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158th Alive Dharma Teaching at the HERITAGE OF MANKIND

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Dear readers at the HERITAGE OF MANKIND and dear friends of BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF INTERNATIONAL , blessed new lunar year of Fire monkey .

Let us contemplate the life and enlightened activities of Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche (1913-2015)  and let us continue His Dharma legacy to benefit beings vast as the sky … Few of our previous Alive Dharma teachings at the Heritage of mankind  are dedicated to this great and accomplished Nyingma Buddhist master . May Rinpoche always bless us from Sukhavati pure realm of Buddha Amitabha ….

Amitabha Buddha by Mangala Konchok Norbu


      In second part of this Dharma teaching you will find a Note about our celebration of 21 year of work at BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF INTERNATIONAL. I wish to express deep gratitute for support esp. to Mangala Konchok Norbu, our Dharma Art director .

http://bbsradio.com/users/tara-rinpoche  Tara Rinpoche Drimed Drolkhar

 Vegan Heart 4


1.1. On December 30th, 2015, Kyabje Chatral Sangye Dorje begin the transition to Parinirvana. He remained in tukdam meditation until January 5th, 2016, when he attained Parinirvana. Read a tribute from Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche :


»The passing of Chatral Sangye Rinpoche marks the end of an era. Suddenly we have lost a sentry who was zealously guarding the Buddhadharma in general, the Vajrayana in particular, and especially Tibetan Buddhism and the Nyingma lineage.

The word chatral has the connotation of an ascetic yogi who abandons all. Usually names are given as labels. But in the one now passing into paranirvana, the name Chatral was not just a label. He was the epitome and embodiment of what the word chatral really means.

In his long lifespan of more than 102 years, this is a man who did so much, associated with some of the greatest beings, and became master of the masters, including teaching and becoming the guru of the very man who found the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso, who was known as Yongzin Gyaltsab Radreng Rinpoche. Yet this same man can barely boast a monastery, institute, or dharma centre. Around him, paraphernalia like gold-plated roofs and thrones are nowhere to be found. He was a Chatralin the true sense.

But make no mistake: Many lamas like myself, who make the loudest noises, display the most jarring images, and travel every inch and corner of the world, have achieved next to nothing compared to this man who appears never to have done anything except for keeping his meditation mat from ever getting cold. And if he did manifest in action, this is the man who spent 99.99% of what he had rescuing the lives of animals. So for ignorant beings like us to try and express the great qualities of this enlightened being is like trying to measure the depth and width of the sky.


And yet if I may express one thing from the little I have known of this man it is this: The Buddhadharma has so many challenges, including all the charlatans who do outright damage to the image of the Dharma. These may be overcome by those who seem to do the right thing, who appear serene, proper, and moral, and who never upset anyone. But that often leads us into another challenge that is harder to overcome. Because in doing things correctly, properly and morally, and in bearing the burden of not upsetting people, one ends up being the victim of political correctness and becoming hypocritical.

In my limited life I have seen very few anti-hypocritical beings, and he was one of them. He meant business, there was no negotiation, and of course he never traded one single word of the dharma for money. Time and again, he refused to bow down to the mighty.

He made a lot of us hypocritical beings shudder. Just knowing he was alive and breathing somewhere between Siliguri and Pharping made our hearts quake. Even though we never got to see him, especially towards the end of his life – and I myself was refused an audience 20 times or more – his mere presence on this earth shattered hypocrisy.

To express our homage, veneration and supplication, may we disciples of this man keep in our lives the practice of freeing living beings, such as releasing fish, and especially so within this month.«

Visual Dharma Art by Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar


        There is not much to add to the words of Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche . What we MUST ADD are compassionate actions such as Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche performed over decades of his long and fruitful life , inspiring strong Vegan movement  among Buddhists all over the world and among many  spiritual practitioners . Actually we don*t need to intellectualise a lot , we only need to stop harming other sentient beings – we must stop eating meat which comes from intentional murder of butchers to fill our plates ! As it is said : »When vegetarians grow up, they become Vegans . » Many of our Asian friends don*t know the difference between Vegetarian and Vegan . In many conversatoons I always try to explain shortly and give them advice . Many vegetarains are thus becoming Vegans already .

    Thus we keep the legacy of Lord of refuge Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche Alive .

He was one of very few Ati Yoga Dzogchen master who did embody union of Dzogchen View and Conduct as unseparable . Great inspiration for all Dzogpa Chenpo practitioners to  see him and hear his  thunder-like Voice/Energy in few videos on internet …

1.3. In the testament Rinpoche wrote : When I pass away do not seek for my incarnation . Don*t be sad …« Also in this He shows extraordinary and enlightened qualities . Chatral Rinpoche was not the Lama of public : he never travelled on world tours for Dharma teachings , rather he encouraged practitioners to go to solitary retreat places in Nepal and India , founded by him . He was happy married Lama with sublime wife Kamala Rinpoche and two daughters . Kamala Rinpoche continues Her Husband Dharma activities of freeing animals and teaching Veg Dharma in accordance of Shakyamuni Buddha lineage . Chatral Rinpoche contributed so much to improvemnet of the Buddhist world and attitude toward vegetarianism and veganism . Many years ago when we started to promote  vegetarian diets among Buddhists it was considered like some kind  of subversive activity , looked with suspition by the majority . Meat eating people used all kind of quotation from books in their attacks . When other Dharma masters also started to promote vegetarian life style among Buddhists (HH the Dalai Lama , Gyalwang Drukpa, Ayang Rinpoche , Gyalwa Karmapa etc) , people become more open to the idea that vegan diets are actually in attunement  with Buddhist view of non-harming others .


