Sunday afternoon. BUDDHIST CALENDAR : third lunar month April 26 ,2009 : 1st lunar day : Kalachakra new year May 2 : 8th lunar day, dedicated to the Medicine Buddhas and Arya Tara; Visual Dharma: Medicine Buddha Blessings, 21 verses of Praise to Arya Tara; May 4 : 10th lunar day : dedicated to Guru Padmasambhava, known as Guru Chime Pemajungne – Immortal Lotus-born Guru. King of Zahor tries to burn Guru Rinpoche alive. Guru Rinpoche transforms the fire into a lake (called Resalwar or Tso Pema, North India), establishes the Dharma in the land of Zahor and takes the princess Mandarava as his Consort. Visual Dharma: 7-line invocation of Guru Rinpoche. Dharma practice: Tsog offering or Ganapuja. Sang offering. May 9 : 15th lunar day : Lord Buddha taught Kalachakra.

VESAKH : celebration of Buddha Shakyamuni´s Enlightenment and Parinirvana , according to Theravada Buddhism. Dharmachakra day- Dharma practice is very important, merit is multiplying 1 million times. At the age of 35 Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment at Bodhgaya. This day also marks anniversary of His Parinirvana. According to Vajrayana Buddhist calendar Enlightenment of Lord Buddha is celebrated in 4th lunar month , called Saga Dawa. Visual Dharma: Buddha´s Enlightenment. • Collective prayers and meditations on every Dharmachakra day from 4-5 pm (GMT +1) or according to your local time. Programme of Sunday meditations. • May 18 : 25th lunar day: Dakini day . Dharma practice : Tsog offering or Ganapuja. May 23 : Dharmapala day . Dharma practice : Dharmapala practices or Vajrakilaya sadhana. See Visual Dharma. May 24 : Shakyamuni Buddha day – purification practices , Sang offering. * May pure Dharma always increase *

II. INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR CONTEMPORARY BUDDHIST STUDIES : Wisdom studies : E-learning curriculum. • Visual Dharma: Buddha´s Enlightenment 1. What is the outer,inner and secret meaning of Lord Buddha´s Enlightenmnet ? 2. Write short hagyography of Buddha Shakyamuni according to this Visual Dharma. 3. What does the Stupa / Peace pagoda symbolise ?

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS : 1. Friend of Buddha Dharma from Guatemala asked about the teaching of Guru Rinpoche, published on description of our Buddhist channel . He wrote : “…it says : at the end of future age”. I really get the feeling we are at the end of future age…We are at transition period? At the end of future age ? What can you tell me about this ?” This Guru Rinpoche´s Dharma instructions comes from His Jewel Spike Testament which says : “At the end of the future age , there will be many perverted practitioners who will treat the Dharma as merchandise. At that time, all of you who obey my words, do not forsake the ten spiritual activities.” It is published in English translation by Erik Pema Kunzang in : Advice from the Lotus-born : a collection of Padmasambhava´s advice to the Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal and other close disciples. Rangjung Yeshe Publications, Hong Kong & Kathmandu, 1994. Yeshe Tsogyal wrote down in 8th century Tibet : “These teachings are the central advice of the collected words of Padmasambhava, the great nirmanakaya master. They are the words from His heart, meant to be personally practiced.Please keep this in mind !” Jewel Spike Testament is from famuous Gongpa Zhangtal, a cycle of terma (hidden treasures) teaching, dicovered by Rigdzin Gödem (1337-1408) who was the master of Jangter or Northern treasures lineage of Nyingma Vajrayana Buddhism. See Visual Dharma: Wish-granting prayer of Samantabhadra. Rigdzin Gödem is one of five king-like tertöns or treasure revealers. Since these teaching was discovered in 14th century it means that “ at the end of future age” is from 14th century onwards, right now also. Guru Rinpoche´s teachings are timeless or transcendental and they speak to each of us personally. We must just open our minds and hearts and listen without distractions. It also mean that each of us must not neglect those 10 enlightened activities, to accumulate merit and wisdom. Ten dharmic activities are : copying Buddhist scriptures for free distribution (not selling dharma books), making offerings, giving alsm/donations, listening to discourses,memorising,reading,expounding,reciting,reflecting upon and training in the meaning of the Dharma. These enlightened activities can easily be practiced with the spiritual guidance of authentic Buddhist masters who themselves promote these enlightened activities. For exapmple: nowdays its easy to copy Buddhist texts and teachings for free distribution on internet. We remain grateful for Youtube founders to make this possible ! Great merit ! One can embed our 40 Visual Dharmas to other web sites to multiply the Blessings of the Buddhas. It can not be easier as this ! Note: question about 500 years period in Buddhism will be answered next time.


FIRST 100 DAYS : Congratulations to US President Barack Obama, our Friend on Youtube, for successful work in fist 100 days of his presidency . May all your good plans be fulfilled without obstacles. With full support from Buddha Dharama-OBF International.

Video shared by Juan LorenZerimar : • Michael´s Sonata – BEYOND THE GLACIERS : dear Friend, thank you for sending us this video. Your piano music is beautiful and well played. We did not know that contemporary composers can create such beautiful music. Thank you for inspiration ! • JuanLorenZerimar : “ Thank you so much! Blessings for your divine work on Earth !”

IV.CHARITY : SEEDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT – SEEDS FOR WORLD PEACE * His Eminence Lama Karma Gyan Sagar Rinpoche, founder of World Peace Envoy, offered Seeds of the Buddha tree from the Lumbini zone in Nepal. Giving donations is connected to dana paramita-perfection of generosity. Orphan boys and girls, studying at the Buddhist school in Nepal, need your financial support or sponsoring. These “Little Buddhas” pray, meditate and learn every day diligently and will remember you in prayers. A3 posters and photos are prepared for all sponsors. With your donation you will also receive Seeds of Buddha tree, offered by ven. Sagar Rinpoche, to remember you on your innate Buddha nature which begin to be visible if you accomplish good deeds of Charity. OM MANI PADME HUM

Dear Friends, may your week be full of blessings, peace, health, inspiration, wisdom and compassion. Together we become vegetarians, praying and meditating for inner and outer peace on this planet and for all sentient beings.

BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF International

H.E.Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche-Nyingma Vajrayana Atiyoga Ling, EU. Sifu John Chow, Australia : Martial arts, TCM .H.E.Lama Karma Gyan Sagar Rinpoche, World Peace Envoy, Buddhist monastery,temple, peace pagodas,retreat center,Nepal. Venerable Mangala Konchok Norbu- Dharma art director, EU

Serving, upholding and protecting the Teaching of Buddhas by promoting ten enlightened activities as taught by the Buddhas. http://www.youtube.com/OpenBuddhistForum – 40 Visual Dharmas http://www.myspace.com/BuddhaDharma_OBFI Dharma art calendar,Teachings and research in Blog http://www.buddhadharmaobfinternational.wordpress.com Heritage of Mankind – Treasure of pure Dharma . Comments are possible . BuddhaDharma.OBFInternational@gmail.com

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