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ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥Liberation by remembering the Natural Sound of Dharmata

 ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥Liberation by remembering the Natural Sound of Dharmata

207th Alive Dharma teachings at the Heritage of Mankind

»I prostrate and take Refuge in Bhagavan , Tathagata , Arhat, Samyak-Sambodhi, Father, Mother, Son, and Family of the Thousand Buddhas of the Bhadra-kalpa including Vipashyin Buddha , Shikhim Buddha , Vishvabhu Buddha , Krakucchananda Buddha , Kanakamuni Buddha , Kashyapa Buddha , Shakyamuni Buddha . »

»To the Twelve Dzogchen Teachers Tathagatas I prostrate .«

»To the Tathagata Absolute Victory and Tathagata Absolute Sound I prostrate.« (1)

Its great  Dharmachakra day of Chotrul Duchen on this Full Moon in March 2020 , 2147 Buddhist year of Golden Mouse . Everything is peaceful , less traffic in the air , less traffic on roads, less people in shops …Neighboring country Italy has 16 millions of people in lock-up areas and regiosn like Lombardy with Milan as capital . Corona virus is spreading there rapidly , people in Slovenia are also concerned … When on February 4th in the interview for Slovenian national tv : Duhovni utrip /Spiritual interlude, journalists were very sceptical and disbeleiving about such predictions ; now its five weeks later , maybe they are more aware now ?!

       It might ne difficult for someone who is influenced by fearmongering of mass media to turn attention inward and contemplate innate Buddha nature (Skt . Tathagathagharba)  of Sound Light . As astrologer Bracha Goldsmith said in the youtube live stream video : » Its time to become more self-sufficient , less dependable on the system…Every crysis gives us opportunity for spiritual growth …«

  1. International Institute for Contemporary Buddhist Studies

1.1. Liberation by remembering the Natural Sound of Dharmata (Tib. Chonyid kyi Rangdra)

What do we need to be able to remember our inner, secret Sound Light ? First of all we need relaxation . In Dzogchen terms this is Trekcho or cutting through . What do we need to cut ? Our tensions . How can we do this ? We apply deep relaxed breating , whole body breathing , breathing taught in Yantra yoga . Tao master Mantak Chia also has very valuable instructions about breathing .

        If we practice silent meditation , we already have less speech disturbances , less conceptualisations , less thoughts . We can naturally become more relaxed and spacious . I encourage evryone to go outdise to nature , no company (dog is good company) . Go to the nature with flowing water like rivers, brooks , sea, ocean …As I am now observing water birds cleaning their feathers , observing how they swimm, fly around  in unison …And the river is peacefully flowing …

       Our Buddha Shakyamuni meditated at tzhe river Naranyana for six years in silence . So we can be silent for one day . Isn*t it so ? We can do it . Silence is golden .

        Natural Sound of Dharmata is connected to our energy . Late Dzogchen master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu described three modes of energy , namely Dan. Rolpa and Tsal . Beautifully explained in his Book : Crystal and the awy of light . Dan is the msot secret aspect of our energy . When we sing the Song of the Vajra we balance 258 energy points in our body . Definitely we have Vajra Body, Vajra Speech/Energy and Vajra Mind/Awareness/Heart. We only need to discover it , as Guru Garab Dorje is teaching us in Three Testaments .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK8q_pg2YmU&t=31s

To always be blessed with Natural Sound of Dharmata , our True nature , we prostrate to Twelve Dzogchen Teachers Tathagatas .

Namo Guru Bhye-Namo Dewa Bhye-Namo Dakini Bhye

1.2. Notes :

1. One Hundred Thousand Buddhas Confession : secret Teaching , the profound Dharma and self-liberation pervading space ; Ati yoga master Nyala Pema Dudul  advised everyone to recite this sacred text often and aloud .

2. Seventeen tantras of Dzochen Upadesha :

  1. Buddhist spiritual activities :
    1. ♫.• ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥¯`♥❥To the Twelve Dzogchen Teachers Tathagatas I prostrate. Chotrul Düchen, also known as Chonga Choepa or the Butter Lamp Festival, is one of the four Buddhist festivals commemorating four events in the life of the Buddha, according to Tibetan traditions.[1] Chötrul Düchen closely follows Losar, the Tibetan New Year. It takes place on the fifteenth day of the first month in the Tibetan calendar during the full moon (Bumgyur Dawa). The first fifteen days of the year celebrate the fifteen days during which the Buddha displayed miracles for his disciples so as to increase their devotion.[2] During Chötrul Düchen (“Great Day of Miraculous Manifestations”), it is believed that the effects of both positive and negative actions are multiplied ten million times.• ♫.• ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥¯`♥❥ Anniversary of Guru Garab Dorje who was manifestation of Buddha Shakyamuni .
    1. https://www.facebook.com/17TantrasAtiYoga.DzogchenUpadesha/

‿↗⁀◎⊙ღ๑۩۞۩๑ღ⊙◎‿↗⁀❁ ATI YOGA ESSENCE LINEAGE – natural Sound of Dharmata (Chonyid kyi Rangdra) :Dra Thal Gyur root tantra of Dzogchen Upadesha :PENETRATION OF SOUND & related tantras



bibliographies of researchers & Authors at the In… See More


๑۩۞۩๑ ཨ ཨ ཨ ๑۩۞۩๑
“The Mind transmission of the buddhas of three times is known as a transmission through blessings – naturally perfect blessings of all buddhas of the past and the future and of those who reside in the present. Independent of articulated words this transmission is understood and realized through the natural Sound of Dharmata.” Wellspring of the great perfection – The lives and insights of the early masters , compiled and edited by E.P. Kunsang, The Twelve Dzogchen Buddhas , An excerpt from the great history of the Heart Essence , part One belonging to the instruction section Cycle of the Heart Essence of Vimalamitra , pg 119. Rangjung Yeshe Publications.

This lineage : Chönyid kyi rangdra or Natural Sound of Dharmata has origin in Dra Thal Gyur root tantra of Dzogchen Upadesha . Master Vimalamitra is the only one who wrote commentary on Dra Thal Gyur tantra or Reverberation of Sound .Vimalamitras commentary is preserved at Khatok monastery in East Tibet . REVERBERATION OF SOUND is the root of all Buddhist Dharma . Reverberation of Sound (Dra Thal Gyur) is connected to 16 other Dzogchen Upadesha tantras . We need to see this display diametrical as a cicle , not horizontal . DRA THAL GYUR tantra in the centre and names of 16 other Upadesha tantras around .

The seventeen tantras, though not traditionally classified as a treasure (Wylie: gter ma), nonetheless share in the treasure tradition. They are associated with sacred literature first transmitted in the human realm by the quasi-historical Garab Dorje (Fl. 55 CE) and passed according to tradition along with other tantras through various lineages of transmission by way of important Dzogchen figures such as Mañjuśrīmitra, Shri Singha, Padmasambhava, Jnanasutra and Vimalamitra.