    1.4. Documentaries like Earthlings , courageous activity of animal rights activists Gary Yourofsky and animal liberation movement accross the planet is step by step firmly bringing more awareness about the cruelty of meat, fish , eggs and dairy food industry . Some seven years ago Mangala Konchok Norbu and I organised facebook event with the title Vegan for one day- Vegan for life : GO; GO, GO ..attended by more than 900 people from all parts of the world . Now our Dharma friends from Malaysia are organising Thursday Veggie events on facebook, attended by hundreds of people . There are very many Vegetarian and Vegan groups on facebook for connection and inspiration .

1.5 . TASHI VEGAN DELEK : when you stop eating meat of murdered animals and dairy food (milk, cheese, yoghurt etc) your frequency is constantly raising . Your wisdom and compassion grows . Vegan diet with plant proteins (seitan, spirulina), minerals (black sesame) , medicinal herbs , organic brown rice, fruits and vegetables is very near with Cudlen practice (living on the extracts of minerals , herbs ) which assisted Ati Yoga Dzogchen masters like Nyala Pema Dondul to accomplish the Rainbow Body of Light .
Make the connection : Earthlings. Be Veg all days.
Make the connection : Earthlings :

 — with Karmapa WebChatral Sangye DorjeLiz AlvaradoNyala Pema DündulAngmo Chipalu,Rossella PanaroSundor YonzanShu Min Lin,Padma LahdolSilvie KüchelJacqie Vasana Lee,Buddha Dharma – Obf International and Seventeen Tantras of Ati Yoga Dzogchen Upadesha.


1.6 . Padma Vajra- Milan, Italy   quoted from Compassion in action by Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche  : »Padma Vajra : »Machig Labdrön, the legendary female practitioner of chöd, said, “For me eating meat is out of the question. I feel great compassion when I see helpless animals looking up with fearful eyes.” Rigzin Jigme Lingpa, a great yogi of the Nyingma tradition stated, “Just as in the story of Arya Katayana going to beg for food, I see that the animal that this meat came from was our mother in previous lives. If so, can we eat the flesh of our own mother who was slaughtered by butchers? Imagine how much concern would arise! Therefore, if we reflect honestly, there is no way we won’t feel compassion for the animal.” Bodhisattva Orgyen Jigme Chökyi Wangpo (Patrul Rinpoche) said, “As Buddhists, we have taken the triple refuge. To take refuge in the Dharma, one must practice nonviolence to sentient beings. Thus, if we continue to eat meat — which has come from the slaughtering of innocent animals — then is this not a contradiction of our Buddhist commitments?«



  • •●●♥♥✿ ☆҉‿ℒℴνℯ´⁀☆҉Dear All, GO VEGAN TODAY, on Dharmachakra day . Your positive energy by keeping vegan diet every day will multiply 10 millions times ! ••●●♥♥✿ ☆҉‿ℒℴνℯ´⁀☆҉NAMO AMITABHA BUDDHA
    • Selected bibliography :



World Vegan = World Peace


Easy way to become Vegan :

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  Tara Rinpoche Drimed Drolkhar



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Isabella Córdoba Mexico city :  I didn´t not about that page, I love this: “All beings, desperate orphans lost in samsara wilderness from the lack of faith are nurtured and enlivened by the vast panacea of the milk of your unconditioned love”. Thanks Alenka!

Isabella Córdoba Many times I feel lost and not adapted in samsara.

Alenka Bone Isabella Córdoba we don*t need to adapt to samsara at all .

Isabella Córdoba I think that to be happy we have to adapt a bit to samsara, I also know the joy of helping those most in need. Maybe I should interact more with people of the same level of consciousness. I live in a corrupt country.

Alenka Bone EU : All beings, desperate orphans lost in samsara wilderness from the lack of faith are nurtured and enlivened by the vast panacea of the milk of your unconditioned love”. written by my root Guru Kyabje Thinly Norbu Rinpoche (1931-2011) : in White sail …

Isabella Córdoba Pure wisdom of your teacher Rinpoche!

Alenka Bone yes, when we created this Visual Dharma, Kyabje Thinley Norbu was with us as deep inspiration and guidance . It has his Wisdom seal .

Isabella Córdoba You’re lucky to be surrounded by Buddhist teachers or Gurus!

Alenka Bone Isabella Córdoba Praying : May i never be separated from immeasurable Buddhas …

Isabella Córdoba There aren’t Buddhist monks where I am living now. I’ll pray it! Thanks a lot dear Alenka!

Alenka Bone Isabella Córdoba Buddhas and Bodhisattvas always hear our prayers, when we pray from the heart .

Isabella Córdoba I believe…a Bodhisattva is always beside us all time to help. Only we should to study dharma, meditate and practice what we have learned of Buddha teachings .

Tashi, Martin & Tara wondrous Dharma Art



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Swami Paramahamsa Swarupananda Guru Maharaj  Congrats!




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