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Alive Dharma teaching, May 8 – 9, 2010

I.INTRODUCTION Dear worldwide Friends  of Buddha Dharma: happy and blessed Mother´s day. Yesterday was the Dakini day – please find enclosed Tsog offering verse.

We focus on the Buddhist calendar for Saga Dawa special month for Dharma practice, on Wisdom without borders with your feedbacks J , on Interfaith dialogues…  May your days & nights be full of innate  Sound*Light.With your help Visual Dharmas- spiritual Teachings for 3rd millennium reached 522.463 views. Thanks to all who study, recite, share, favour, comment and embed them and progress toward Enlightenmnet. Blessings of Wisdom*Compassion*Love to all.


From recent Bulletin :

2.1. Our Dear Friends & Subscribers ,

KALACHAKRA new year begins on this full moon day & Anniversary of Lord Buddha´s 2nd visit to Ceylon : How to be a Real Buddhist through Observance?

The Bak Poya day is this full-moon of April! This holy day celebrates

that the Buddha visits Ceylon for the second time , wrote Bhikkhu Samahita. May with Visual Dharma: Verses of Prayer by Mipham Rinpoche all noble and meaningful increase . Yours in Wisdom without borders : Buddha Dharma-OBFI

Apr 28,2010   To receive our Bulletin


VISUAL DHARMA 90 (2008) is published to benefit all beings and to plant the seeds of Enlightenment. THE VERSES OF PRAYER TO THE EIGHT NOBLE AUSPICIOUS ONES, by ven. Mipham Rinpoche

2.2.Buddhist lunar calendar – 4. lunar month , Saga Dawa – special month for Dharma practice when merit/positive energy multiplies 100.000 times . Lord Buddha´s Birth, Enlightenmnet and Mahaparinirvana all fall in the Saga Dawa month. See also BuddhaDharma.obfinternational Google calendar.

May 14 : 1. lunar day . Begin with recitation of the Verses of prayer Eight noble auspicious ones by ven. Mipham Rinpoche and with Sampa Nyur Drupma prayer every morning, before beginning any other virtuous activities. Go veg. Be green. Save the planet.



May 15 : Festival of Buddha´s Birth (Zen)

May 20 : 7.lunar day : Birth of Buddha

May 21 : 8. lunar day, dedicated to Medicine Buddhas and to Arya Tara.



May 23 : 10th lunar day , dedicated to Buddha Padmasambhava , know as Guru Pema

Dorje Tsal – Guru with Lotus and Vajra . Deluded ministers of Orgyen try to burn Guru Rinpoche and his spirirtual Consort alive. He turns the flames of funeral pyre into a lake from which he emerges with Mandarava on a lotus. The king, ministers and people are inspired with devotion. Related Visual Dharmas : Dances of Eight manifestations, Seven – line invocation of Padmasambhava, Teaching about Seven-line invocation .




Dharma practice : Tsog offering verse, Ganachakra offering


May 24: 11th day, dedicated to Buddha Manjushri

Dharma Practice : Homage to Manjuhsri http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTigO93PRi8&feature=related



May 27 : 15th day : Vesak :Dharmachakra day ,  celebrating Lord Shakyamuni Buddha Enlightenment  and Mahaparinirvana . Related Visual Dharma:


Collective meditations and prayers of Buddha Dharma-OBFI 4-5 GMT+1 or according to your local time. Programme of Sundays meditations, including Kunzang Gongpa Zhangtal recitation.



May 30 : anniversary of Patrul Rinpoche (born 1808); 4th anniversary of discovery of pada: self-arisen footprints in the rock by Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche. 11. Atiyoga retreat of 10 days  at the Dragon island, Croatia.


