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๑۩۞۩๑ (ツ) ☼ ཨ MY SEARCH FOR BUDDHIST DHARMA ๑۩۞۩๑ (ツ) ☼ ཨ

๑۩۞۩๑ (ツ) ☼ ཨ MY SEARCH FOR BUDDHIST DHARMA ๑۩۞۩๑ (ツ) ☼ ཨ
172 . Alive Dharma teaching at the HERITAGE OF MANKIND
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I.Dear Friends and Associates of BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF INTERNATIONAL ,

what were your steps on spiritual path of liberation ? Please share your stories . When we progress in life , we often look back and try to understand ourselves better , like a »life review« . Hope your life is pleasant and relaxed , sailing toward the »other shore« of enlightenment .


 My root Guru Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche (1931-2011)

said in his famuous book the White sail :
»While briefly lent this precious human body*s white sail
Pushed by clean intention*s gentle wind
Without turning back toward miserable samsaric deserts
And making the error of missing this chance
Try to receive virtue*s jewels by crossing the waves of ocean mind
To the serene continent of the Triple Gems
Since doing this is more meaningful than anything else .« (1)

Rinpoche migrated from Nepal to USA and lived there in second part of his life (Delhi NY and Palm dessert CA). He was reborn into his family in Bhutan
and is guiding sentient beings toward liberation . He really helped me to understand the Ati yoga Dzogchen Buddhist path of self-liberation , teaching me with pith instructions written in 21 letters .

Dharma Letters

In spring 2000, that is eleven years before his passing away he blessed me with the trasnmission of Ati yoga lineage from samantabhadra-Vajrasattva-Garab Dorje . I remain forever grateful for his sublime Guidance and blessings .


๑۩۞۩๑ ཨ ཨ ཨ ๑۩۞۩๑
“The Mind transmission of the buddhas of three times is known as a transmission through blessings – naturally perfect blessings of all buddhas of the past and the future and of those who reside in the present. Independent of articulated words this transmission is understood and realized through the natural Sound of Dharmata.” Wellspring of the great perfection – The lives and insights of the early masters , compiled and edited by E.P. Kunsang, The Twelve Dzogchen Buddhas , An excerpt from the great history of the Heart Essence , part One belonging to the instruction section Cycle of the Heart Essence of Vimalamitra , pg 119. Rangjung Yeshe Publications.

My CRYSTAL shown in the Visual Dharma : White sail is directly connected with the transmission of the Ati yoga essence lineage . Crystal represent three modes of energy : Tsal, Rolpa and Dan – as beautifully explained in the book of Dzogchen master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu : Crystal and the way of light (2).

Chogyal Namkhai Norbu often gives open webcast and everyone nowdays can learn about Dzogchen path . But it was very different in previous 20. century when we travelled for many times to Toscana for 800 km one way to hear him teaching the Path of self-liberation … So read My search for Buddhist Dharma with open mind and heart and get inspired …


2.1. My search for Buddhist Dharma ๑۩۞۩๑ ཨ ཨ ཨ ๑۩۞۩๑
I was born to young lady at the hour of the horse , that is around noon, actually 20 minutes past noon , at the hospital of Poetovio city at the river Drava . Slovenia was at that time part of socialist Yugoslavia and now is »independent« country part of European union . Growing up with my grandparrents Valentin and Kunigunda I was surrounded by pleasant evenings while we were singing folk songs and Catholic church music .
My grandfather was gifted composer and collector of ethnolical musical heritage ; local community is organising yearly artistic event in December , to commemorate the works of my grandfather. He was such a peace loving man . My grandparrents were very harmonious couple , grandmother was seven years older , very dilligent and they never quarreled .
My memories about them are beautiful !
๑۩۞۩๑ ཨ ཨ ཨ ๑۩۞۩๑ First steps :
I remember my first steps in May , in the garden with blossoming Paeonia when I was only nine months old . When I learned to speak I could not say my name and I called myself »Eka« . I beleive that Dzogchen protectress Ekajati was always at my side . When starting to read I was fascinated by fairy tales of Andersen telling about small little girl who dwelled on the leaf of the water lily . This was my first contact with the idea that someone can be so light to dwell on the lotus …