Kunsang (2006) holds that Shri Singha brought the Secret Mantra teachings from beneath the Vajra Throne (Wylie: rdo rje gdan)[1] of Bodhgaya to the ‘Tree of Enlightenment in China’ (Wylie: rgya nag po’i byang chub shing),[2] where he concealed them in a pillar of the ‘Auspicious Ten Thousand Gates Temple’ (Wylie: bkra shis khri sgo[3]).[4] Shri Singha conferred the Eighteen Dzogchen Tantras (Tibetan: rdzogs chen rgyud bco brgyad)[5] upon Padmasambhava.[6] The eighteen are The Penetrating Sound Tantra (Tibetan: sgra thal ‘gyur),[7] to which was appended the Seventeen Tantras of Innermost Luminosity (Tibetan: yang gsang ‘od gsal gyi rgyud bcu bdun).[8] It should be mentioned here that the Dharma Fellowship (2009) drawing on the work of Lalou (1890–1967) holds the ‘Five Peaked Mountain’ of “the Land of Cina” (where Cina isn’t China but a term for the textile cashmere) the Five Peaked Mountain which Kunsang and others have attributed to Mount Wutai in China is instead a mountain near the Kinnaur Valley associated with the historical Suvarnadwipa (Sanskrit) nation also known as ‘Zhang-zhung’ in the Zhang-zhung language and the Tibetan language.[9]

The Seventeen Tantras are amongst the texts known as the ‘Supreme Secret Cycle’ the Fourth Cycle[10] and the most sacred tantras in the Nyingma Dzogchen tradition and the Dharma Fellowship (2009) provide a different historical location than Mount Wutai China for the location of concealment which is identified as near the Kinnaur Valley within the Kinnaur District:

It is explained that Sri Simha divided the Pith Instruction into four sub-sections, and these are known as the Exoteric Cycle, the Esoteric Cycle, the Secret Cycle, and the Supreme Secret Cycle. Before his own death he deposited copies of the first three cycles in a rock cut crypt beneath the Bodhivriksha Temple of Sugnam (Sokyam) in the land of Cina. The texts of the Supreme Secret Cycle, however, he hid separately within the pillar of the “Gate of a Myriad Blessings”.[11]

It is with Vimalamitra (fl. 8th century) that this collection of ‘Seventeen Tantras, which are but a portion of Garab’s revelation may have first been given their specific enumeration and nomenclature as it was Vimalamitra’s disciple, Nyangban Tingzin Zangpo, who concealed the Seventeen Tantra subsequent to Vimalamitra’s journey to China, particularly Mount Wutai, for later discovery by Neten Dangma Lhungyal in the Eleventh Century that they enter history in their current evocation, as Gyatso (1998: pp. 153–154) relates thus:

“By the eleventh century, both Bonpos and Buddhists were presenting texts they claimed to have unearthed from the place where those texts had been hidden in the past. Among the earliest Buddhist materials so characterized were the esoteric Nyingtig, or “Heart Sphere”, teachings, including the seventeen Atiyoga tantras, which were associated with Vimalamitra, an Indian Great Perfection master invited to Tibet, according to some accounts, by Trisong Detsen in the eighth century. Vimalamitra’s Tibetan student, Nyangban Tingzin Zangpo, was said to have concealed these teachings after the master went to China. The discoverer was Neten Dangma Lhungyal (eleventh century), who proceeded to transmit these teachings to Chetsun Senge Wangchuk, one of the first accomplished Tibetan Buddhist yogins, and to others. The Nyingtig materials were at the heart of the Great Perfection Buddhism and had considerable influence upon Jigme Lingpa, who labelled his own Treasure with the same term.”[12]

The Vima Nyingtik itself consists of ‘tantras’ (rgyud), ‘agamas’ (lung), and ‘upadeshas’ (man ngag), and the tantras in this context are the Seventeen Tantras.[13]
[edit] Enumeration of the Seventeen Tantras

Though they are most often referred to as the Seventeen Tantras, other designations are as Eighteen Tantras when the ‘Ngagsung Tromay Tantra’ (Wylie: sngags srung khro ma’i rgyud[14]) (otherwise known as the ‘Ekajaṭĭ Khros Ma’i rGyud’ and to do with the protective rites of Ekajati) is appended to the seventeen by Shri Singha;[15] and Nineteen Tantras with Padmakara’s annexure of the ‘Longsel Barwey Tantra’ (Wylie: klong gsal bar ba’i rgyud[16]) (Tantra of the Blazing Space of Luminosity).[17] Samantabhadri is associated with the Longsel Barwey and its full name is ‘Samantabhadri’s Tantra of the Blazing Sun of the Brilliant Expanse’ (Wylie: kun tu bzang mo klong gsal ‘bar ma nyi ma’i rgyud).[18]

According to the seventeen-fold classification, in no particular order, they are as follows:

1. ‘Self-existing Perfection’ (Tibetan: རྫོགས་པ་རང་བྱུང; Wylie: rdzogs pa rang byung)
2. ‘Without Letters’ (Tibetan: ཡི་གེ་མེད་པ; Wylie: yi ge med pa)
3. ‘Self-arising Primordial Awareness’ (Tibetan: རིག་པ་རང་ཤར; Wylie: rig pa rang shar)
4. ‘Self-liberated Primordial Awareness’ (Tibetan: རིག་པ་རང་གྲོལ; Wylie: rig pa rang grol)
5. ‘Piled Gems’ (Tibetan: རིན་པོ་ཆེ་སྤུང་བ; Wylie: rin po che spung ba)
6. ‘Shining Relics of Enlightened Body’ (Tibetan: སྐུ་གདུང་འབར་བ; Wylie: sku gdung ‘bar ba)
7. ‘Reverberation of Sound’ (Tibetan: སྒྲ་ཐལ་འགྱུར; Wylie: sgra thal ‘gyur)
8. ‘Great Auspicious Beauty’ (Tibetan: བཀྲ་ཤིས་མཛེས་ལྡན; Wylie: bkra shis mdzes ldan)
9. ‘The Mirror of the Heart of Vajrasattva’ (Tibetan: རྡོ་རྗེ་སེམས་དཔའ་སྙིང་གི་མེ་ལོང; Wylie: rdo rje sems dpa’ snying gi me long)
10. ‘The Mirror of the Mind of Samantabhadra’ (Tibetan: ཀུན་ཏུ་བཟང་པོ་ཐུགས་ཀྱི་མེ་ལོང; Wylie: kun tu bzang po thugs kyi me long)
11. ‘Direct Introduction’ (Tibetan: ངོ་སྤྲོད་སྤྲས་པ; Wylie: ngo sprod spras pa)
12. ‘Necklace of Precious Pearls’ (Tibetan: མུ་ཏིག་རིན་པོ་ཆེའི་ཕྲེང་བ; Wylie: mu tig rin po che’i phreng ba)
13. ‘Sixfold Expanse of Samantabhadra’ (Tibetan: ཀུན་ཏུ་བཟང་པོ་ཀློང་དྲུག; Wylie: kun tu bzang po klong drug)
14. ‘Blazing Lamp’ (Tibetan: སྒྲོན་མ་འབར་བ; Wylie: sgron ma ‘bar ba)
15. ‘Union of the Sun and Moon’ (Tibetan: ཉི་ཟླ་ཁ་སྦྱོར; Wylie: nyi zla kha sbyor)
16. ‘Lion’s Perfect Expressive Power’ (Tibetan: སེང་གེ་རྩལ་རྫོགས; Wylie: seng ge rtsal rdzogs)
17. ‘Array of Jewels’ (Tibetan: ནོར་བུ་ཕྲ་བཀོད; Wylie: nor bu phra bkod)


Founding Date

BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF INTERNATIONAL Serving,upholding and protecting the Teachings of Buddhas by promoting 10 enlightened activities as taught by Buddha Shakyamuni an d His emanation Guru Padmasambhava



Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama ohhdl@dalailama.com
Dear all,
His Holiness directs me to thank you very much for your warm greetings on the occasion of his 75th birthday. He appreciates your remembering him at this time and for the friendly wishes you have expressed.
His Holiness feels very encouraged by your warm support in His efforts to promote human values, to foster inter-religious harmony and also to work for the just aspirations of the Tibetan people who place their faith and trust in Him.
His Holiness sends you His prayers and good wishes.
With best wishes,
Tenzin Gyalpo
Administrative Assistant

  • Dzogchen Community webcast :

MARCH 9th-15th, 2019

17:00/5:00pm from Dzamlingar, at Western European Time (+ 0 GMT), Canary Islands, Spain.
18:00/6pm from Merigar, at Central European Time (+ 1 GMT), Italy,

All times in Comments.
Thank you for your participation.    

