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ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥Liberation by remembering the Natural Sound of Dharmata

 ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥Liberation by remembering the Natural Sound of Dharmata

207th Alive Dharma teachings at the Heritage of Mankind

»I prostrate and take Refuge in Bhagavan , Tathagata , Arhat, Samyak-Sambodhi, Father, Mother, Son, and Family of the Thousand Buddhas of the Bhadra-kalpa including Vipashyin Buddha , Shikhim Buddha , Vishvabhu Buddha , Krakucchananda Buddha , Kanakamuni Buddha , Kashyapa Buddha , Shakyamuni Buddha . »

»To the Twelve Dzogchen Teachers Tathagatas I prostrate .«

»To the Tathagata Absolute Victory and Tathagata Absolute Sound I prostrate.« (1)

Its great  Dharmachakra day of Chotrul Duchen on this Full Moon in March 2020 , 2147 Buddhist year of Golden Mouse . Everything is peaceful , less traffic in the air , less traffic on roads, less people in shops …Neighboring country Italy has 16 millions of people in lock-up areas and regiosn like Lombardy with Milan as capital . Corona virus is spreading there rapidly , people in Slovenia are also concerned … When on February 4th in the interview for Slovenian national tv : Duhovni utrip /Spiritual interlude, journalists were very sceptical and disbeleiving about such predictions ; now its five weeks later , maybe they are more aware now ?!

       It might ne difficult for someone who is influenced by fearmongering of mass media to turn attention inward and contemplate innate Buddha nature (Skt . Tathagathagharba)  of Sound Light . As astrologer Bracha Goldsmith said in the youtube live stream video : » Its time to become more self-sufficient , less dependable on the system…Every crysis gives us opportunity for spiritual growth …«

  1. International Institute for Contemporary Buddhist Studies

1.1. Liberation by remembering the Natural Sound of Dharmata (Tib. Chonyid kyi Rangdra)

What do we need to be able to remember our inner, secret Sound Light ? First of all we need relaxation . In Dzogchen terms this is Trekcho or cutting through . What do we need to cut ? Our tensions . How can we do this ? We apply deep relaxed breating , whole body breathing , breathing taught in Yantra yoga . Tao master Mantak Chia also has very valuable instructions about breathing .

        If we practice silent meditation , we already have less speech disturbances , less conceptualisations , less thoughts . We can naturally become more relaxed and spacious . I encourage evryone to go outdise to nature , no company (dog is good company) . Go to the nature with flowing water like rivers, brooks , sea, ocean …As I am now observing water birds cleaning their feathers , observing how they swimm, fly around  in unison …And the river is peacefully flowing …

       Our Buddha Shakyamuni meditated at tzhe river Naranyana for six years in silence . So we can be silent for one day . Isn*t it so ? We can do it . Silence is golden .

        Natural Sound of Dharmata is connected to our energy . Late Dzogchen master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu described three modes of energy , namely Dan. Rolpa and Tsal . Beautifully explained in his Book : Crystal and the awy of light . Dan is the msot secret aspect of our energy . When we sing the Song of the Vajra we balance 258 energy points in our body . Definitely we have Vajra Body, Vajra Speech/Energy and Vajra Mind/Awareness/Heart. We only need to discover it , as Guru Garab Dorje is teaching us in Three Testaments .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK8q_pg2YmU&t=31s

To always be blessed with Natural Sound of Dharmata , our True nature , we prostrate to Twelve Dzogchen Teachers Tathagatas .

Namo Guru Bhye-Namo Dewa Bhye-Namo Dakini Bhye

1.2. Notes :

1. One Hundred Thousand Buddhas Confession : secret Teaching , the profound Dharma and self-liberation pervading space ; Ati yoga master Nyala Pema Dudul  advised everyone to recite this sacred text often and aloud .

