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welcome to learn about BERNIE SANDERS whom we endorse for next president of USA .
1.1. In popular song Bernie Sanders #FeeltheBern by Peter en Hans Mader from Amsterdam we can sing together :

BERNIE 2016 11

»Well, I am in the mood for real change ,
Bernie is the one for me ,
He should be our next President …
Government for and by the people …
No more wars for oil and gass ! Free education for everyone ; no more denying climate change ; no more corporate wellfare cheques; better immagration policy ; takes big money out of politics ; healthcare is the right – not a privilege ; saving social security ; equal pay for everyone …
Bernie says : »I beleive in the society where all people do well, not just handfull of billionares ! »
10 reasons why Bernie Sanders should be next US President :
He is progressive and independent .

Bernie Sanders says about religion & spirituaity : https://www.facebook.com/exploreconsciousness/videos/1672503392989492/

Bernie political revolution

This is title of excellent song & video posted on Facebook by Jo q Public page from New York .

This joyful and realistic song is motivating people in USA to vote and elect Bernie Sanders for next president . I am following Bernie Sanders progressive campaign online from November 2015 , feeling grateful to James Powel from Michigan who introduced me to this excellent and menaingful campaign . Bernie Sanders is Activist for civil rights from 1960 ! onward, showing great diligence , honesty , energy and activity like a steady flowing river . Fellow activist selected Bernie speeches from his 30 years and more of ongoing progress .

Bernie is great fighter and independent thinker with great heart of empathy for others and fort he planet . He is not like majority of polititians in the world who change collors like cameleons , giving empthy promisses to people before the elections , forgetting about them shortly after elections … Bernie spoke for eight hours in US congress , nobody wanted to listen to him ! From summer 2015 huge crowds attend his rallyes in different states ; very many listen and view his online events . Recently he spoke with independent mediat TYT The Young Turks lead by Cenk Uygur and more than 60.000 people viewed this streaming on TYT youtube channel !

with 1,036,178 views !

BERNIE 2016 13
For young people – so called millenials Bernie Sanders is especially attractive and they offer great support and energy to political revolution . We could not walk with Marin Luther King in Washington , because we were too young at thta time , but Bernie did . Bernie is continuation of civil right movement from that time and ccontinuation of Occupy Wall street movement . His campaign is in harmony with Mahatma Gandhi no-violenvce or ahimsa .
Senator Bernie Sanders is also very encouraging fort he res tof the world which is against sinister trade agreements , causing los tof jobs in USA (Detroit and elsewhere) . He is against TPP, NAFTA , TTIP… While the european commission is bussy with secret negotiations with Obama administration promoting and trying to sign another sinister trade agreementzs TTIP . its our hope that Bernie Sanders will become next USA president and STOP TTIP ! More than 3.300.000 people already signed petition against TTIP , but EU commission is completely ignoring this petition . Is this democracy at all ?! Its oligarchy !
Welcome to sign petition against TTIP on this link :
Bernie Sanders is against sinister trade agreements !

EU commissioner for trade , http://ec.europa.eu/commission/2014-2019/malmstrom_en even went so far on her Facebook page to block all comments against TTIP on her page . Completely undemocratic !

BERNIE BIRDIE animation by Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche

More that 17.500 people already endoersed Bernie Sanders through application on his internet site .


TARA TULKU DRIMED DROLKHAR RINPOCHE Alex L, California Steven Nipper Meli A Simon Frank Rasmussen Tokyo SF, California Melissa W, Colorado Sean Sturges Jesse Almendarez, Washington Kaitlyn McAdams, Arizona Jacob Alonzo, California Louise R, Washington Tawny Forrest, Kentucky Todd Heinle, Minnesota Buddy Wilds, California W. Glenn Smith Jim Merrill, Washington Andrew MacEdward, New York Tiffany Fan Tammy Messner, Washington Alena T, New Jersey Connor H Tracey R, Massachusetts Tyler Petanowick, Florida Tatjana Paradjanin Nenad Stefanović Merry Carey Srijan Bhattarai Rickk Berry, Indiana Valery N, Illinois Omar A Nora Steinkopf Marisa Williams, Washington Carlos Tello de Meneses Scott H, Idaho Keith Gilbert, Kentucky ecl1130 ., Texas

BERNIE 2016  profile

Charles Goodwin roger pinkney, Wisconsin Ryan Smith Caitlin D, California Sue Cunningham Alan Cahel Perez, North Carolina Meredith Mann Ramona Irwin Ashley Antonich Sarabia, Washington Jessica Y, Washington David Montricher Lyla Hastings Mark Stanton, California Sharon Breame- Wicks, Virginia Larry Erickson Nicci Morris Bill Garcia Johnie Driscoll, Minnesota Kirsten P, New York Mark Ohe, New York Chris Vanwieren, Texas Nikki D, Abroad Susan Rubin, New York Veronica Kennard, Tennessee Noel M, New York Sean Tipton Paula F Christian Kiki Kaihla Corn, Washington West S Milan Moffatt, New York Jacki M Misty L John M William Sebastian Sinead Farrell Tiffani N, Abroad Abi Dominguez Nadine M. Diaz, MSW, California Emily M Melanie W Mi C, Wisconsin Irene Tompcos Grace Staley, Illinois Tom Horton Suzi Yukelis, California Adam Quarato Morgan Zerbe, Louisiana Christy Rigdon Baldwin Ashleigh Elizabeth Lawrence Klassen, Nebraska michael healan Allison Haag Frank B, Illinois Armando Perfecto Jessica R Amanda Cutler Pizzo Paul J Emmett V Dallas Prockl, Wisconsin Marina Reyes Franco, Puerto Rico Ivan Alvarado, California Alay Shah… … …