June 7 : 25th day , Dakini day. Dharma practice : Tsog offering verse, Ganachakra offering . http://www.youtube.com/user/openbuddhistforum#p/search/2/0mw1nUPF7HU

June 12: 29th day; anniversary of Mipham Rinpoche (1846-1912) . Dharma practice : Verses of prayer


Dharmapala day. Dharma practice : Vajrakilaya sadhana by Khenpo Jigme Phuntsog Rinpoche



June 13 : 30. day ; Dharma practice : purifications , Sang offering



Buddha Dharma-OBFInternational : Collective meditations and prayers for inner & outer peace on the planet : every Sunday from 4-5 pm GMT+1 or according to your local time. Together we meditate and pray …

Ten enlightened activities as taught by Buddha Padmasambhava, are esp. Important in the Saga Dawa month. 1st enlightened activity is to copy Buddhist texts – Teaching- Prayers- for free distribution (not selling them!). Everyone who wish to accumulate merit/positive energy and wisdom should study, recite, copy, share, embed Visual Dharmas – spiritual Teachings for 3rd millennium. And thus progress on the spiritual Path toward Enlightenment. Sarwa Mangalam .

Wisdom studies and Teachings



Dear Friends of the Center for Buddhist Studies,

We hope you will join us on Thursday (April 29) for a talk on “The Bamiyan

Stupas” by Professor Zamaryalai Tarzi.  This event will be held at 5 p.m.

in the IEAS conference room (2223 Fulton Street, 6th floor). An abstract

and speaker’s bio are included below.  Note that the talk with be given in

French with simultaneous English translation by Nadia Tarzi.

3.2.Questions and answers :

nutier France

Dear venerable  , please enjoy my questions , thank you ;

In Buddism , atta and anatta are dharmas that are paired off together until the ultimate limit of the mundane . According to the anatta doctrine , there is no permanent conscious substance that experiences these thoughts ; conscious thoughts simply arise and perish with no ” thinker ” behind them . This immaculate Buddhic self ( atman:soul ) is in no way to be construed as a mundane , impermanent ( ego ) of which it is the diametrical opposite .

may peace , happiness and wisdom be upon you always !

Q.179 – does no-self means such as unconsciousness , and self as consciousness ?

Dear Frined of Buddha Dharma, your above reasoning about anatta (no-self) is not correct. Where did you hear about immaculate Buddhisc self (atman: soul) ?! Unconsciousness , subconsciousness , collective unconscious and similar terms are used in deep psychology of Carl Gustav Jung. In Buddhism we teach about right understanding, awareness , mindfulness, concentration etc. which are parts of the Noble Eightfold path , as explained in the Visual Dharma Wheel.


Q.180 – if there is no permanent conscious substance , do consciousness and unconsciousness consider as no-self ? Consciousness and uncounsciousness are not no-self (anatta). They are skanda or aggregate .

Q.181 – Are body-form , sensation , perception , formation mental and consciousness also impermanent and no-self ?

may peace , happiness and wisdom be upon you always !

Five skandas or aggregates of a being are impermanent.

“Learn and forget “ is spiritual advice of master Morihei Ueshiba. If you lear / study in proper manner, you have direct insights and don´t accumulate conceptual ignorance. So: develop faith and devotion toward the Buddhas, pray and meditate every day.

“The origin of suffering to be in craving and ignorance , the feedback loop of conditioning and causation that leads to suffering in current and future lives . There are many kind of proceedings : it begins with ignorance and proceeds to sickness , old age , and death ; it begins with attachment and proceeds to birth ; it begins with birth and proceeds back to ignorance ; it begins with attachment and proceeds to ignorance . May peace and happiness be always upon you !”

Q.182 – As attachment proceeds the birth and ignorance , is it the first cause of samsara’s existence ?

You already asked so many questions about samsara, dear Friend . Why not to direct yourself toward Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha, praying with Faith and Devotion ?! The cause of samsara is ignorance or unawareness.

Q.183 – When attachment has disappeared , has samsara also disappeared ?