At that time children of »our  generation« did not have any toys to play with …no computers, smart phones , play stations … So we build designs of houses on the meadow , collecting leaves of water plants . Many of us were hungry through the day and  in late summer we went to cross the river Drava to gather some fruits on the other side of the river . I often helped my grandparrents to work in the field : one very hot summer day I was with them on the field and get unconscious . They didn*t know what to do and my grandmother carried me for more thirty minutes to get home . I was stiff like a wood …
On another very hot summer day I gathered some cucumbers in the garden , because nobody really cooked in the house while my grandparrents were working in the field . Cooking was done mostly on Sundays by my two remarkable auths who lived in the house next door . Because I didn*t pilled the cucumbers I was poisoned by that food . When I was already very weak my mother was driving me with the bycicle to the hospital . I was in that hospital for 14 days and get infussion for ten days before I recovered ! Buddhas and Bodhisattvas must really protected me in those years otherwise I would not have survived . Many children who were born in Tibet occupied by communists from China must have suffered in similar ways or much more then we in socialist Yugoslavia !

Visiting primary school at the municipality of Hajdina  , NE part of Slovenia, I learned without difficulties . I had some difficulties in 1st grade because my mother was always nervous and bullying me when I didn*t know how to write the number 3 . I suffered a lot in firts grade .

When walking from the school which was some 3 km away, in very cold winter , I and my friend went down to the frosen pond . I wanted to pick up something that was lying on the ice ; the ice broke and I fell into very cold pond , almost drowing …Again Buddhas and Bodhisattvas took care of my life ! When coming home with frosen clothing my relatives didn*t care much . After my brother was born , I became very unimportant , because patriarchal families mostly take care only for male offspring considering daughters less valuable … 

Peace and Stillness 2

From 2nd to 7th grade I was more happy and learned without difficulties , although I was really not interested in what was taught in the socialist school . In 7th grade one very frustrated communist teacher was appointed to lead our class. And she even taught math ! She didn*t like me at all ! (3) My father lost the job because he didn*t wish to join communist party and went to work in Germany , like so many in those years . My mother followed him few years later . Children of outside the country working parrents couldn*t get any financil support from the state . Children of communits party members obtained many privileges , so I feel very sympatetic with Tibetans in occupied Tibet .

My parrents insisted that I study in difficult medical school in Maribor city , but I wanted to go to gymnasium and later study psychology . Without financial support I was limited to study at the medical school in Maribor city for four years . I finished that school with excellent notes . I must say that we students were greately taken advantage all four years of study : we had to do »practical work« in different departments of the hospital, doing the most dirthy work without any payment . We had to appear at the hospital at 6 am ! and worked there like »slaves« for few hours . Then we went to the school : our »programme« was mostly finished in the late afternoon . Then I had to drive back home for 45 minutes with the bus . So I was away from 5 am till 6 pm . One can imagine how exhausted we were , without proper food , dehidrated and tired ! I sincerely hope that medical schools are not taking advantage of students in the same way today ! It would be really a shame (Ministry fo education ) .

Some personel from the surgery in Maribor hospital selected me to go to internship for one year in Switzerland : but Swiss people held the referendum and rejected »import« of foreign workers and students . Because of this I was too late to apply for further medical studies in Ljubljana and had to work for almost one year in the nearby hospital of Poetovio city where I was born . During that months I learned about misery of allopatic medical system : I had to work also during the night shifts when patients died regularly . Much suffering in the hospital at that time ; hospital was not yet renovated , looked like an middle age building ; medical stuff arrogant and competitive . Yet I always tried to be very friendly with patients like all empaths do . Working in allopatic medical system is abolutely not good for empaths . Leaving the hospital work and proceeding on my spiritual path . ..
✿ღ ✿⊱╮♫♪☻ Rock generation :
Being a rebell like so many of »my generation« we listened  rock music  and later some punk groups like Pankrti with Pero Lovšin and others who wrote rebellious songs ; not like nowdays youth dressed in punk or rock atire just for fashion and wasting time … I also wrote articles about culture and send them to different magazines . My brother who is six years younger went with me to Queen concert in Ljubljana Tivoli hall .