Dzogchen Community Webcast Monday, 9 March [from Merigar [gmt+1:00]]
18:00 Tun practice with recitation of the Mantra of Guru Tragphur
Tuesday, 10 March [from Dzamlingar Gar [Gmt+0:00]]
17:00 Tun practice with recitation of the Mantra of Guru Tragphur
Wednesday, 11 March [from Merigar [gmt+1:00]]
18:00 Tun practice with recitation of the Mantra of Guru Tragphur
Thursday, 12 March [from Dzamlingar Gar [Gmt+0:00]]
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Friday, 13 March [from Dzamlingar Gar [Gmt+0:00]]
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Saturday, 14 March [from Merigar [gmt+1:00]]
18:00 Tun practice with recitation of the Mantra of Guru Tragphur
Sunday ,15March [from Dzamlingar Gar [Gmt+0:00]]
17:00 Tun practice with recitation of the Mantra of Guru Tragphur

  • Global Coherence meditation
  • HearthMath Instutute is organising Global Care focus on the Full Moon day , March 9 . GCI March 2020 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus
    Dear Rinpoche,
  • Welcome to the Global Coherence Initiative’s March 9, 2020 Full Moon (17:47 GMT/​UTC) synchronized Care Focus. In order for GCI members around the world to participate at a convenient time, we have chosen 4 a.m., 12 p.m. (noon), and 8 p.m. Pacific Time (GMT/UTC minus 7 hours) when GCI members in the Global Care Room or Global Coherence App can do the Care Focus together.* Thank you for being with us.
  • As we move into a new year and new decade, we see the Shift energies continuing to accelerate planetary changes. Just the first month of the new year saw fires burning throughout Australia, major earthquakes in Puerto Rico and Turkey, volcanic eruptions in the Philippines, a virus spreading from China throughout the world and ongoing political polarization in many countries. Humanity could benefit from compassionate care more than ever to help ease these transitioning times. Genuine care and compassion are two of the most life-fulfilling coherent heart qualities we can cultivate. However, given today’s emotional climate, it’s so easy for our care to turn into worry, anxiety, energy drain, and burn out – what we call the overcare syndrome. We can prevent much of this with a little practice once we know how.
  • Excessive worry is easy to justify because it fools us into thinking that amped up worrying is when we are caring the most. However, research has shown that constant worrying not only drains energy but blocks us from seeing creative choices and solutions. The disruptive changes that Earth and humanity are experiencing, especially call for clearer reasoning and wiser choices. Most of us know this, but knowledge only collects dust without an action plan. Taking charge of our personal energy is something no one else can do for us.
  • So how is it possible to care deeply without depleting our energy or harming our health? Research has shown that the practice of shifting overcare into balanced care lifts our vibration and renews our energy. Practicing balanced care is especially helpful for increasing our coherence to prevent energy drain and burnout when things we care about don’t go the way we want – regarding political or personal issues.
  • The following Care Focus and exercise unfolds clearer views regarding our discernment, choices and actions, as well as more flow in our interactions. Many people have reported how effective this practice has been for them.
  • Let’s start by connecting in the heart with everyone participating in the Global Care Room and radiating love and appreciation to each other.
  • Care Focus: Shifting Overcare into Balanced Care

  • 1. While breathing in a relaxed pace, pretend you are breathing through your heart or chest area and imagine calming your mind and emotions with your breath. (Calm emotions help to create a space that enables intuitive access for clearer discernment and choices when evaluating situations.)
    2. Once you’ve calmed your mental and emotional vibrations, identify issues that trigger unbalanced care (worry), then ask your heart feelings, “What would an attitude of balanced care look like in this situation?” After you decide a replacement attitude, imagine breathing in that new feeling for a few minutes to anchor it into your system.
    For example: If you are frustrated or impatient, then breathe in the feelings of patience until you feel the energy change. Or if feeling worried or overloaded, sit quietly and breathe compassion and the feeling of ease into your system.
    Breathing compassion and ease helps to neutralize overcare, anxiety, worry, impatience, anger, mind looping, moving too fast, etc. Know that with practice, you can replace unwanted feelings that override your heart’s intuitive choices and clear directions.
    Increasing our compassion is one of the most effective steps forward for social and spiritual advancement. As we radiate compassion and ease to stressful situations on the planet, this adds a softener frequency to the Earth’s energetic fields. Visualize this softener energy bringing comfort and ease to people, helping them to better discern their highest choices in dealing with challenges.
    3. Now let’s close by radiating compassion and ease to all people around the world who are in stress from Earth changes, viral epidemics, homelessness, terrorism, political polarization, and more. See our collective compassion helping them find more ease in dealing with their situations and making creative choices for a better future.
    Observe yourself for a few days and see how often you can catch your mind looping in overcare and downer projections regarding yourself, others or issues. When you find yourself in worry or anxiety from overcare, do this Care Focus practice to shift into balanced care. Approach it from the heart with ease, not force, for better results.
    The skill of shifting our feelings from overcare to balanced care doesn’t diminish our true heart’s care, it strengthens it, without debilitating our system. Preventing and reducing stress is growing to the top of our must-do list if we are looking for peace, happiness and fulfillment.
    You can continue to do the Care Focus in the Global Care Room, if convenient, after the full moon period, as this will help raise the vibratory rate of the personal and collective energetic field environment.
  • Thank you for participating in this Care Focus.
  • GCI Steering Committee and Staff
  • *(The following website – www.timeanddate.com/s/33sd – is a time conversion site for determining the exact time the Care Focus will take place in your Local Time Zone. Select time: 8 p.m. (date optional). Convert from: Location: U.S.A. – California – San Francisco. Convert to: Location: Select your Country/City.)
  • To join the GCI Care Focus in the Global Care Room, you can enter the room directly from www.globalcarerooms.org. First time users will need to enter as a guest.
  • If you prefer, you can also participate in collective Heart-Focused Care in the Global Coherence App (Beta) or the Global Care Room App for Facebook

 III. Colophon : BUDDHA DHARMA is generally beneficial religious organisation , since 1995 registered with the Governmanet of Republic Slovenia, European Union, Ministry for culture – Office for religious communities


NAMO AMITABHA ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ།
PEACE❧ ❤❧南无阿弥陀佛
O`•.¸(¨`•.•´¨) Joy & ♥
V¨`•.•´¨)¸.•´ Blessings ♥



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III. Dedication of merit .

• ..✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫
Wish-fulfilling Gem of Dedication by Buddha Padmasambhava: “With unsurpassable offering-clouds of Samantabhadra, actually present and mentaly created, vastly and fully displayed within pure space, we present you with an ocean of outer, inner and secret offering.

