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157 .Alive Dharma Teachings at the HERITAGE OF MANKIND

 ۩۞۩ Dear Friends of BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF INTERNATIONAL and dear Readers at the HERITAGE OF MANKIND ,we entered 2016 and the lunar new year of Fire Monkey will start in February .


Homage to our Vegan inspiration Guru Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche (1913-2015) who entered nirvana end of December ,  at the age of 102 years . Next Alive Dharma teaching will focus on His impact on the world and continuation of His enlightened Activities .

Serving, upholding & protecting the Teachings of Buddhas by promoting 10 Enlightened Activities as taught by the Buddhas ✿♥


  • 1.1. Jetsun Milarepa Song of Realisation is the main forcus for many Buddhist meditators . When Richard Page was meditating at the river Targus in Lisboa Portugal in autumn 2015 , he wrote this meaningful commentary on Jetsun Mila Song of realisation . We share this insights with you for further inspiration .

1.2. . Wikipedia gives this information about Jetsun Milarepa :  (Tibetanརྗེ་བཙུན་མི་ལ་རས་པWylierje btsun mi la ras pa) (c. 1052 – c. 1135 CE) is generally considered one of Tibet‘s most famous yogis and poets. He was a student of Marpa Lotsawa, and a major figure in the history of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism.

picmix.com_36666041.3. Since my beginning of Buddhist practice and studies , that is 28 years ago, I was interested in the life story of this great Buddhist saint . First I was reading His life in liberation story (Namtar ) in Serbo-croatian translation , published by Graphos publishing group in Belgrade . For all truth seekers in (ancient) Yugoslavia their translations were so precious , because we could not import any Buddhist  books in English  from abroad . We just grabbed every Graphos translation , among them Mahamudra book . Later from 1990 onward we could import Buddhist books in English from UK or even from USA (Wisdom books UK, Snow Lion publications NY  etc) . But I still remember those fresh and inspiring years J  when Buddhist Dharma was not available on internet , in bookstores … we condidered it very sacred and precious . It was rare !

       Nowdays there are very many videos about Jetsun Milarepa  and his Songs  on youtube , many published books , among them in Tibetan, English and other languages .

1.4 . Song of love and compassion is our Visual Dharma , dedicated to Jetsun Mila . It was published in February 2010 and now has more than 20.800 views .

❤☀Homage to Buddha Vajradhara, Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa Lotsawa, Milarepa, Gampopa.


 May this noble offering of Visual Dharma, created for the anniversary of Jetsun Milarepa, be pleasing to the Buddhas of the past.


1.5 . Milarepa listening to the Sound of the Universe :

Since twenty –eight years of my Buddhist practice I always searched all Buddhist masters  who have connections with the Sound practice . Thangka by Jetsun Mila, presenting him in yogic posture and a meditation belt is very well know . When visiting the Heritage of mankind – Treasure of pure Dharma , I always notice that our Readers  and visitors are also mainly searching in archives for the Teachings / research connected to the Sound practice . I beleive that the Heritage of Mankind is main portal about Sound teachings and practice .   Of course Sound has outer, inner , secret and most secret meaning .


1.6 . Natural Sound of Dharmata /Tib . Chonyid kyi rangdra) was the term almost unknown in the world – when we started to point out importance of these Buddhist lineages , meditations and contemplation (samadhi) . Nowdays we find such  term included in dictionaries  like this below :

TERM: ཆོས་ཉིད་ཀྱི་རང་སྒྲ   

 Search Tibetan text archive for this word

THL TRANSLITERATION: chos nyid kyi rang sgra/
THL TRANSCRIPTION: chönyi kyirangdra

Natural / spontaneous sound of dharmata. One of the first displays in the bardo of dharmata
Natural sound of dharmata, Spontaneous sound of dharmata, the self-sound of dharmata, natural sound of reality


natural/ spontaneous/ self- sound of dharmata/ reality


   In one of my dream I said to few English speaking Buddhist teachers : »Do you know what Chonyid kyi rangdra means? » Nobody knew . Then I asked them : »Do you know the Natural Sound of Dharmata ?« No answer from them … I continued : »Therefore I came back to this world to uphold these endangered Lineages…With every generation this Knowledge is less and less…«

In search for deepening my Dharma practice I approached many Buddhist Lamas, Rinpoches and always encouraged them to teach about Natural Sound of Dharmata , namely Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche , HE Tai Situ Rinpoche , HE Ayang rinpoche , Tsoknyi Rinpoche , and of course my precuious Palden Tsawai Lama Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche (1930-2011) . Now we can read their precious insights into the Sound practice published in Dharma books : Cascading Waterfall of Nectar etc . To inspire your own research and Dharmata Sound contemplation I add these links to their  Dharma books :






1.7 . Milarepas Song of Realization

 My Son, when simplicity arises in the mind,
Do not follow after conventional terms.
There’s a danger you will get trapped in the chains of eight dharmas.
Rest in a state free of pride.
Do you understand this,
Teacher from Central Tibet?
Do you understand this, Takpo Lhajey?

When self-liberation dawns from within,
Do not need reasonings of the logicians.
There’s a danger you will just waste your energy.
My Son, rest free of thoughts.
Do you understand this,
Teacher from Central Tibet?
Do you understand this, Takpo Lhajey?