Tara Rinpoche at 16th Atiyoga retreat

Many decades later I travelled many times to Cres island meditation retreat of Dzogchen Ati Yoga . Jadrolinia car ferry Valbinska – Merag passes near the Goli otok = Barren island in the bay of Kvarner near Rijeka city . . We can see this island where many intellectuals were sent to this prison island . Prison island operated till 1981 when marshal Tito died and many were crying like they lost their own life ! Collective dellussion … This were dangerous times indeed .
Ignorance and denial were collective karma of people in SFRJ = Socialistic Federal Republic Yugoslavia . There was no free media and no free press (4) I beleive that majority of people who were not communist party  members lived in constant fear and paranoia. Mashall Tito reigned with iron hand and motto in Serbian language  : »Neprijatelj je svuda » Enemy is everywhere ! All state was more or less open prison . No wonder that my favorite LP at that time was Johnny Cash : Live concert at Quentin prison in California . I bought it with savings in one of the stores in Maribor city which was lucky enough to be able to import LP*s from USA . Nowdays we can see impressive biographical movie of Johnny Cash : Walk the line …

✿ღ ✿⊱╮♫♪☻ Journey abroad :
After I left the job at allopatic medicine establishment  I went to journey to Munich city in Bavaria for a rock concert of Ramones group . I liked this city a lot because of regular summer stay with my parrents during school vacations . I esp. liked Botanical garden , Nymphenburg castle, English garden and many beautiful monuments in the city at Odeonsplatz etc .  Already at that time someone who migrated to Munich from East Germany had the Tibetan book of the dead . I remember this because he worshiped this book like kinda new age gospel . Probably they didn*t understand much about Tibetan book of the dead but they respected it – which is good .

meditation in Alps 2

✿ღ ✿⊱╮♫♪☻ Solitary retreats in Alps :

During high school and later at the Pedagogical academy -where I studied German language/literature & Slovene language/literature I made regular hiking trips to Alps , sometimes with catholic church group and sometimes alone . One night I slept at the peak of Jalovec mountain (Elevation: 2,645 m)… next morning I went down to Tamar valley .


Decades later Khenpo Choga Rinpoche gave impressive teaching based on Longchen Nyingthig lineage at Tamar valley of Julian Alps . ….With church group we were reading Hermann Hesse book : Siddharta and meditated during our mountain trips . Catholic priest was very open to spirituality . He had good spiritual influence on all of us during those years , teaching us autogenic training and other techniques .Later he was removed from that position at Catholic church .

✿ღ ✿⊱╮♫♪☻ In search for Buddhist Dharma …
Around 1979 there was no internet, not much available Buddhist literature in socialist Yugoslavia , not even in translations . But I borrowed the book by C.G. Jung : Man and his symbols from Mangala Konchok Norbu . This impressive book has many Buddhist  symbols like mandalas and Wisdom deities . They made great imprint on my consciousness , because I really studied the book many times and doing dream diary according to Man and his symbols.  I also studied by myself in details about different world religions and didn*t felt much connections with catholicism any more . I studied about Heidegger philosophy and other phylosophical systems ;  professor at the academy who taught philosophy said I should further study philosophy . I was like solitary traveller in the dessert , searching for pure water of Buddhist Dharma . Few esotheric groups promissed that they have insights into Eastern religions , so Mangala Konchok Norbu and I joined them in search for Buddhist Dharma . When we found out that they don*t have Buddhist knowledge, we left .
Student radio station from Ljubljana sometimes played Buddhist ritual music , like impressive recordings from Kagyu monastery (Mahakala puja, Invocation of Padmasambhava ) . Mangala recorded  it on tape , although many of us didn*t really know anything what is beeing played . But it had great imprint on our consciousness . Its was like deja vu experience ! 