_(((♥)))_Namo Amitabha Buddha. 南无阿弥陀佛。_(((♥)))_


206th Alive Dharma Teaching at the




Dear Readers and friends of BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF INTERNATIONAL , welcome to our next spiritual discourse .

Buddhist spiritual and religious activities :

  1. Pray and meditate with us to increase  your merit – positive energy . There was already Chinese new year celebration and there will be Tibetan new year or Losar celebration on February 24 : 2147 Buddhist year , Golden mouse year .

Learn how to sing Buddhist mantras  for peaceful world : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yFLUt5xwaQ&t=14s1.

  1. 1.International Dzogchen Community webcast :

•*¨`*♫.• ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥¯`♥❥ ¸¸.☆¨¯`♥❥❥

 Ganapuja Webcast Practice February 9 at 17.00
ganapuja webcast february 9
Dear Vajra Family,

We are happy to announce the next Ganapuja Full Moon webcast practice from Merigar West (Italy) on February 9th at 17:00h (GMT+1)

We will do Medium Ganapuja with Namkha authentication.

Link: http://webcast.dzogchen.net/ 

We hope you can follow the practice. Let’s join our energies for the benefit of our planet & all sentient beings.

With Love,

Practicing Together Team


Wisdom Witout Borders
1.2. AMITABHA FOUNDATION lead by H.E. Ayang Rinpoche
Dear Tara Tulku Drimed,   The annual Guru Dragpo Drubchoe at Ayang Rinpoche’s monastery in Bylakuppe, India, begins February 16 and continues through February 22, 2020.    https://ci5.googleusercontent.com/proxy/n8Dzmado04hLhCvoQUBnr_DiTh3EKgsbW8-1k-S35DnEgvrP-WM9O2E7zuDySqPh99GBUPbVs5Y9xADPBVobHpNkj2eFWzS7KCJSXsjptBJlhgsfbscttR6x1fIqoql6B1nF43llKb6c=s0-d-e1-ft#https://files.constantcontact.com/71b04a9c401/1b69fc3c-f040-44bd-9a58-e32e76e42407.jpgGuru Dragpo, the wrathful form of Guru Rinpoche, is practiced at the end of the Tibetan lunar year to dispel obstacles and purify any remaining negativities in order to usher in happiness and prosperity for the New Year (Losar), which is February 24th this year.   Make an auspicious connection by dedicating your offering in the name of a loved one. Make offerings here or by sending them directly to the monastery. Names for dedication must be sent to info@amitabhafoundation.us by February 20 at 5 pm (Pacific Time) to be included on the prayer list.   May all beings benefit!   Becky Loy for Chöje Ayang Rinpoche and the Amitabha Foundation USA

Becky Loy, Treasurer Amitabha Foundation P.O. Box 2572 Aptos, California 95001

2. Compassion as the way of ♥❥❥

Mrs. Mateja Šetinc , chief editor of the program »Duhovni utrip« /Spiritual interlude  invited us  for the interview for Rtv Slovenija . Interview was conducted by Mrs. Simona Gorše Padjen on February 4th 2020.  Interview summary will be presented in  one of »Duhovni utrip« Spiritual interlude in February .

Gospa Mateja Šetinc, odgovorna  urednica oddaje  Duhovni utrip na Rtv Slovenija me je povabila k intervjuju , ki ga je vodila gospa  Simona Gorše Padjen 4. februarja 2020. Povzetek intervjuja bo objavljen v eni od naslednjih oddaj Duhovni utrip v februarju .


Simona Gorše Padjen :

  • Katerim temam in sporočilom ste se v minulem delu posvetili v sklopu vaše mednarodne publicistične dejavnosti Heritage of Mankind?

What topics and messages have you covered in the past as part of your international Heritage of Mankind publicity work ?

Alenka Bone’ – Njena Eminenca Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche :

V Heritage of Mankind /Zapuščina človeštva se redno posvečamo  promoviranju zdravega načina življenja , etičnega življenja  , ki temelji na budistični etiki .V Buddha Dharmi imamo program Celostne medicine , katere osnova je veganska prehrana . Sama se vegansko prehranjujem že 12 let , vsa leta sem aktivna v svetovnem veganskem gibanju , ki vključuje tudi aktiviste za zaščito pravic živali . Vegansko gibanje je  največje  socialno  gibanje v 21. stoletju : vsako leto milijoni ljudi prenehajo jesti živalsko hrano , to je meso , ribe , mlečne izdelke in  jajca . Vegansko prehrano dandanes podpirajo tudi zelo znane osebnosti kot so igralci Jane Fonda, Joaquin Phoenix , Leonardo di Caprio; veliko športnikov je prav tako veganov, med njimi teniški igralec Novak Džoković; ustanovitelj SkyWay inovativne tehnologije dr. Anatoliy Yunitskiy je ob lanskoletnih požigih v amazonskih pragozdovih v Braziliji zapisal : My food is grown, not born /Moja hrana raste, se ne rojeva …

At Heritage of Mankind / The Heritage  of Humanity, we regularly focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle, an ethical lifestyle based on Buddhist ethics. I’ve been eating vegan myself for 12 years, I’ve been active in the global vegan movement for years, including animal rights activists. The vegan movement is the largest social movement in the 21st century: every year millions of people stop eating animal foods, ie meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. Nowadays, vegan diet is also supported by well-known personalities such as actors Jane Fonda, Joaquin Phoenix, Leonardo di Caprio; many athletes are also vegans, including tennis player Novak Djokovic; SkyWay founder of innovative technology dr. Anatoliy Yunitskiy wrote last year in arson in the Amazon rainforests in Brazil: My food is grown, not born / My food is growing, not being born …

Tudi Združeni narodi pozivajo k prehodu na rastlinsko hrano /plant-based food .

»Globalni premik k veganski prehrani je bistven za reševanje sveta pred najhujšimi vplivi podnebnih sprememb.«


The United Nations is also calling for a transition to plant-based food.

“The global shift to a vegan diet is essential to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change.”

  • V kakšnem smislu je za vas pomembna veganska prehrana?

  • • In what sense is the vegan diet important to you?

Veliko ljudi preneha jesti živalsko hrano zaradi etičnih razlogov , drugi zaradi zdravstvenih razlogov , tretji zaradi  ekologije , nekateri zaradi duhovnega ali osebnostnega razvoja . Vsak prvi mesec v letu je posvečen veganstvu in se sedaj imenuje »Veganuary ». Ljudje si zapišejo novoletne zaobljube , zato ravno v mesecu januarju vsako leto veliko ljudi postane veganov . Na svetu je več kot 600 milijonov budistov , veliko od nas je vegetarijancev  in veganov .

Mnogi budistični sveti spisi, med njimi Sutre Mahayana budizma , učijo o tem , da budisti ne smemo jesti živalske hrane . V budističnih rodovih imamo veliko svetnikov, ki so za časa svojega življenja  aktivno promovirali vegansko prehrano: med njimi Shabkar Lama. Nyala Pema Dudul je leta 1872 v vzhodnem Tibetu uresničil Telo luči , bil je vegan . V času svojih meditacij o Bodhisattvi sočutja  Avalokitešvari je imel vizijo, kaj se zgodi z ljudmi, ki jedo živalsko hrano , kakšno trpljenje doživljajo po smrti in kje se ponovno rodijo …


Many people stop eating animal food for ethical reasons, others for health reasons, others for ecology reasons, some for spiritual or personal development. Every first month of the year is dedicated to veganism and is now called “Veganuary”. People make New Year’s vows, which is why in January every year many people become vegans. There are more than 600 million Buddhists in the world, many of us vegetarians and vegans.