Visual Dharma Art by Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar

As active supporter of Bernie Sanders I sign this petition : Bernie Sanders is against all harmful trade aggreements like TPP, TTIP , he is honest , courageous and intelligent . VOTE FOR BERNIE !
More than 39.000 signatures already !
There was good Friday before Easter when Goldfinch was flying to the hall with more than 20.000 people in Portland , Oregon . It was live stream event , recorded by many cameras . When Bernie spoke peacefully about the need that the kids understand to be dilligent in school … Birdie flew to the podium and then went to sit on inscription :
A FUTURE TO BELEIVE IN …Goldfinch chirping there for about 5 sec …among thousands of people screaming joyfully .No words to describe , see it yourself . Enlightened situation !
We Buddhists say : A HO ! or E MA HO ! How wonderful . »Although it does not look like , this is really the dove for world peace . NO MORE WARS !« Bernie Sanders . It was truly enlightened occassion which will never be forgotten .
After auspicious Goldfinch Birdie appearance on good Friday Birnie won three further states : Alaska, Washington and Hawaii . Although corporate media don*t report much about his success , there is great independent media TYT The Young Turks which has platform of more than 8 million viewers . There are numerous facebook groups and very strong grassroot movement of political revolution in USA against greed of the Wall street , against oligarchy , against war in the Middle east etc .


A future to beleive in opens infinite potentials of creativity , expressed in graphic designs , arts, poems, songs , videos …I am so proud to be part of this Creativity , to make this world better one , more compassionate and peaceful .


1.5. Bernie Sanders is true Activists of human rights , civil rights :
This video show selection of Bernie Sanders speeches and activities from 1985 onward : Watch this amazing video that a talented volunteer put together showing 30 years of speeches. Shared with public :

Bernie Sanders also helped Tibetan filmmaker Ngawang Choepel release from Chinese prison in 2002 .
Ngawang Chopel wrote : »Bernie Sanders will not only make America greater and end its “Coin Flip Democracy”, but he will care more about voiceless people around the world. He was one of the key people who helped secure my release from Chinese prison in 2002. Both my mother and I had the privilege to meet him. He was as genuine as we see him today. Unlike Hilary Clinton, he is not fighting from entitlement. He is fighting for all of us, and for the world as a whole. I urge all my friends in the US to vote for him, especially those from New Hampshire. I believe this is one of America’s greatest tests of freedom yet to come.«


Many Buddhist groups support Bernie Sanders :

Here we can read detailed history of Bernie Sanders :
There is so much good to say about him , Bernie has such a rich history of courageous Activism . »Sanders attended the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.« Sanders being arrested at a 1963 protest of segregation in Chicago. He was later found guilty of resisting arrest and charged $25.[27]
Bernie Sanders on Tibet human rights : 3/9/1999)
Supporting human rights of Tibetans in China

🔥 Bernie Sanders 🔥 – The President We’ve Been Waiting For

Bernie 2016 19

Bernie Sanders works for POLITICAL rEVOLUTION and thus gains support of many millions of people both in USA and also abroad .

This campaign is not about Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump. This campaign is about you, your kids and your parents…

Bernie Sanders on harmful trade aggreements !

The pope Francis sees Bernie Sanders as most Christian among all candidates :

Pope Francis Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Bernie I had a dream

Vatican City – In a final speech to the synod, Pope Francis endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States, while taking some clear swipes at conservatives who hold up church doctrine above all else, and use it to cast judgment on others.
“The synod experience also made us better realize that the true defenders are not those who uphold its letter, but its spirit; not ideas but people; not formulas but free availability of God’s love and forgiveness,” Pope Francis said. “I see in Senator Bernard Sanders a man of great integrity and moral conviction, who understands these principles and genuinely wants what’s best for all people.”
– See more at: http://nationalreport.net/pope-francis-endorses-bernie-sanders-president/#sthash.smUajv52.dpuf

1.6. Selected Events :
Bernie Sanders speech after Super Tuesday , March 1, 2016
…FOR THE WORLD OF PEACE …our message is resonating and the people when we stand together will be victorious !

Bernie 10

Bernie and Jane are married for 27 years and have seven grandchildren . Jane Sanders actively support his campaign ; she encouraged him to start political revolution . Jane is extraordinary perosnality and very patient , wise … She visited private prisopn in Arizona , called the »Tent city » . As Bernie often explains in his speeches : America has more inmates than China which is great abuser of human rights ! Private prisons bring great prophits to their owners .- »BLACK LIVES MATTER« is civil rights movement against crueltyh of the police toward black citizens which increased during eight years of Obama administration .

Bernie 1962 2016

America is facing great problems which Bernbie Sanders is constantly addressing , giving concrete solutions :
a) Corporate greed of pharmaceutical industry is unlimited . For threatment of cancer people often get bancrupt .
b) B) Monsanto tried to promote »Black act« in the congress – which would criminalise everyone who writes or protest against GMO food and Monsanto . Natural news /Mike Adams reported about Black actt being rejected in the congress only by minimum difference (49 : 48) . We could expect that the same Black act would be introduced with TTIP agreement in European union .
c) C) environmental problems are enormous : lack of drinking water and drinking water poisoned with lead and other pollutants . Problems of fracking , floods, dryness and much more .

Bernie 1962

Bernie Sanders political revolution of democratic socialism in USA has many solutions fro problems facing humaniyt today . Bernie Sanders is honest, trustworthy polititian with Bodhisattva activities , important fort he world .
Therefore we strongly endorse him and support him to become next president of USA in November 2016 .

II. Colophon ๑۩۞۩๑
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Bernie about suffering (2)
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