✿ღ BUDDHA DHARMA-OBFI Authentic Buddhist Dharma

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Namo Buddhaya

Homage to immaculate Buddhas



If these verses are repeated just once before beginning any kind of activity, whatever is wished for will be accomplished in accordance with one´s needs. Keep this in mind while  reciting.

In the natural, spontaneously present, perfectly pure

phenomenal existence,

to all who dwell in the auspicious realms of the ten directions,

the Buddhas, Dharma and assemblies of the noble Sangha,

I prostrate and pray that all may be auspicious

 for myself and all others.

To Drönmed, Gyalpo, Tsalten, Döndrup Gong,

Jampai Gyenpal, Geidrag Paldampa,

Kunla Gongpa, Gyacher Drakpa-chen,

Lhunpo Tarphag, Tsaldrang Pal and Ni,

Noble ones, known for your consideration of all sentient beings,

Noble ones, known for your superior display of enlightened activities,

that grant mental satisfaction,

merely hearing your names increases all glory and auspiciousness.

I prostrate to the eight Sugatas !


To the youthful Manjushri, the glorious Vajra-holder,

the powerful Avalokiteshvara, the noble protector Maitreya,

Sayi Nyingpo, Dribpa Namparsel,

Namkhai Nyingpo, the supreme noble Kuntuzangpo,

Utpal Dorje, Pedkar, Lushing and

Norbu Dawa, Raldri Nyima,


Holders of the excellent hand emblems of supreme noble good fortune.

I prostrate to the eight Bodhisattvas !


The supreme jewelled umbrella, the auspicious golden fish,

the wish-fulfilling vase, the mind-pleasing kamala flower,

the conch of fame and glory, the fully endowed endless knot,

the eternal victory banner, the all-powerful wheel.

You who hold these eight supreme precious signs,

offered to the Conquerors of all directions and times.

Attractive maidens of pleasure,

to recall your nature increases all that is noble.


I prostrate to the eight Goddesses of good fortune !

Tsangpa Chenpo, Dejung Sedmed-ü,

Migtong Den and Gyalpo Yülkhor Srung,

Pagkyei-po and Luwang, Mig Mi-zang,

Namtö Sei and La-dzei Khorlo,

holders of the trident, short spear and vajra,

vina, sword, stupa and banner of victory,

who make auspiciousness and positivity grow in three realms.

I prostrate to the eight guardians of the world!


Concerning the activity that myself and others are about to begin,

by pacifying all obstructions and unwanted harm,

may the noble and meaningful increase

and all wishes be accomplished.

May good fortune, happiness and prosperity be fully endowed !



  • Is your Holy Scripture recorded about peace ?

One of the Seals of authentic Buddhist teachings is : Nirvana is PEACE .  

All 84.000 Buddhist Dharmas are thus based on Peace . What is Buddhist Dharma or Buddhist teaching ? It arose from the Enlightenment  of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha . The Buddha is like a medical doctor, his Dharma or Teaching is like medicine . Sangha or Buddhist community are supportive and virtuous friends on the Path toward Enlightenment .

  • Is there any way to achieve /make peace in your Holy Scripture ?

Spiritual practitioners must apply the Dharma or advice of the Buddha in their daily life . We respect  Five ethical precepts or Pancasila in our daily life . Most of Mahayana Buddhistss are vegetarians or even vegans . Many also practice saving of animals by releasing them from being killed . Noble example of such Buddhist Master was late Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche who was vegetarian and 104 years old . Many Bodhisattvas follow on His footsteps . In his very long life Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche released millions of fishes and other animals , practicing life release in India . This was often reported in Indian and international newspapers and is well documented in many online videos like video from 2011  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ib33uxv1Ok

In this video Rinpoche was already 100 years old and still very active in saving lives of sentient beings .

The Buddha is teaching us : »I show you the Path, but liberation depends on you .« We all can achieve peace of Nirvana and Enlightenment  by walking on the Buddha path .  Basic Teaching  of the Buddha is : »Do not harm anyone . Avoid all negative actions , accomplish positive or virtuous actions . Purify your mind …« There are ten negative actions which every spiritual practitioner must avoid . First of such negative actions which we must avoid is killing . People who eat meat and dairy food cause direct or indirect killing of animals . We encourage everyone to apply vegan diets , thus saving lives of animals . Raising of animals for food is the main cause of climate change !  When animals are murdered to become food for humans , this is completely unethical . When people see directly in which horrible ways animals  are killed , most of them obstain from eating meat . This was shown in documented experiment  , recorded and published online at : Anonymous  for Voiceless : https://www.facebook.com/anonymousforthevoiceless/videos/vb.1118053411550221/1158746394147589/?type=2&theater

There will be peace on this planet when human beings stop killing each other and stop killing of animals . Killing comes from negative emotion of hatred . Hatred is the cause for rebirth in the hell realms . Therefore the Enlightened One taught about first ethical precept : Do not kill , do not harm anyone .

As human beings we have body , voice or energy and mind or consciousness . Four of ten negative actions are related to speech . When we keep silent , we already avoid four negative actions related to speech or energy . We must always try to have good motivation and pure thoughts . As its written in Visual Dharma above :

In moments of stillness peace find a resting place in us …

  • What is the role /responsibility of religious leaders to make world peace ?

Religious leaders must live genuinly in harmony with their Holy scriptures . There should be no bias between what they say and how they act . Religions can contribute so much toward world peace, because  majority of seven billion of human population on this planet is religious . There are more than 600 millions of Buddhists in contemporary world . My aim is to inspire everyone to stop eating meat and dairy food , thus saving lives of animals and also to have healthy life style . In my research and observation religions are still organised too much hierarchical , like a piramid , with priesthood above and everyone below. Rarely we hear in religions direct advice : Help each other practically . Religions are nowdays too philosophical and less psychological and less practical. At least Buddhism is inner Path of self-liberation , as we call it in Ati Yoga Dzogchen great Completeness .

In nowdays religions there is too much investment into churches, temples and properties and too less in human resources , in wisdom and compassion in practical ways . This is maybe because majority of religious leaders are men and there are very few women . Women should have more practical knowledge and should promote team work, not rigid hierarchycal structures . Religious leaders should not act like polititians , giving nice speeches to large audiences : they must accoplish practical work of helping their communities through  social programmes , education , research , dialog etc . Religious leaders must directly address problems of nowdays world  – opposing wars , opposing nuclear weapons , nuclear energy and weapon industry . We must address causes of climate change : real cause of climate change is geoengineering with chemtrails and haarp facilities in most countries on this planet .

Prayers and meditations lead by religious leaders on a regular basis can inspire many people to start healthy life style , to start  meditating and praying for inner and outer peace . As His Holiness the XIV . Dalai Lama said many years ago : »We are all responsible for the future of humanity . Let us contribute as much as we can …«


Her Eminence Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche


Bibliographies of researchers and authors  at the

Institute for information science Izum , Maribor, Slovenia, European Union

Cobiss 90321 , since 1988






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