Many Buddhist scriptures, including the Sutras of Mahayana Buddhism, teach that Buddhists should not eat animal food. There are many saints in Buddhist lineages who have actively promoted a vegan diet throughout their lives: among them the Shabkar Lama. Nyala Pema Dudul realized the Body of Light in Eastern Tibet in 1872, he was a vegan. During his meditations on the Bodhisattva of compassion, Avalokiteshvara had a vision of what happens to people who eat animal foods, what suffering they experience after death, and where they are born again …

To sveto besedilo smo objavili v Zapuščini človeštva . Imenuje se : Mavrično telo Dzogchen mojstra : Pesem z nasvetom : prenehaj jesti meso .


Velik navdih za vegansko gibanje v budizmu je prav tako Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche , ki je bil vegan od svojega 45. leta do 103 leta !

A great inspiration for the vegan movement in Buddhism is also Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche, who was vegan from the age of 45 to 103!

Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche saved lives of millions of animals

Njegova Svetost 14. Dalai lama ter Gyalwa Karmapa sta prav tako velika podpornika vegetarijanskega in veganskega gibanja . Že pred desetletjem sta v svojih samostanih in budističnih centrih po svetu prepovedala meso !

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Gyalwa Karmapa are also great supporters of the vegetarian and vegan movement. A decade ago, meat was banned in their monasteries and Buddhist centers around the world!

  • Kaj vse bi lahko ljudje spremenili, prinesli svetu in sebi s prehodom na vegansko hrano?

  • • What could people change, bring to the world and themselves by switching to vegan food?
Vegan – ker sem sprememba, ki jo želim videti na svetu

Vsa leta je veliko govora o miru na svetu , o sočutju in ljubezni .  Zelo poučna stara kitajska zgodba ima naslov : Sočutje se začne pri večerji … Vsak naj začne pri sebi : spremeni naj svoje slabe navade , ki mu povzročajo nezadovoljstvo , notranji nemir , strah , bolezni . Jedenje živalske hrane je zelo slaba karma , zelo slaba energija . Vegani vidimo meso kot to, kar je  : trupla umorjenih živali! »Meat is murder » – meso je umor !

Throughout the years, there has been much talk of peace in the world, of compassion and love. A very instructive old Chinese story is entitled: Compassion Starts at Dinner… Everyone should start with themselves: change their bad habits that cause dissatisfaction, internal restlessness, fear, illness. Eating animal food is very bad karma, very bad energy. Vegans see meat as what it is: carcasses of murdered animals! Meat is murder !

       Planetu zemlja najbolj pomaga veganska permakultura , kjer vsakdo vzgaja svojo hrano na ekološki način . Velike korporacije so že spoznale tržišče in velike prihodke, ki jih prinaša veganski način prehranjevanja . Ljudje bodo kupovali to, kar jim ponujajo mediji in reklame :  po 2. svetovni vojni  sta se s podporo politike začeli širiti živinoreja ter  mlekarska industrija, ki še vedno na veliko uničujeta okolje. Vendar se v 21. stoletju svet spreminja na bolje : sedaj je moderna veganska prehrana , nastajajo različne veganske blagovne znamke . Vse več je veganskih restavracij . Celo banke kot so JP Morgan na veliko investirajo v vegansko hrano : kalifornijska blagovna znamka »Beyond meat« je lani poleti s pomočjo banke JP Morgan dosegla najboljši vstop na borzo in dosegla več kot 500 % dobiček , najboljši vstop katerekoli korporacije po letu 2008 . Kdo torej pravi , da je vegansko gibanje samo za outsiderje ?! Vegansko gibanje je sedaj v ospredju , t.i, »main stream« !

Planet Earth is most assisted by vegan permaculture, where everyone grows their food in an organic way. Big corporations have already come to know about the market and the huge revenue that comes from vegan eating. People will buy what the media and commercials offer them: after World War II, with the support of politics, the livestock and dairy industries began to spread, still devastating the environment. However, in the 21st century, the world is changing for the better: it is now a modern vegan diet, and various vegan brands are emerging. There are more and more vegan restaurants. Even banks like JP Morgan are heavily investing in vegan food: California-based Beyond Meat last summer, with the help of JP Morgan, gained the best entry on the stock market and achieved more than 500% profit, the best entry of any corporation since 2008. So who says the vegan movement is only for outsiders ?! The vegan movement is now in the forefront, i.e., the “main stream”!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AYOViszK_A  Vegan documentary 2019

  • Zakaj je pomembno, da se ljudje zavemo, kako pomembno je spoštovanje vsakega življenja, tudi rastlin in živali?

  • • Why is it important for people to realize the importance of respecting every life, including plants and animals? 

Za osebnostni razvoj je treba tudi veliko  truda, vsakodnevnega izobraževanja in ozaveščanja . Veseli me, da tudi  RTV Slovenija pripomore k ozaveščanju ljudi ….

  • Za osebnostni in duhovni razvoj je potrebno najprej samo-spoštovanje . Vsa verstva poznamo izrek : Ne delaj drugemu to, kar ne želiš, da drugi storijo tebi . Jedenje živalske hrane je posledica nasilja nad živalmi, ki so čuteča bitja oz . »sentient beings« . Veliko držav je že spremenilo svojo zakonodajo in prepoznalo živali kot čuteča bitja . Tudi v Sloveniji si prizadevamo za to . Planet zemlja ne pripada samo  več kot 7,2 milijardam ljudi , ampak tudi stotinam milijardam živali . Verstva sveta in duhovna gibanja bi morala storiti veliko več za zaščito živali . Budisti smo odločno proti žrtvovanju živali v nekaterih verskih obredih,
  • To vidimo kot barbarsko dejanje ! V 21. stoletju se razvija duhovnost , ki povezuje ljudi zaradi načina veganskega prehranjevanja .  

Personal development also requires a great deal of effort, daily education and awareness. I am glad that RTV Slovenia also helps to raise awareness of people…. • Self-esteem is needed first for personal and spiritual development. We all know the saying: Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you. Eating animal food is the result of violence against animals that are sentient beings. Sentient beings. Many countries have already changed their legislation and recognized animals as sentient beings. We are striving for this in Slovenia as well. Planet Earth belongs not only to over 7.2 billion people, but also to hundreds of billions of animals. The religions of the world and spiritual movements should do much more to protect animals. We Buddhists are firmly against the sacrifice of animals in some religious rituals, • We see this as a barbaric act! In the 21st century, a spirituality develops that connects people to the vegan diet.

  • Vi ste tudi strokovnjak za holistično medicino in ajurvedo: kako je z zdravstvenega vidika, z vidika zdrave in uravnotežene prehrane, veganski način prehranjevanja primeren in zdrav za človeško telo?

• You are also an expert in holistic medicine and Ayurveda: How is a vegan diet appropriate and healthy for the human body from a health, healthy and balanced diet?

Rastlinska prehrana podpira zdravje in krepi energijo, posebno presna hrana , ki je organsko vzgojena .

V našem programu Celostne medicine vključujem Tradicionalno kitajsko medicino ali TCM , Ayurvedo , meditacije , Tai Chi , Chi Kung … Začnemo vedno s spremembno načina prehranjevanja . Naj bo hrana tvoje zdravilo, je dejal že Hipocrates . Naše telo je sestavljeno iz 75% vode, zato je zelo pomembno, kakšno vodo pijemo . Naše telo lahko sčasoma, ko očistimo svojo energijo, postane čisto in sijoče kot kristal .