✿ღ ✿⊱╮♫♪☻ Buddhism in translations :
There was good Serbian publishing group Grafos from Belgrade , publishing serbian translations of some important Buddhist  works : The life of Milarepa, Mahamudra , Divine madman – the life of Drukpa Kunley and few others . We immediately bought all these translations and studied them thoroughly . Not only reading , but studying with devotion and trying to understand all . This was around 1983-88 . It was time when one can still not easily import Buddhist books in English .

✿ღ ✿⊱╮♫♪☻ Journey along Adriatic sea side 
was travelled  on motorbike , tent and sleeping bags . Mangala was driving black Suzuki and later Honda CBX – we travelled from Koper /Capodistria (Slovenia) in the North through cities of Rijeka, Zadar. Šibenik , Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Budva in Montenegro . We came close to Albanian border and left some 900 km behind, returning back to the North via beautiful Plitvice lakes/waterfalls .

✿ღ ✿⊱╮♫♪☻ Exchanging esotheric literature and items for Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism in Munich store :
We were regulat guests at that shop in Schwabing district of Munich and could exchange and got marveluous work by HH Dudjom Rinpoche Vol. I & II. which was just published at that time . Very expensive hard bound Dharma books  . (5) We also exchanged our esotheric books for the Vajra & Bell and the Crystal. We were both very happy with this exchange , because we could really not afford to buy them . …Munich at that time was the meeting point of different artists and truth seekers gathered at Schwabing area . I later learned that Shifu Ching Hai from Vietnam was married in those years in Munich and was visiting Schwabing Asia shops , book stores , Indian restaurants … more or less it was like European Kathmandu (6). There was Schwabing , Tuerkenstrasse with many Asian shops . I bought Tibetan shoes made of green & red cloths and was wearing them . Although at that time I didn*t know these were traditional Tibetan shoes , but I felt very connected with them and very comfortable with them…


(Ayu Khadro Dorje Paldron 1839-1953 was wearing such shoes on her very long travells and meditation retreats accross Tibet and Nepal) .
Munich was completely different from Yugoslavia . Later I went  to memorial concert of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez at Nuernberg stadium . It was open air concert …Not to imagine that few decades before Hitler had fanatical speeches at that same stadium !
Mangala liked rock music a lot , so we went to Munich concert of ZZ Top . Mangala was  vegetarian from the age of 18 and he inspired me to become vegetarian and later vegan . He also inspired me in practicing yoga . Many years I practiced “Suria  namaskar” Salutation to the sun every day . Renting old villa at Potrčeva St . in Poetovio city we began to translate Buddhist literature into Slovene language . We learned how important it is  to have Buddhist translations . At the same time we learned English . 

Budizem V Sloveniji II

Buddhism in Slovenia,EU; cover photo for CD-ROM, Buddha Dharma, 2008

Our first translation was »Human approach to world peace« by HH the Dalai Lama (7).
The owner of the villa was actually undercover agent of Yugoslavian secret service (Udba) , he was Slovene living in Belgrade city in  Serbia. He came few times secretly at 4 am and wanted to inspect our temple room . That villa is cultural heritage of general Maister and he was very annoyed seeing that we replaced portrait of general Maister with Buddhist  photo. As secret service agent of Udba he also didn*t like our Buddhist translation : Human approach to world peace . So we have to move away .
✿ღ ✿⊱╮♫♪☻ Journey to Switzerland
During our stay at the villa in Poetovio city we travelled with rent a car to Italy and visited Venice . It was December 1987 and we proceded to Zurich and found Tibet Institute in Rikon near Zurich .