2. Seventeen tantras of Dzochen Upadesha :

  1. Buddhist spiritual activities :
    1. ♫.• ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥¯`♥❥To the Twelve Dzogchen Teachers Tathagatas I prostrate. Chotrul Düchen, also known as Chonga Choepa or the Butter Lamp Festival, is one of the four Buddhist festivals commemorating four events in the life of the Buddha, according to Tibetan traditions.[1] Chötrul Düchen closely follows Losar, the Tibetan New Year. It takes place on the fifteenth day of the first month in the Tibetan calendar during the full moon (Bumgyur Dawa). The first fifteen days of the year celebrate the fifteen days during which the Buddha displayed miracles for his disciples so as to increase their devotion.[2] During Chötrul Düchen (“Great Day of Miraculous Manifestations”), it is believed that the effects of both positive and negative actions are multiplied ten million times.• ♫.• ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥¯`♥❥ Anniversary of Guru Garab Dorje who was manifestation of Buddha Shakyamuni .
    1. https://www.facebook.com/17TantrasAtiYoga.DzogchenUpadesha/

‿↗⁀◎⊙ღ๑۩۞۩๑ღ⊙◎‿↗⁀❁ ATI YOGA ESSENCE LINEAGE – natural Sound of Dharmata (Chonyid kyi Rangdra) :Dra Thal Gyur root tantra of Dzogchen Upadesha :PENETRATION OF SOUND & related tantras



bibliographies of researchers & Authors at the In… See More


๑۩۞۩๑ ཨ ཨ ཨ ๑۩۞۩๑
“The Mind transmission of the buddhas of three times is known as a transmission through blessings – naturally perfect blessings of all buddhas of the past and the future and of those who reside in the present. Independent of articulated words this transmission is understood and realized through the natural Sound of Dharmata.” Wellspring of the great perfection – The lives and insights of the early masters , compiled and edited by E.P. Kunsang, The Twelve Dzogchen Buddhas , An excerpt from the great history of the Heart Essence , part One belonging to the instruction section Cycle of the Heart Essence of Vimalamitra , pg 119. Rangjung Yeshe Publications.

This lineage : Chönyid kyi rangdra or Natural Sound of Dharmata has origin in Dra Thal Gyur root tantra of Dzogchen Upadesha . Master Vimalamitra is the only one who wrote commentary on Dra Thal Gyur tantra or Reverberation of Sound .Vimalamitras commentary is preserved at Khatok monastery in East Tibet . REVERBERATION OF SOUND is the root of all Buddhist Dharma . Reverberation of Sound (Dra Thal Gyur) is connected to 16 other Dzogchen Upadesha tantras . We need to see this display diametrical as a cicle , not horizontal . DRA THAL GYUR tantra in the centre and names of 16 other Upadesha tantras around .

The seventeen tantras, though not traditionally classified as a treasure (Wylie: gter ma), nonetheless share in the treasure tradition. They are associated with sacred literature first transmitted in the human realm by the quasi-historical Garab Dorje (Fl. 55 CE) and passed according to tradition along with other tantras through various lineages of transmission by way of important Dzogchen figures such as Mañjuśrīmitra, Shri Singha, Padmasambhava, Jnanasutra and Vimalamitra.

Kunsang (2006) holds that Shri Singha brought the Secret Mantra teachings from beneath the Vajra Throne (Wylie: rdo rje gdan)[1] of Bodhgaya to the ‘Tree of Enlightenment in China’ (Wylie: rgya nag po’i byang chub shing),[2] where he concealed them in a pillar of the ‘Auspicious Ten Thousand Gates Temple’ (Wylie: bkra shis khri sgo[3]).[4] Shri Singha conferred the Eighteen Dzogchen Tantras (Tibetan: rdzogs chen rgyud bco brgyad)[5] upon Padmasambhava.[6] The eighteen are The Penetrating Sound Tantra (Tibetan: sgra thal ‘gyur),[7] to which was appended the Seventeen Tantras of Innermost Luminosity (Tibetan: yang gsang ‘od gsal gyi rgyud bcu bdun).[8] It should be mentioned here that the Dharma Fellowship (2009) drawing on the work of Lalou (1890–1967) holds the ‘Five Peaked Mountain’ of “the Land of Cina” (where Cina isn’t China but a term for the textile cashmere) the Five Peaked Mountain which Kunsang and others have attributed to Mount Wutai in China is instead a mountain near the Kinnaur Valley associated with the historical Suvarnadwipa (Sanskrit) nation also known as ‘Zhang-zhung’ in the Zhang-zhung language and the Tibetan language.[9]

The Seventeen Tantras are amongst the texts known as the ‘Supreme Secret Cycle’ the Fourth Cycle[10] and the most sacred tantras in the Nyingma Dzogchen tradition and the Dharma Fellowship (2009) provide a different historical location than Mount Wutai China for the location of concealment which is identified as near the Kinnaur Valley within the Kinnaur District:

It is explained that Sri Simha divided the Pith Instruction into four sub-sections, and these are known as the Exoteric Cycle, the Esoteric Cycle, the Secret Cycle, and the Supreme Secret Cycle. Before his own death he deposited copies of the first three cycles in a rock cut crypt beneath the Bodhivriksha Temple of Sugnam (Sokyam) in the land of Cina. The texts of the Supreme Secret Cycle, however, he hid separately within the pillar of the “Gate of a Myriad Blessings”.[11]

It is with Vimalamitra (fl. 8th century) that this collection of ‘Seventeen Tantras, which are but a portion of Garab’s revelation may have first been given their specific enumeration and nomenclature as it was Vimalamitra’s disciple, Nyangban Tingzin Zangpo, who concealed the Seventeen Tantra subsequent to Vimalamitra’s journey to China, particularly Mount Wutai, for later discovery by Neten Dangma Lhungyal in the Eleventh Century that they enter history in their current evocation, as Gyatso (1998: pp. 153–154) relates thus:

“By the eleventh century, both Bonpos and Buddhists were presenting texts they claimed to have unearthed from the place where those texts had been hidden in the past. Among the earliest Buddhist materials so characterized were the esoteric Nyingtig, or “Heart Sphere”, teachings, including the seventeen Atiyoga tantras, which were associated with Vimalamitra, an Indian Great Perfection master invited to Tibet, according to some accounts, by Trisong Detsen in the eighth century. Vimalamitra’s Tibetan student, Nyangban Tingzin Zangpo, was said to have concealed these teachings after the master went to China. The discoverer was Neten Dangma Lhungyal (eleventh century), who proceeded to transmit these teachings to Chetsun Senge Wangchuk, one of the first accomplished Tibetan Buddhist yogins, and to others. The Nyingtig materials were at the heart of the Great Perfection Buddhism and had considerable influence upon Jigme Lingpa, who labelled his own Treasure with the same term.”[12]

The Vima Nyingtik itself consists of ‘tantras’ (rgyud), ‘agamas’ (lung), and ‘upadeshas’ (man ngag), and the tantras in this context are the Seventeen Tantras.[13]
[edit] Enumeration of the Seventeen Tantras

Though they are most often referred to as the Seventeen Tantras, other designations are as Eighteen Tantras when the ‘Ngagsung Tromay Tantra’ (Wylie: sngags srung khro ma’i rgyud[14]) (otherwise known as the ‘Ekajaṭĭ Khros Ma’i rGyud’ and to do with the protective rites of Ekajati) is appended to the seventeen by Shri Singha;[15] and Nineteen Tantras with Padmakara’s annexure of the ‘Longsel Barwey Tantra’ (Wylie: klong gsal bar ba’i rgyud[16]) (Tantra of the Blazing Space of Luminosity).[17] Samantabhadri is associated with the Longsel Barwey and its full name is ‘Samantabhadri’s Tantra of the Blazing Sun of the Brilliant Expanse’ (Wylie: kun tu bzang mo klong gsal ‘bar ma nyi ma’i rgyud).[18]

According to the seventeen-fold classification, in no particular order, they are as follows:

1. ‘Self-existing Perfection’ (Tibetan: རྫོགས་པ་རང་བྱུང; Wylie: rdzogs pa rang byung)
2. ‘Without Letters’ (Tibetan: ཡི་གེ་མེད་པ; Wylie: yi ge med pa)
3. ‘Self-arising Primordial Awareness’ (Tibetan: རིག་པ་རང་ཤར; Wylie: rig pa rang shar)
4. ‘Self-liberated Primordial Awareness’ (Tibetan: རིག་པ་རང་གྲོལ; Wylie: rig pa rang grol)
5. ‘Piled Gems’ (Tibetan: རིན་པོ་ཆེ་སྤུང་བ; Wylie: rin po che spung ba)
6. ‘Shining Relics of Enlightened Body’ (Tibetan: སྐུ་གདུང་འབར་བ; Wylie: sku gdung ‘bar ba)
7. ‘Reverberation of Sound’ (Tibetan: སྒྲ་ཐལ་འགྱུར; Wylie: sgra thal ‘gyur)
8. ‘Great Auspicious Beauty’ (Tibetan: བཀྲ་ཤིས་མཛེས་ལྡན; Wylie: bkra shis mdzes ldan)
9. ‘The Mirror of the Heart of Vajrasattva’ (Tibetan: རྡོ་རྗེ་སེམས་དཔའ་སྙིང་གི་མེ་ལོང; Wylie: rdo rje sems dpa’ snying gi me long)
10. ‘The Mirror of the Mind of Samantabhadra’ (Tibetan: ཀུན་ཏུ་བཟང་པོ་ཐུགས་ཀྱི་མེ་ལོང; Wylie: kun tu bzang po thugs kyi me long)
11. ‘Direct Introduction’ (Tibetan: ངོ་སྤྲོད་སྤྲས་པ; Wylie: ngo sprod spras pa)
12. ‘Necklace of Precious Pearls’ (Tibetan: མུ་ཏིག་རིན་པོ་ཆེའི་ཕྲེང་བ; Wylie: mu tig rin po che’i phreng ba)
13. ‘Sixfold Expanse of Samantabhadra’ (Tibetan: ཀུན་ཏུ་བཟང་པོ་ཀློང་དྲུག; Wylie: kun tu bzang po klong drug)
14. ‘Blazing Lamp’ (Tibetan: སྒྲོན་མ་འབར་བ; Wylie: sgron ma ‘bar ba)
15. ‘Union of the Sun and Moon’ (Tibetan: ཉི་ཟླ་ཁ་སྦྱོར; Wylie: nyi zla kha sbyor)
16. ‘Lion’s Perfect Expressive Power’ (Tibetan: སེང་གེ་རྩལ་རྫོགས; Wylie: seng ge rtsal rdzogs)
17. ‘Array of Jewels’ (Tibetan: ནོར་བུ་ཕྲ་བཀོད; Wylie: nor bu phra bkod)


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BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF INTERNATIONAL Serving,upholding and protecting the Teachings of Buddhas by promoting 10 enlightened activities as taught by Buddha Shakyamuni an d His emanation Guru Padmasambhava



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Dear all,
His Holiness directs me to thank you very much for your warm greetings on the occasion of his 75th birthday. He appreciates your remembering him at this time and for the friendly wishes you have expressed.
His Holiness feels very encouraged by your warm support in His efforts to promote human values, to foster inter-religious harmony and also to work for the just aspirations of the Tibetan people who place their faith and trust in Him.
His Holiness sends you His prayers and good wishes.
With best wishes,
Tenzin Gyalpo
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  • Dzogchen Community webcast :

MARCH 9th-15th, 2019

17:00/5:00pm from Dzamlingar, at Western European Time (+ 0 GMT), Canary Islands, Spain.
18:00/6pm from Merigar, at Central European Time (+ 1 GMT), Italy,

All times in Comments.
Thank you for your participation.    

Dzogchen Community Webcast Monday, 9 March [from Merigar [gmt+1:00]]
18:00 Tun practice with recitation of the Mantra of Guru Tragphur
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  • Global Coherence meditation
  • HearthMath Instutute is organising Global Care focus on the Full Moon day , March 9 . GCI March 2020 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus
    Dear Rinpoche,
  • Welcome to the Global Coherence Initiative’s March 9, 2020 Full Moon (17:47 GMT/​UTC) synchronized Care Focus. In order for GCI members around the world to participate at a convenient time, we have chosen 4 a.m., 12 p.m. (noon), and 8 p.m. Pacific Time (GMT/UTC minus 7 hours) when GCI members in the Global Care Room or Global Coherence App can do the Care Focus together.* Thank you for being with us.
  • As we move into a new year and new decade, we see the Shift energies continuing to accelerate planetary changes. Just the first month of the new year saw fires burning throughout Australia, major earthquakes in Puerto Rico and Turkey, volcanic eruptions in the Philippines, a virus spreading from China throughout the world and ongoing political polarization in many countries. Humanity could benefit from compassionate care more than ever to help ease these transitioning times. Genuine care and compassion are two of the most life-fulfilling coherent heart qualities we can cultivate. However, given today’s emotional climate, it’s so easy for our care to turn into worry, anxiety, energy drain, and burn out – what we call the overcare syndrome. We can prevent much of this with a little practice once we know how.
  • Excessive worry is easy to justify because it fools us into thinking that amped up worrying is when we are caring the most. However, research has shown that constant worrying not only drains energy but blocks us from seeing creative choices and solutions. The disruptive changes that Earth and humanity are experiencing, especially call for clearer reasoning and wiser choices. Most of us know this, but knowledge only collects dust without an action plan. Taking charge of our personal energy is something no one else can do for us.
  • So how is it possible to care deeply without depleting our energy or harming our health? Research has shown that the practice of shifting overcare into balanced care lifts our vibration and renews our energy. Practicing balanced care is especially helpful for increasing our coherence to prevent energy drain and burnout when things we care about don’t go the way we want – regarding political or personal issues.
  • The following Care Focus and exercise unfolds clearer views regarding our discernment, choices and actions, as well as more flow in our interactions. Many people have reported how effective this practice has been for them.
  • Let’s start by connecting in the heart with everyone participating in the Global Care Room and radiating love and appreciation to each other.
  • Care Focus: Shifting Overcare into Balanced Care