The plant-based diet supports health and boosts energy, especially fresh foods that are organically grown.

In our Comprehensive Medicine program, I include Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, Ayurveda, Meditations, Tai Chi, Chi Kung… We always start with a change in diet. Make food your medicine, Hipocrates said. Our body is made up of 75% water, so it is very important what kind of water we drink. Our body can become pure and shiny like crystal over time as we purify our energy.

       Nasprotno pa jedenje živalske hrane povzroča številne bolezni : predvsem bolezni srca in ožilja , tudi dementnost pri starejših ljudeh in podobne zdravstvene težave . Meso ubitih živali vsebuje veliko stresnih hormonov , strupov, antibiotikov , rastnih  hormonov  in virusov . Neodvisne raziskave kažejo na to, da virusi, ki se sedaj razširjajo, kot so virus Sars in Corona virus, izhajajo iz trupel umorjenih živali, iz mesa. Res je čudno, da dandanes sploh še kdo je meso ! Tudi stari tibetanski astrološki spisi govorijo o tem, da bo v državah, kjer ljudje jedo meso, veliko virusov in posledično bolezni …

In contrast, eating animal food causes many diseases: mainly cardiovascular diseases, dementia in the elderly, and similar health problems. The meat of killed animals contains many stress hormones, poisons, antibiotics, growth hormones and viruses. Independent research suggests that the viruses that are now spreading, such as the Sars virus and the Corona virus, come from the carcasses of murdered animals, from meat. It’s really weird that nowadays anyone else is meat! Even the old Tibetan astrological writings say that in countries where people eat meat, there will be many viruses and, consequently, diseases…

Jedenje živalske hrane vpliva na zmanjšanje človekove življenske energije , ki se po spoznanjih TCM nahaja v nadledvičnih žlezah . Tako se začne krog negativnih čustev : strah , ki izhaja iz slabega delovanja ledvic in nadledvičnih žlez ; strah povzroča pri ljudeh , ki jedo meso, nasilje in vznemirjenost . Jeza in nasilje sta zelo negativni čustvi, povezani sta s slabim delovanjem jeter  Taoistični mojster Mantak Chia ima glede tega zelo nazorne video posnetke .

Eating animal foods has the effect of reducing the human vital energy found in the adrenal glands by TCM. Thus begins a cycle of negative emotions: fear arising from the poor functioning of the kidneys and adrenal glands; fear causes in people who eat meat, violence and agitation. Anger and violence are very negative emotions, and they are related to poor liver function.

Če torej ne jemo mesa, imamo boljše delovanje ledvic , večjo življensko energijo , manj jeze in nasilja . Imamo večji notranji mir , boljšo koncentracijo in bolj kvaliteten  način življenja .

Kvalitetna veganska prehrana ni draga , vsakdo si lahko privošči  smoothie , poganjke semen , posebno sončnična semena , himalajsko sol, naravi magnezij Nigari , koncentrate zdravilnih  zelišč kot so ashvaganda , gotu kola /Centella asiatica , Jiaogulan , Ginko biloba . Moringa in druge .   Še bolje je , če sami gojimo svoja zdravilna zelišča in jih uporabljamo sveža .

So if we don’t eat meat, we have better kidney function, more energy, less anger and violence. We have greater inner peace, better concentration and a better quality of life. A quality vegan diet is not expensive, everyone can afford smoothies, seed shoots, especially sunflower seeds, Himalayan salt, Nigari magnesium, medicinal herbs such as ashvaganda, gotu kola / Centella asiatica, Jiaogulan, Ginko biloba. Moringa and others. It is even better to grow our own medicinal herbs and use them fresh.

  • Kaj vam osebno pomeni vaša duhovna pot?
  • • What does your spiritual path mean to you personally ? 

Moja duhovna pot je budistična , posebno v rodu Ati yoge ali Dzogchena .

Visual Dharma : Three testament of Grarab Dorje

Cenim čustveno svobodo , naravo , mir , čiste elemente kot so čist zrak, čista voda , čista zemlja …Zato si mora vsakdo od nas prizadevati za čistejše okolje , naslednji rodovi nam bodo za to hvaležni .

I value emotional freedom, nature, peace, pure elements such as clean air, clean water, clean earth… Therefore, each of us must strive for a cleaner environment, the following generations will be grateful to us for that. We also have some lucky vegan jokes illustrated in the pictures:

Preskočimo 100 let  v prihodnost : učitelj pove dijakom : Veste, bili so časi, ko je bilo življenje tako barbarsko, da so ljudje jedli živali !

Pozdrav dveh rdečih pes : Two red beet greetings :

“Ti si moj srčni utrip .”

Oče pravi sinu : Sin, nikoli ne debatiraj z veganom ali z žensko, ne boš nikoli zmagal !

Vsak, ki želi izboljšati kvaliteto svojega življenja, se lahko obrne na naš program Celostne medicine . Nudimo kvalitetno svetovanje in mentorstvo .

Če želite poudariti še kakšen vidik o pomenu veganske prehrane, ste seveda dobrodošli, da ga delite z nami in našimi gledalci.

Zelo sem optimistična glede prihodnosti veganskega gibanja . Planet lahko rešimo s pravilnim načinom pridelave hrane , kot je zelo napredna  pridelava hrane v t.i, vertikalnem kmetovanju . Takšna pridelava hrane je veliko bolj kvalitetna , je organska, ne porabi toliko vode kot konvencionalno kmetovanje na vrtovih in poljih .

Plenty korporacija iz San Franciska je najnaprednejša  na področju vertikalnega kmetovanja . Takšne inovativne projekte bi morali imeti tudi v Sloveniji ! http://www.the30f.com/vertical-farming-plenty-receives-200-million-investment-from-tech-giants-tomonews/

Anyone who wants to improve their quality of life can apply to our Integrated Medicine program. We offer quality consulting and mentoring.

If you want to highlight another aspect of the importance of a vegan diet, you are of course welcome to share it with us and our viewers.

I am very optimistic about the future of the vegan movement. The planet can be saved by the correct way of food production, such as very advanced food production in so-called vertical farming. Such food production is much better quality, is organic, does not consume as much water as conventional farming in gardens and fields. Plenty Corporation of San Francisco is the most advanced in the field of vertical farming. You should have such innovative projects in Slovenia as well!http://www.the30f.com/vertical-farming-plenty-receives-200-million-investment-from-tech-giants-tomonews/

Prav tako smo lahko optimistični glede razvoja Evropske unije z novo , ekološko ozaveščeno komisarko . Všeč nam je  njena nedavna predstavitev na Svetovnem ekonomskem forumu  v Davosu . Poudarja #EUGreenDeal . Ministrtvo za kmetijstvo naj preneha sofinancirati mesno in mlekarsko industrijo . Bodite napredni , progresivni : podprite #EUGreenDeal tudi v Sloveniji : vertikalno kmetijstvo po zgledu podjetja Plenty in mnogih drugi. Kvalitetno hrano lahko pridelamo v Sloveniji , postati moramo samo-oskrbni . To je tudi cilj programa Združenih narodov , ki se imenuje Trajnostni razvoj (Sustainable development) .

We can also be optimistic about the development of the European Union with a new, environmentally conscious Commissioner. We love her recent presentation at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Emphasizes #EUGreenDeal. The Ministry of Agriculture should stop co-financing the meat and dairy industries. Be progressive, progressive: support #EUGreenDeal in Slovenia as well: vertical farming, modeled on Plenty and many others. We can produce quality food in Slovenia, we must become self-sufficient. This is also the goal of a United Nations program called Sustainable development.