This was our first visit to a Buddhist temple . Lama Sherab Amipa gave us meditation instructions in his room of the institute . We also received many Buddhist books as a gift , among them Women of wisdom , collected biographies by Tsultrim Allione . In that  book I found the address of Dzogchen commnuinity in Italy and invited Oliver Leick from Austria to give a talk about Dzogchen at that villa in Poetovio city . There was  a rainbow after the talk and Oliver Leick wrote about this auspicious  sign to Chogyal Namkhai Norbu who was at that time living at Formia near Naples . Chogyal Namkhai Norbu wrote me nice letter from Formia .
Some two years after my birth at Poetovio city in Yugoslavia Chogyal Namkhai Norbu came to live in neaby country of Italy , beeing invited by prof. Giuseppe Tucci .
✿ღ ✿⊱╮♫♪☻ Many journeys to Toscana, Italy :

Being inspired by Dzogchen approach I first travelled to Merigar Dzogchen community near Archidosso with students of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu in Austria .

With Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche in Merigar June 1989

Later we made many journeys with Mangala Konchok Norbu who also recorded all teachings that we attended . Travelling from Berlin, Koeln, (Germany) to Greece in the South , to Paris, London , Milano , Florence …and many other places . This part is described in my biography Stainless sky (8) .

✿ღ ✿⊱╮♫♪☻ Afterword :
Now in 21st Century A.D. there are Dharma books everywhere , there are open webcasts of many Buddhsit initiations , there are study groups on internet , facebook groups … When we travelled to Merigar Dzogchen community for teachings and retreats many times we have to travell for 800 km one way  on dangerous Italian roads .Few times I was driving white Diana car ! all way long … I remember that once at the Highway near Venice the front glass of another  car broke and we have to find replacement . Still we arrived at Merigar with broken front glass ..


Chogyal Namkhai Norbu then gave transmission of Odser Chenma for protection during travells .During cold winter retreats  at Merigar we stayed at the cabin in the wood below the gompa and sometimes in the big hall with the library . We cooked in crowdy kitchen . It was really not 5* retreat as many nowdays think . But it can*t be compared to austerities experienced by my other inspirational Guru Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche , as told by Rinpoches wife Kamala Rinpoche (9).



Homage to Ayu Khadro Dorje Paldron
….« Women of wisdom« book contains the biography of Ayu Khadro, as told and written down by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu . It was one of the first Buddhist  books in English sent to me from Tibet institute in Rikon near Zurich . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFXOkKPl0Q4&t=25s
In his dream Chogyal Namhai Norbu saw a Crystal stupa travelling in space toward the West . We both travelled toward the West , with serenity and silence … ๑۩۞۩๑ ཨ ཨ ཨ ๑۩۞۩๑


✿ღ ✿⊱╮♫♪☻ Reminder
for young generations to appreciate the Buddhist Dharma , to take it to your heart and to practice it with diligence , to stay away from bad company , alcohol, drugs , porn and all bad influences in contemporary world . Nowdays there are much more distractions that were not present in 20.st Century . And life is going on . Don*t waste your life .
As Bodhidharma said : Life and death are important , don*t suffer them in vain ! »Cross the Waves of the Ocean Mind to the serene Continent of the Triple Gems , since doing this is more meaningful than anything else .«

wisdom without borders amitabha gif

III. Dedication ✿⊱╮
May the merit and virtues accrued from this work adorn the Buddha´s Pure Land,
Repaying the four kinds of kindnesses above and relieve the sufferings of those in the three paths below.May those who see and hear of this all bring forth the heart of Understanding and live the Dharma for the rest of this life. Then be born together in the Land of Infinite Bliss. Homage to Amitabha Buddha ๑۩۞۩๑

IV. Colophon
Buddha Dharma – OBF International
Generally beneficial religious organisation registered with Ministry for culture at the government of Republic Slovenia, European union , since February1995