Attachment and aversion are two sides of ignorance or unawareness. Loving kindness toward sentient beings is not attachment. Don´t think that Buddhist practitioners are like cold stones, without any loving energy and compassion. Samsara dissapears when ignorance is purified into stainless Wisdom awareness. This can happen for a moment, but samsara can still re-occur in your mind. You tend to see samsara only as something outside. In meditation you learn that samsara is both : inside and outside.  Learn to pray to Buddha Amitabha , reciting His name with concentration and devotion. Then samsara will be purified.


Q.184 – If humans can simply remove their attachment , there will be no newcomer on earth . Can the 31 planes of existence disappear too ?

Human realm is only one of those realms. Every sentient being in the six realms of existence has individual causes , conditions and effects (karma). May all sentient beings safely reach the Pure land of infinite Light and Life. Homage to Amitabha Buddha.



4.1. ART “According to the Buddhist point of view, an artist`s intention is compassion. Artists create in order to make a link with other beings through their inner pure lements, and to transform their outer ordinary gross elements into enlightenment.”  Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche : Magic Dance- the Display of the self-nature of the five wisdom Dakinis, Jewel House Publ. House, New York,1985

4.2 President of Slovenia, dr. Danilo Türk, about the significance of environmental care for the survival of humanity.

Predsednik o pomenu varstva okolja za preživetje človeštva (sporočila za

javnost, 22.4.10)


4.3. Wisdom from around the world : our Subscribers & Friends

Crystalclear, USA, Myspace : Thank you..

May you always allow your imagination to flow freely and never fear to create ones self, true n boldly!!! Make all your dreams your REALITY my dear friend..

Have a rockin great Wednesday my angels..

Your friend n lovin angel,Crystal Clear..

www.myspace.com/TizianaItaly :”May the Earth to heal by all her badly, and with Her, all us.”

This is ” The Graal” offering by me to the Blood of the Earth.

inouschNetherlands – has made a comment on DAY OF THE PLANET EARTH: Very relaxing video, it calmes my mind and thoughts, thank you, wonderful effects! I love the sound of the water so much…Ine

pinkgal109AustraliaAwesome video,thank you 🙂 Happy and blessed day of planet Earth,love and peace

to all 🙂 ***** 6 hours ago

SPCENTERCARCURSOSBrazil .  Espetacular!


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everyday is Earth Day!!!

openbuddhistforum (uploader) @EcoBold YES, EVERY DAY MUST BE EARTH DAY – BE VEG. GO GREEN. SAVE THE PLANET . In Wisdom without borders 🙂

PeperudenPolyhUnited Kingdom to @openbuddhistforum

Happy and blessed Day of Gaya, April 22 2010 🙂 Peace and unity with all around us 🙂

liangcen Indonesia


I just wanna thanks, to ur attention so long.

The day before, I have bad connection with this web ‘You Tube’,

so I can open all ur mail. But once again I wanna say thank you, ’till now you still give me more information.Best Regards.Liangcen.

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@OpenBuddhistForum  Thank you. In Wisdom without borders may there be peace, Happiness and Bliss everywhere.

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Thank you for your friendship and the gift of light-

RAWPaletteUSA Thanks for all you do!

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Beautiful Vibes, AWESOME images,….and thanx for sharin’ also the four Truths,…sendin’ ya my thumbs up openbuddhistforum and thankin’ ya for a GREAT share!

openbuddhistforum (uploader) @qualqui May this Visual Dharma help you to experience Peace, Happiness and Bliss in your life. Your spiritual Friends in WISDOM WITHOUT BORDERS 🙂

arsenedanadrian Romania PACE.

Eric Bridenbaker –Band – Canada – would like to be your friend on MySpace.

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Peace, Love and Light for our Earth! Namast’e

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Thank you for sharing with me “DAY OF THE PLANET EARTH” BUDDHA DHARMA. Peace and Light to be with you always! Namast’e

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Re: DHARMA WHEEL – spiritual Gift for Friend  of Buddha Dharma

Thank you, your comments are very kind and generous.

Kind regards Johnnie

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Thanks for this truly wonderful video.

