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151. Alive Dharma Teaching at the HERITAGE OF MANKIND ,
Treasure of pure Dharma

I. Dear Friends of BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF INTERNATIONAL and dear readers at the HERITAGE OF MANKIND ,
21st Century is century of Visual communications. As humanity is progressing globally , arts or methods of communicating Knowledge also changes . In this perspective we will look how the methods of teachings Buddhist Dharma changed from the time of Lord Buddha in India , Guru Padmasambhava and master Vimalamitra in Tibet (8th Century A.D.) till now . We will look into new methods of teaching the Dharma globally, we will look into VISUAL DHARMA .

2.1. VISUAL DHARMA – contemporary methods of teaching Buddhism globally :
After enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya Lord Buddha did not teach the Dharma to anyone. Hearing sincere requests of devoted followrs like Brahma , the Enlightened One turned the Dharma wheel for the first time at Sarnath in India, teaching the Four Noble Truths . Now in 21st Century we created Visual Dharma or spiritual guidance in 3rd millennium : Dharma wheel – the Path of peace, happiness and bliss .

Buddhist Dharma is beyond time and space : it is manifesting according to the needs of sentient beings who need spiritual guidance toward the Other shore , to realise their own Buddha nature .
Buddhist pali canon was first written on palm leaves and in 21st century is being digitalised and available to all, sharing the blessings of Buddhas everywhere. Guru Padmasambhava and his close students like Dakini Yeshe Tshogyal have hidden many Dharma treasures , later discovered by five terton kings like Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo and others .


We can intuitively understand that Dharma is infinite like the sky …In Tibet Kangyur canon was compiled by dilligent schollars and lotsawas or translators There are many Holy places of Buddhism on the planet , presented in Visual Dharma : Holy places of Buddhism – Journey toward enlightenment .

2.1.2. Inspiration behind Visual Dharma
It was in March 1994, more than twenty-one years ago, that our Dharma art director Mangala Konchok Norbu adn I met Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche : we invited him to teach Meditation in action at the Adria Convent in Ankaran city, at Adriatic sea side of Slovenia. Just at that time Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche was spiritual advisor to film maker Bernardo Bertolucci movie : little Buddha .

Very inspiring movie indeed , Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche made good work as spiritual adviser . We met Rinpoche at that time when he told us about Little Buddha , saying : “I will see you there …”

_/♥\_Om tare tutare ture svaha ✿⊱╮ༀ་ཏཱ་རེ་ཏུཏྟཱ་རེ་ཏུ་རེ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། ✿ღ ✿⊱╮

_/♥\_Om tare tutare ture svaha ✿⊱╮ༀ་ཏཱ་རེ་ཏུཏྟཱ་རེ་ཏུ་རེ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། ✿ღ ✿⊱╮


Rinpoche said he will also create Buddhist movies . We were greately inspired and began our own publishing at Vajra Gharuda publications and later e-publications . All our publications like Maitreya newsletter , Incarnation (by Tai Situ Rinpoche), Spirituality in daily life (by Sogyal Rinpoche ) and many others are rich in illustrations . In this way we created our own methods of creating Visual Dharmas .

Dharma Art Animation by Tara Rinpoche 2.1.3. Visual Dharma for the benefit of humanity :
Creating Visual Dharmas demands constant spiritual practice or contemplation . It is contemplative art or Ars sacra . In 2007 we opened our empowered Buddhist channel on youtube .
▒▒ PΞДCΞ ▒▒ ❤ WISD☼M ▒▒ (ツ) ☼
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“All appearence is sheer art, beautiful beyond all enduring, appealing beyond all possibility of posession. It can not be posessed but it is entirely accesible. The treasure which our being preserved for us is like an ever-present nectar; it is like an inexhaustible kingdom which is always open to us.” Tarthang Tulku : Time, space and knowledge.
Visual Dharmas also serve educational means with related articles , bibliography and e-learning curriculum .
Visual Dharmas can be used as learning materials in schools, for teachers and student education , at universities and research centres throughout the world . Rinzin Wangmo from Ministry of education in Bhutan promised to introduce Visual Dharmas as learning materials in manifold schools in Bhutan .
2.1.4. Visual Dharmas for spiritual practice : few Visual Dharmas are actual recorded spiritual practices like Tsog offering verse by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche .

๑۩۞۩๑ ཨོཾ་མ་ཎི་པ་དྨེ་ཧཱུྃ་ ๑۩۞۩๑2.1.5. Visual Dharma for academic research :
In Spring 2015 I joined social site for academics . All my papers have links to Visual Dharmas and I am constantly in 1-5 % of most visited profiles at academia.edu .
Join TaraTulku and 22,962,060 other researchers on Academia.edu
Since my field of knowledge and practice is Buddhist At Yoga Dzogchen , these papers are also most studied.
2.1.5. Visual Dharmas for the Heritage of mankind
Treasure of pure Dharma now contains 151. Alive Dharma teachings . All have inspiring animations and embedded Visual Dharmas . Heritage of mankind now have 5200 followers from aorund the world .
_(((♥)))_Namo Amitabha Buddha. 南无阿弥陀佛。_(((♥)))_
All time 85,833views
2.1.6. Visual Dharmas on Google +
They are found in ouir photo albums, showing rich Buddhist history alive . Some animations have more than 3700 views , altogether more than 300.000

2.1.7. Visual Dharma on professional social sites :
LinkedIn is well known social site for professionals . I regularly share Visual Dharmas with more than 1370 contacts worldwide , to bring positive energy and inspiration to all.


dharma wheel animation by Tara Rinpoche 2.1.8. Visual Dharma on other social sites :
Another social site where Visual Dharma regularly appear and bring positive energy is Facebook :
Sharing them with 4921 friends and 1530 followers
We also have two pages :


2.1.9. Visions for the future :
Visual Dharma is skillful symbolic teaching of Buddhist Dharma in contemporary world .
Many years ago I had a dream where HH the Dalai Lama gave me two packages of white seeds . Shortly afterwards these white seeds are already growing on green meadow … Visual Dharma are like white seeds of Buddha nature , growing strongly on the wild green meadows of samsara, blessing everyone who sees them .
Human beings are visual beings: when they see Buddhist symbols and hear Buddhist prayers , this is embeddded in their consciousness , helping them in bardo states : in this life , at the time of death, in the bardo of Dharmata and in next lives . Sarwa mangalam : all blessings .





HH the Dalai Lama celebrated 80. Birthday on July 6. We sent him many good wishes : may he live for 123 years as predicted …

GURU CHOWANG Dharma art by Tara Rinpoche

IV. Colophon
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๑۩۞۩๑  With Lho Kunzang Rinpoche (Tibet) after Medicine Buddha empowerment at Rime Chöling, Graz ,Austria

๑۩۞۩๑ With Lho Kunzang Rinpoche (Tibet) after Medicine Buddha empowerment at Rime Chöling, Graz ,Austria

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V . Dedication ✿⊱╮May the merit and virtues accrued from this work adorn the Buddha´s Pure Land,
Repaying the four kinds of kindnesses above and relieve the sufferings of those in the three paths below.May those who see and hear of this all bring forth the heart of Understanding and live the Dharma for the rest of this life. Then be born together in the Land of Infinite Bliss. Homage to Amitabha Buddha


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