Realize your own mind is emptiness,
And do not engage the reasoning beyond one or many.
There’s a danger you will fall into a nihilistic emptiness.
Do you understand this, Teacher from Central Tibet?
Do you understand this, Takpo Lhajey?

When immersed in mahamudra meditation,
Do not exert yourself in virtuous actions of body and speech.
There’s a danger the wisdom of non-thought will vanish.
My Son, rest uncontrived and loose.
Do you understand this,
Teacher from Central Tibet?
Do you understand this, Takpo Lhajey?

When the signs of enlightenment foretold by the scriptures arise,
Do not boast with joy or cling to them.
There’s a danger you will inhereit the prophecy of mara instead.
Rest free of clinging.
Do you understand this,
Teacher from Central Tibet?
Do you understand this, Takpo Lhajey?

When you gain resolution regarding your mind,
Do not yearn for the higher cognitive powers.
There’s a danger you will be carried away by the mara of pretentiousness.
Son, rest free of hope and fear.
Do you understand this,
Teacher from Central Tibet?
Do you understand this, Takpo Lhajey?

Richard Page

1.8 . Primary theology of Milarepa from Marpa.

Commentary by  Richard Page :

Conventional reality has eight worldy chains to destroy the faith,

These arise in the mind that is untrained,

Empty they are praise, gain, pleasure, and fame.

Empty they are criticism, loss, bad reputation and pain

It might seem a contradiction but

Empty are the maras,

Empty are the buddhas,

Empty are beings,

Because they are empty one must cultivate compassion

for the beings and with buddhas,

Because they are empty one must dispel the maras.


They exist like a flash of lighting in the dark of night,

They neither are, nor are they not,

Nor are their both existent and non existent,

Nor are they neither existent nor non-existent,


They are aware and correct awareness is compassion

for all that lives and suffers,

For in this universe what lives is what is rare and what is rare is precious,

And what is rare is life and because of there is life

there are the four noble truths,

And because there are the four noble truths

there is the eight fold path to liberation from suffering

And because there is suffering there is compassion

leading to enlightenment and nirvana

And because there is enlightenment and nirvana

there is a deathless state free of this cycle of pain.


Thus have all the Buddhas of all the countless kalpas taught

And thus this perceptual awakening of the spotless dharma-mind of the nirmanakaya taught by the Lord Buddha himself

When he disciplined the monk,  “Enough, Vakkali! Why do you want to see this filthy body? Whoever sees the Dharma sees me; whoever sees me sees the Dharma”


And Buddha later tells us that the there is only one-thing and no-thing in the trikaya

That the manifestation is the realization of the dharma, is the true nature of all being

And the dharma is both the medicine to dispel the conventional truth of the unenlightened mind

And the illumination of the ultimate truth which the Buddhas bring forth into the world,

No life, no death, no end to life and no end to death,

No path, no end to the path, no suffering and no end to suffering,


Do not act to find heaven or seek to avoid hell,

Do not act, meditate and observe with the eyes of wisdom and compassion,

And the formless realms of heaven

And Nirvana when beings are free,

Both will find you.


And because of this nature of the awakening mind,

different from the conventional mind like night is to day,

You are aware of how rare all life is, and how exceedingly rare human life is,

How the boundless primacy of loving kindness for all living beings

wishing them free from suffering and its cause is reality


Who each suffer like you, thus the will of all time,

is that we meditate for the great cycle of liberation.


Milarepa tells us “In the mountain hermitage of my body,

at the summit of my heart,

in the temple of my chest,

the horse of my mind flys like the wind.

May I embrace all space, just as space embraces fire, water, earth and wind,

so that the wishes of all beings may be fulfilled in the spirit of the dharma.”

And this we can say is for each being,

And it makes me ask if our monks robes were wide enough

could we embrace all the suffering beings of all the world?

And may we enclose them in the folds of compassion hidden away in saffron and yellow?

And this we must say is for all beings.


Milarepas suffering tell us:

Nothing you may encounter is an obstacle

If it contributes to the practice.


Though all learning is good, to walk the path is not the same as to study the path

though realizations come from both, Nirvana is only attained through the Effort of the walk.

There are these teachers….


If all beings are Buddhas and Buddhas can be all beings,

These teachers are not books,

Not Scriptures,

Not statues,

They are the love letters of

Of the summer heat and chilly snow, wind and rain,

They are days and nights,

Learning from nature always is a gift and realization,

Learning from teachers always is a gift and realization,

Learning from experience, practice puts feet to path.

Learning from awareness and perception, meditation put mind en route.


This is the primay theology of Milarepa.

Without practice words are hollow,

Without experience words fall short,

Without the teacher words lack substance,

Without the awareness and perception of nature as it is, words fail do serve the truth.
Thus by understanding this,

All beings may practice so that in conventional realms ignorance ends,

And in the ultimate realm all are released and all suffering is washed away.

Short biography : Richard Brian Page is  former assistant  professor of history and poli science  at Delaware state university USA and visiting professor at Mahachulalongkarn in Thailand. He   lived,  studied and worked in Tibet, Bhutan, Thailand and China.  He is translator and student.


1.9 . Selected bibliography compiled by Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar :

Jetsun Milarepa Song of realisation Chanted by 17th Gyalwa Karmapa




Milarepa movie trailer


Milarepa caves

Jetsun Milarepa life story and liberation :





picmix.com_3970583II. WISDOM WITHOUT BORDERS

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