Izbrana biblilografija /Selected bibliography :

Heritage of mankind /Zapuščina človeštva :

206 objav , bralci iz 135 držav …

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The White Pacifying Tara: She protects from general decline in the world and beings, adversity, attack from both physical and immaterial beings, all sickness, evil influence, curses, black magic, strife, and conceptual thinking.

The Red Tara who Protects Against Harm from Water: She protects from all harm from water in the outside world, including flooding, shipwreck, polluted drinking water, and drowning, as well as sickness and evil influence caused by the negative emotion desire.

The Yellow Tara of Enrichment: She increases all kinds of prosperity and wealth in the world, as well as intelligence and eloquence.

The Black Subjugating Tara: She protects against all kinds of black magic, curses, spells, epidemics, and all evil forces, material as well as immaterial.

The Blue Tara, a buddha of protection, or Ekajati, is associated with the transmutation of anger. A Protector expressing ferocious, wrathful, female energy who destroys all learning obstacles producing good luck and swift spiritual awakening. She removes fear of enemies, spreading joy and good fortune. She also removes personal blockages on our path to spiritual awakening.

The Green Tara is associated with enlightened activity and abundance and source of the other twenty emanations.

source text; rywiki.tsadra.org/index.php/The_Twenty-one_Taras
source pictures; Pinterest 1) buddhabe.tumblr.com 2+5) Insightstate 3) lol8.blogspot.com 6) br.chagdud.org 7) the arts 8) chronicleproject.com
source prayers; Chorten Gompa, Gangtok

  •  / ♥\_NAMO AMITABHA ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ། 南无阿弥陀佛
    Boné, Alenka  Overview Works: Roles: Editor, Translator, Director, Scenarist, Author of introduction, Other, Author Classifications:
    BL65.P4, 291.17873

Boné, Alenka [WorldCat Identities]

_/♥\_OM AH HUM VAJRA GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUM _/♥\_ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔ ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔ ཨོཾ་ཨྰཿཧྰུྃབཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧྰུྃ༔ ▒▒ PΞДCΞ ▒▒ ❤ WISD☼M ▒▒ (ツ) ☼ Dear all : Visit and SUBSCRIBE 1,511,144 views , 3,339 subscribers BUDDHA DHARMA-OBF INTERNATIONAL http://www.youtube.com/user/openbuddhistforum


🐬 🐬 Secret Archeology of the river Stone 🍀 💥 ✍️

                            Summer Essay

                          at the river Drava
                   / ♥\_NAMO AMITABHA

                     ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ། 南无阿弥陀佛

Its hot summer in August 2019 ; in Tibetan and Chinese lunar calendar its Earth Pig year . Its no wonder that in Earth years we are interested in Earth element: how to balance it, how to make it stable. Its South part of the mandala: the reign of Ratnasambhava Buddha. Ratna means Jewel. All earth element with precious and semi-precious stones, gems, rock crystals belong to Ratnasambhava Buddha of golden light.
The river is flowing peacefully and diligently …Who knows which secrets are hidden in it ?!
Just one day after Chokor Duchen Dharmachakra day – when Lord Buddha taught the Four noble Truths at Sarnath (August 4) I am on my way to my special places at the river . Sitting in the cooling river I recite Hundred-syllable mantra of Buddha Vajrasattva eleven times , visualising all waters on the planet Earth to be blessed with Vajrasattva Buddha .

Later I also practice Long-life sadhana of Buddha Amitayus . called Union of Primordial Essences . This is hidden treasure /terma of my Guru Nyala Pema  Dudul who accomplished Rainbow body in East Tibet (1872) .

*•♫♪♫ ི♥ྀ Nyala Pema Dundul Rainbow Body *•♫♪♫ ི♥ྀ



U.P.E. sadhana is included among the collective practices of Dzogchen community . After dedication of merit I remember that its almost one year that

Chogyal Namkhai Norbu 4

Chogyal Namkhai Norbu ascended to Amitabha Buddha pure land and almost two years that

/♥\ NAMO AMITABHA ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ། 南无阿弥陀佛 Mangala Konchok Norbu

vajra brother Mangala Konchok Borbu ascended to Sukhavati pure land of Buddha Amitabha .
I am going slowly down the river , because the stones in the river are very slippery. At the river bank where the water is more peaceful and slowly flowing I stand and observe the stones of black and green colors …and I pick up special stone ..began observing it from all sides .It looks like yin*yang stone , isn*t it ? I contemplate the symbolism of this special stone all evening at home . I began searching on internet about ancient yin*yang stones . This leads me to Celtic symbolism . And here it is :

Now compare : this special stone is an ancient Celtic archeology dating back ca 2100 years ! Its master piece of Art . One can hold it in the right hand and it fits perfectly into the palm . Its like stone of wisdom : with twop fishes : yin*yang . Probably it belonged to a Celtic priest .
Isn*t it strange or remarkable that Celts had the same symbol of tow fishes or yin*yang , the same symbol is found among Eight auspicious signs (Skt . Asta mangala) of Buddhism : Two gold fishes . They represent liberation from samsara . I have two gold fishes swimming peacefully in the vessel at home . They are called Tashi & Padma .
May all be liberated from samsara and safely always dwell in Sukhavati pure land of Buddha Amitabha : Infinite Light & Life . Homage to Buddha Amitabha .
Selected reading :
1. Carl Gustav Jung : Man and his symbols
2. Mipham Rinpoche : Mo divination
3. Chogyal Namkhaui Norbu : Crystal and the way of light

4. Michael Tellinger : Hidden Origins, Fossils of Giants and the Shift in Consciousness NEW LECTURE

Definitely one of the best lectures well documented by Michael Tellinger : time, space , sound & light Knowledge …This lecture is true encyclopedia of Knowledge !
From this photo of balanced Torus with a Disc we can understand the Anutarayoga instruction about visualization of sacred seed syllable on the Sun disc …

About the Author :
• Boné, Alenka Overview Works: 20 works in 22 publications in 2 languages and 79 library holdings
Roles: Editor, Translator, Director, Scenarist, Author of introduction, Other, Author Classifications:
BL65.P4, 291.17873
• Boné, Alenka [WorldCat Identities]
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Visual Dharma Art by Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar

  1. Alive Dharma teaching at the HERITAGE OF MANKIND

……………)…… …………..(.)….. …………|***.|…a Candle …………|***.|…spreading …………|***.|…the light of …………|***.|…HOPE …………|***:|…FAITH …………|***.|…LOVE ………_/.*.i…BLESSING • 3,737 subscribers 1,581,986 views • https://www.youtube.com/user/openbudd… ๑۩۞۩๑ ཨ ཨ ཨ ๑۩۞۩๑ VISUAL CONTENT ๑۩۞۩๑ ཨ ཨ ཨ ๑۩۞۩๑ honor dateMar 2014 honor issuer: The LinkedIn Team honor description: Dear TARA TULKU, Thanks for being a LinkedIn member! We’re impressed by the visual content you’ve uploaded to your LinkedIn profile, and would love to highlight your profile to inspire other members of the LinkedIn community. We often have the chance to feature member profiles in the press, on our site, or in our social media channels. Are you interested in these opportunities? If so, please share your story with us! Share Your Story Best, The LinkedIn Team https://www.linkedin.com/in/taratulku… ๑۩۞۩๑ (ツ) ☼ ๑۩۞۩ welcome to connect on LinkedIn Founder & CEO at BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF INTERNATIONAL & SkyWay Capital Leader BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 6019 followers https://buddhadharmaobfinternational…. ❁‿↗⁀◎⊙ღ๑۩۞۩๑ღ⊙◎‿↗⁀❁ HERITAGE OF MANKIND : follow this blog, along with 6,197 other amazing people 53.788 visitors from 124 countries , 197 posts 149,092views ; 3,638comments ๑۩۞۩๑ (ツ) ☼ ๑۩۞۩๑