  • 1. While breathing in a relaxed pace, pretend you are breathing through your heart or chest area and imagine calming your mind and emotions with your breath. (Calm emotions help to create a space that enables intuitive access for clearer discernment and choices when evaluating situations.)
    2. Once you’ve calmed your mental and emotional vibrations, identify issues that trigger unbalanced care (worry), then ask your heart feelings, “What would an attitude of balanced care look like in this situation?” After you decide a replacement attitude, imagine breathing in that new feeling for a few minutes to anchor it into your system.
    For example: If you are frustrated or impatient, then breathe in the feelings of patience until you feel the energy change. Or if feeling worried or overloaded, sit quietly and breathe compassion and the feeling of ease into your system.
    Breathing compassion and ease helps to neutralize overcare, anxiety, worry, impatience, anger, mind looping, moving too fast, etc. Know that with practice, you can replace unwanted feelings that override your heart’s intuitive choices and clear directions.
    Increasing our compassion is one of the most effective steps forward for social and spiritual advancement. As we radiate compassion and ease to stressful situations on the planet, this adds a softener frequency to the Earth’s energetic fields. Visualize this softener energy bringing comfort and ease to people, helping them to better discern their highest choices in dealing with challenges.
    3. Now let’s close by radiating compassion and ease to all people around the world who are in stress from Earth changes, viral epidemics, homelessness, terrorism, political polarization, and more. See our collective compassion helping them find more ease in dealing with their situations and making creative choices for a better future.
    Observe yourself for a few days and see how often you can catch your mind looping in overcare and downer projections regarding yourself, others or issues. When you find yourself in worry or anxiety from overcare, do this Care Focus practice to shift into balanced care. Approach it from the heart with ease, not force, for better results.
    The skill of shifting our feelings from overcare to balanced care doesn’t diminish our true heart’s care, it strengthens it, without debilitating our system. Preventing and reducing stress is growing to the top of our must-do list if we are looking for peace, happiness and fulfillment.
    You can continue to do the Care Focus in the Global Care Room, if convenient, after the full moon period, as this will help raise the vibratory rate of the personal and collective energetic field environment.
  • Thank you for participating in this Care Focus.
  • GCI Steering Committee and Staff
  • *(The following website – www.timeanddate.com/s/33sd – is a time conversion site for determining the exact time the Care Focus will take place in your Local Time Zone. Select time: 8 p.m. (date optional). Convert from: Location: U.S.A. – California – San Francisco. Convert to: Location: Select your Country/City.)
  • To join the GCI Care Focus in the Global Care Room, you can enter the room directly from www.globalcarerooms.org. First time users will need to enter as a guest.
  • If you prefer, you can also participate in collective Heart-Focused Care in the Global Coherence App (Beta) or the Global Care Room App for Facebook

 III. Colophon : BUDDHA DHARMA is generally beneficial religious organisation , since 1995 registered with the Governmanet of Republic Slovenia, European Union, Ministry for culture – Office for religious communities


NAMO AMITABHA ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ།
PEACE❧ ❤❧南无阿弥陀佛
O`•.¸(¨`•.•´¨) Joy & ♥
V¨`•.•´¨)¸.•´ Blessings ♥



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III. Dedication of merit .

• ..✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫
Wish-fulfilling Gem of Dedication by Buddha Padmasambhava: “With unsurpassable offering-clouds of Samantabhadra, actually present and mentaly created, vastly and fully displayed within pure space, we present you with an ocean of outer, inner and secret offering.

_(((♥)))_Namo Amitabha Buddha. 南无阿弥陀佛。_(((♥)))_

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