Peace, Love & Harmony to you. Light&Love:))

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peace and well depend on the physical and spiritual environment … peace and love on earth hugging friends … Brazil … oscar

NaldideMY Brazil. Very beautiful music of love and compassion.
Thanks for sharing.Hugs

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openbuddhistforum (uploader) @xxweareallenergyxx May the Verses of Prayer to Eight Noble auspicious Ones bring you peace, happiness, wisdom, love , prosperity, Enlightenment. Your spiritual Friends in Wisdom Without Borders 🙂

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Thanks for sharing so interesting video really.well done.peace and love.have a great weekend.

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and great message.  Thank you for this blessing. Zu

@TheMareStella Dear Friend, thank you for positive feedback on Jetsün  Milarepa´s Song of Love and compassion . May you always be peaceful and happy. Yours in Wisdom without borders 🙂


28 Jan 2010 Intl. headquarter: buddhadharma.obfinternational@gmail.com http://www.youtube.com/openbuddhistforum. Views This Video

budd-zen.blogspot.com/…/manjushri-nama-samgiti-khenchen-pentse.html –

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may your life be filled with love and light my friend.with much metta.Zu

@TheMareStella May all beings experience the Path of Peace, Happiness and Bliss

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Re: Re: HH the Dalai Lama : COMPASSION – ART OF HAPPINESS Alive Dharma teaching, April 11, 2010

My dear Friends in Dharma,
Your words are very kind to me. thanks so much for your encouragement and for the comments on my Koi. They are true Samurai Fish and have been with me now for 15 years. They are wonderful friends and sacred beings of mystic potencies for sure. Thanks for being here. May all beings be happy and peaceful.
Many blessings and gratitude deeply. Namaste~metta~Love~Will

Dear Friend  in the Dharma, thank you for kind reply. As always we include all positive feedbacks in Alive Dharma teachings, send with a Bulletin to all subscriber & Friends . Published also at http://www.buddhadharmaobfinternational.wordpress.com Heritage of Mankind. All your in Wisdom without borders 🙂

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Thank you very, very much. Appreciate it! Love, light and wisdom


hello .. compliments for your channel and beautiful … I would say that cosmic

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R:CRYSTAL STUPA – spiritual Gift for new Friend of Buddha Dharma


I’m a rDzogchenpa…


“May all beings enjoy the unfathomable TEACHING THAT LEADS TO THE AWAKENING…”

dykbojen123 has posted a comment on your profile:

Amazing. Love your channel and your videos.


Buddhism, Peace and Ecology :

Stop the Sell Out, Save the Whales!:http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/1754462107 minutes ago via web   Dear H.E.Lama Tara Tulku, Thank you for signing the “Stop the Sell Out, Save the Whales!” petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/175446210.

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Thanx for your kind words wishing you a Universe of Love filled with Oneness and Harmony
The Light in me honors the Light in You
❤☮★ Namaste❤☮★

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Re:DHARMA WHEEL – spiritual Gift for new subscriber of Buddha Dharma

Thanks your channel is awesome I love your videos.. Thanks a lot for sharing with the world… this is beautiful I love this Mantra… DHARMA WHEEL: PATH OF PEACE, HAPPINESS & BLISS — awesome, beautiful!!♥♥♥♥

blessings, Dorka

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Thank you for the beautiful teachings!

tribalexistancecom USA

Your amazing friendship is PRICELESS !! Thank you very much !!

Together we pray and meditate for inner and outer peace on the planet


5.1. Mother´s Day

inousch Netherlands

My dear Buddha Dharma, for it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow,
I like to share some strong beautiful
words by Mother Teresa with you:
”I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.
And everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.
In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.
Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless…”
( Words by Mother Teresa)
Hugs and love for you dear friend, Ine

5.2. Answers :

theFriendlyHughes has made a comment on AMITABHA- BUDDHA OF INFINITE LIGHT:

Beautiful music, and (interestingly psychedelic imagery). Isn’t Pure Land Buddhism exactly like Christianity? Just believe in something specific and pray and worship him and you’ll be happy when you die?