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Visual Dharma Art by Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar


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buddha land

                            198 Alive Dharma teaching at the Heritage of mankind  

Dear Readers at the Treasure of pure Buddhist Dharma , welcome to get insights into your Buddha nature by contemplating Liberation and Enlightenment. Every year at the special Saga Dawa month we Buddhists around the world celebrate Shakyamuni Buddha enlightenment and parinirvana . We have Visual Dharma  about this : ♥.•*¨`*♫ BUDDHA*S ENLIGHTENMENT


  1.                International Institute for contemporary Buddhist studies

Buddhist teaching is not a »talk show« to entertain you because you would not anything better to do . It salso not kind of »depressive suffering discourse« . Buddhist Dharma is the Parth of Liberation and enlightenment: on every special Buddhist day in lunar calendar, we must dedicate ourselves  more earnestly to the Dharma practice in daily life . We must become one with the Dharma! How to achieve this, you may ask ?! Well, there are 84.000 Dharma Doors. Today I share with you one of the most effective methods of Dharma practice in daily life :

  • Anapanasatti : connect yourself more consciously with your breathing . We breath all the time . If we don*t breat, we are dead . Most of the time our breathing is automatic, kind of autopilot – and we are not aware how we breath . Shakyamuni Buddha taught Anapanasatti method : to be aware of ones breathing  – as essential  Dharma practice or meditation . Anapanasatti is widely practiced in Hinayana  Buddhist tradition . 
  • Guru Garab Dorje was emanation of Shakyamuni Buddha : as Vajrayana and Ati yoga Dzogchen Buddhist practitioners we must connect recitation of mantras  with breathing . Thus the mantra become more powerful , very effective and correct  practice .  Late Dzogchen master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche  put great importance  on the breathing connected with mantra recitation or singing of mantras , either aloud or silently under breath . Yantra yoga teaches us  correct breathing  to purifgy our energy or prana (Tib. Lung) .  For example :  we can breath in first part of Guru Drakpur mantra and exhale with the second  part of Guru Drakpur mantra. To practice this successfully  we must learn whole body breathing  first : untrained practitioners mostly breath very shallow  with only upper part of the lungs . When we practice whole body breathing  correctly , we feel like a precious Vase filled with Light . Imagine that your body is like a blue glass Vase filled with Lights  in all your five chakras . These five chakras represent Five Dhyani Buddhas  and sacred syllables : OM AH HUM SVA HA .
  • We are now still in the Earth pig year (2019) . Lets contemplate Navel and Root chakras which connect us with the Earth . People are becomming disconnected with mother Earth because of too much addiction to smart phones , laptops and other gadgets. Navel and Root chakra  help us not to become » digitalized « …Walk with bare foot on the earth , on the grass , to connect yourself with the magnetic field of Earth . One can also learn »Tiger breathing«  connected with lower chakras and »Tiger sound« as taught by contemporary Taoist master Mantak Chia . This is to say : you must be grounded .
  • bloggif_52923d22a741d
  • Shakyamuni Buddha meditated under the Bodhi tree (Lat. Ficus religiosa) and accomplished enlightenment . Why did He not sit in the air  or somewhere floating in space ?! The Enlightened One was and is grounded . Bodhi tree and every huge tree  has deep roots in the ground . When we sit at the tree trunk , our spine is connected to the tree trunk and to its roots . We are grounded .  Before The Buddha accomplished enlightenment  He was tested  by mara of conflicting emotions  : attachment and aversion based on ignorance (Tib. Marigpa)  or unawareness . Enlightened One finished all conflicting emotions  with His ground touching mudra  . He said : Earth is my witness !«  Since we follow  on the Footsteps of the enlightened One, earth is our witness too . We are grounded, not outspaced . We came to this world  to accomplish enlightenment  and liberation from samsara or cyclic existence . Ground or Earth element is golden  light . Roofs of many Buddhist temples and pagodas  shine in golden light . Gold represent richness  of Ratnasambhava Buddha in the South part of the mandala : enriching  activities . Enlightened Mahasiddhas  of India  like Tilopa could throw  sand  to the ground and everything become golden . This is to say : our navel and rooth chakras are very important parts of our energy body . Inner Vajrayana practitioners who train in Tsa-Lung-Thigle cultivation understand this very well. So lets be grounded and not intellectual .
  • We must appreciate our precious human body – its like a vehicle or precious Blue Vase . On Ati yoga Dzogchen path we contemplate Youthful Vase Body   accomplishment .

As its said in the Tsog verse by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche II: Jigdral Yeshe Dorje :

TSOG OFFERING❤☀ by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche II.

» May we be enlightened in the primordially pure youthful Vase Body.« 


Primordially pure in Ati yoga terminology means Kadak . We can contemplate our body and energy being like a crystal  on the sun , full of light . Preliminary practices (Tib. Ngondro)  teaches us how to purify our body, speech and consciousness with Vajrasattva  practice etc . We have manyfold experiences  on the Buddhist path : our material body is 75 % water  and we can feel more and more crystaline , liquid crystall. We must remember advice of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu : most important in daily life is presence and awareness . By being more graounded we also become more present and aware . We can have high quality of life , enjoying nature and avoiding distractions (noisy crowds …) .

  • Because we are serving the Teachings of Buddhas we don*t need to please anyone . We don*t put anyone on our neck to suffocate us , we don*t need such fearful »respect« for others . We don*t depend on other people opinions about us , we are not co-dependent. We don*t expect praise from others , because we live in freedom . We are devoted to the flourishing of our innate Buddha nature (Skt. Tathagatagharba) which we contemplate with Natural Sound of Dharmata (Tib. Chonyid kyi rangdra) .
  • Mangala Konchok Norbu
  • Enlightenment is to see the Light or to be in the Light. This Light is no outer light but an Inner Light, which only through practising a certain type of meditation can we see the Light, which is th Buddha Nature which we all have inside us. So we can have enlightenment when we see this Inner Light during meditation. Inner Sound is also experienced and is part of the energy/vibration. Buddha’s full enlightenment was described as bright as a thousand suns and yet it did not hurt the eye.
  1. Buddhist religious & spiritual activities .
  2. Buddha Dharma 6 picmix

2.1. Dzogchen community webcast : Practicing together

ati yoga dzogchen 1

 NAMO AMITABHA ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ།
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dzogchen community webcast dharmachakra day june 17 2019

picmix.com_8558642 Saga Dawa 2019

3. Dedication Amitabha Buddha may all intentions be filled with blessings and dedication

  • ✿⊱╮

May the merit and virtues accrued from this work adorn the Buddha´s Pure Land,
Repaying the four kinds of kindnesses above and relieve the sufferings of those in the three paths below.May those who see and hear of this all bring forth the heart of Understanding and live the Dharma for the rest of this life. Then be born together in the Land of Infinite Bliss. Homage to Amitabha Buddha

4. Colophon :

Vajrasattva Buddha over planet


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