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Norbu, Mangala Konchok Overview
Works: 12 works in 12 publications in 2 languages and 42 library holdings
Roles: Editor, Translator, Scenarist, Director, Other, Author

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Boné, Alenka Overview Works:
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Roles: Editor, Translator, Director, Scenarist, Author of introduction, Other, Author Classifications:
BL65.P4, 291.17873
Boné, Alenka [WorldCat Identities]
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3. Communist teachers in Yugoslavian schools : many decades later one teacher from Ljubljana confessed to me that teachers were requested to collect many data about students and write this down . Obviously »our math teacher« has done the same . My family was not in communist party , my parrents even worked in Germany ! So my family was obviously on the communist/socialist black list !
4. Nowdays humanity is occupied by different forces and main stream media with false flag events and social engineering . But now there are also many independent media for us to learn the true state of affairs .
5. Dudjom Rinpoche , Jikdrel Yeshe Dorje: The Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism , Wisdom Publications, Boston ; 1991, 1st edition ; Vol I. The translations , Vol . II. Reference materials
6. Late Serbian writter Stevan Pešić wrote impressive biographical wrok Kathmandu which many of us read and were amused by his description and personal experiences . We had brief letter exchange with Stevan and were later sad when we read that he passed away . Such a brilliant writter ! https://www.scribd.com/book/274165751/KATMANDU
We translated some parts of Kathmandu into English and sent it to publisher in USA . Stevan was happy about this . But the american publisher rejected the text, sying its only a imagination ! In those years such brilliant works like Kathmandu were not accepted by amrican readers while nowdays many writters publish works of less impressive thoughhts and everyone appreacite them . I hope that Kathmandu will be some day translated into English and published online . One of those works which one must read and enjoys 
7. N.S. Dalai Lama : S humanostjo do miru na svetu , Changchub doo . 1988 , Ptuj , Slovenia
8. . Stainless sky – Alive biography of H.E. Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar


9. The life of Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche , as told by Kamala Rinpoche :


10. My grandfather and grandmother passed away thirthy years ago . I practiced fort hem alot , esp. Shitro sadhana of terton Mingyur Dorje . At third anniversary of my grandfather passing aways in December I saw in a dream big rainbow at the building where he used to teach his chorus . Chogyal Namkhai Norbu said it is auspicious sign form y grandfather liberation …. My father passed away seven years ago . I have done funeral rites for him and practiced many Shitro sadhanas for him later . Three years after his passing away I saw in a dream that my father transformed into Vajrasattva and I was very happy for him .
♥ ཨ ཨ ཨ 100 syllable mantra of Vajrasattva ཨོཾ་བཛྲ་སཏྭ་ས་མ་ཡ་མ་ནུ་པ་ལ་ཡ། བཛྲ་སཏྭ་ཏྭེ་ནོ་པ་ཏིཥྛ། དྲྀ་ཌྷོ་མེ་བྷ་བ། སུ་ཏོ་ ཥྱོ་མེ་བྷ་བ། སུ་པོ་ ཥྱོ་མེ་བྷ་བ། ཨ་ནུ་ར་ཀྟོ་མེ་བྷ་བ། ས་རྦ་སི་དྡྷི་མེ་པྲ་ཡ་ཙྪ། ས་རྦ་ཀ་རྨ་སུ་ཙ་མེ ཙི་ཏྟཾ༌ཤེ་ཡཿ་ཀུ་རུ་ཧཱུྂ། ཧ་ཧ་ཧ་ཧ་ཧོཿ བྷ་ག་བ་ན ས་རྦ ཏ་ཐཱ་ག་ཏ་བཛྲ་མཱ་མེ་མུ་ཉྩ། བཛྲཱི་བྷ་བ་མ་ཧཱ་ས་མ་ཡ་སཏྭ ཨཱཿ །། ཧཱུྂ ཕ་ཊ


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