I have great respect for the Buddha’s teachings – which is why Pure Land concerns me, it seems to go against them. The Buddha taught that there is no external saviour. Sorry, not trying to start a religious debate! I liked the video. 🙂

openbuddhistforum (uploader) @theFriendlyHughes Thank you for interesting thoughts. We don´t see any psychedelic imaginary in this Visual Dharma. This must be your subjective viewing . Will include your words in next alive Dharma teaching, May 9 (Interfaith dialogues), adding more explanation. Feel free to join shining circle of Buddha Dharma Friends – in WISDOM WITHOUT BORDERS 🙂

To have great respect toward Lord Buddha´s holy Teachings means to study and know Buddha´s  Teachings.  Some who know little bit about Theravada Teachings sometimes try to limit Buddha´s omniscent Dharmas only to Theravada traditions. Shakyamuni Buddha transmitted countless Dharmas/Teachings according to mental capacities of the listeners. For example He also transmitted the Kalachakra Teachings . Pure land Buddhism is not like Christianity, because Pure land Buddhism is based on the Four seals of authentic Buddhist Teachings : impermanence, suffering,  no-self and nirvana. This understanding is found only in Buddhist Dharma. There are many levels of Christianity also – ritualistic, contemplative, gnostic…Years ago we had interesting Dialogue between Christianity and Buddhism (see Visual Dharma : Dialogues & Ars sacra for world peace). There is nothing wrong with “just believe in something specific and pray and worship him and you will be happy when you die “. It is much better to have faith as not to have any faith and to be materialist and nihilist ! Faith connected with virtuous way of life is very precious in all spiritual traditions. In Buddhism we also don´t neglect Faith. Pure land Buddhists do´nt only see the Amitabha Buddha as “external saviour”. Even if some see Him as “external saviour” – with Faith in Amitabha Buddha they will be reborn in Pure land of Buddha Amitabha , Pure land of infinite Light and Live. Such fortunate beings finished their samsaric existence, because Pure land of Amitabha Buddha is not part of samsara. Buddha Shakyamuni said : “For those who don´t have faith it is like they try to raise a plant from a burned seed…” Faith in the Buddhas , their Teachings and those who transmit pure Dharma  is therefore very important. It is part of the Triple Refuge of Buddhism. See Visual Dharma : About Buddhism http://www.youtube.com/user/openbuddhistforum#p/search/5/k2a0iFjgBJc

In all Visual Dharmas we publish extensive teachings with selected bibliographies which should be studied by all who wish to know more about Buddhist Dharmas .

May all beings safely reach Buddha Amitabha Pure land of Infinite Light and Life.

May there be harmony between all spiritual Paths and religions, based on virtuous way of life which begins with avoid killing of animals and eating meat, praying, meditating, doing good deeds…

5.3. Dialogues and echoes for inner and outer peace on the planet

DraccunNetherlands -has posted a comment on your profile:Thanx for your kind wordsCosmic blesssing of Light,Harmony and Oneness

Peace and Love to All

bicyclist7610 has made a comment on DIALOGUES & ARS SACRA FOR WORLD PEACE: Thanks for sharing & peace to you;)

pgdharmaUnited Kingdom – has sent you a message:

Re:HH the Dalai Lama : COMPASSION – ART OF HAPPINESS >Alive Dharma teaching , April 11, 2010 Namaste/Namaskar. NarayaNaMahtatva,RamaPadma…



Blessings… Truth…Light….Buddha Dharma Akaya.Thank you…

Dearly….Hare Om Tat sat…Shanti. x

MrRelapser – age 16 –has posted a comment on your profile:

hello my friends god bless you all

JanVernerC Sweden

Keep doing the good work! A great week! jvc

shadieqa1Netherlands – has posted a comment on your profile:

peace be upon you and all buddhist
we are all connected as one body of mankind alhamdoelilah
together we pray,may all prayers soon make a difference for all living beings amen. may Allah bless us all in this life and the next amen. wa salaam


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