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126th Alive Dharma teachings at the HERITAGE OF MANKIND
I. OM SVASTI Dear All , blessed and auspicious Dakini day. Let us focus our attention again on the Display of the self-nature of the five Wisdom Dakinis and the Essence Lineage , as taught by Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche . Welcome also to Dakini Day ongoing Dharma event on Facebook .
2.1. Magic Dance : Lineage III. Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche
Continuation “If we practice the Dharma depending on ordinary substance lineage power, we can not have deep spiritual power . The source of visible power is always invisible power . For example , some machines are very powerful, but we can not see or touch the electricity that runs them because the source of its power is invisible . If we can not connect visible substance power to its invisible substanceless source, then it is quickly exhausted. This is especially true today when easterners and westerners are making Dharma factories , trying to bargain with substance lineage for power and gain . Like capitalist who want prestige and wealth in order to have respect of others, we want gain that is touchable and useful and we are afraid of powerty, anonymity and loss of worldly power . We think that lineage must be exclusive, only for those who accumulate spiritual prestige. We think that lineage is found only through associating with conspicuously high people, well -known Dharma centres and teachers who have been recognized by the public as traditional lineage holders.
We may pretend to be Buddhists, but if we do not have wisdom point of view and the compassion that the Buddha Shakyamuni revealed again and again, then whatever Dharma acts we perform are just Dharma drama for the nihilist audience to senselessly gossip about during intermission.
Some people think lineage depends on a teacher. Especially some easterners believe that westerners cannot have lineage because they are not linked from birth to a spiritual teacher. Unless we are nihilist and believe only in the visible we can not judge the spiritual qualities of someone who has no visible teacher in this life . If someone takes water from the tap because we have not seen them take it from the source, is this reason to say it is not water ? On a pilgrimage, pilgrims need a guide first, but when they know the path, they can go alone . In the end, just because they have no visible guide, we can not say they do not know the path . Of course, for most people lineage depends on visible teacher, and , in general, if we can find a good teacher it is necessary to have a guide. But according to the Buddhist tradition, if we believe in karma, we believe that because some people had a visible teacher in previous lives and have experience with pure essence of their elements, they can be reborn to become enlightened without depending on a visible teacher in this life . Even if we have one hundred teachers, when we separate from our natural mind , we have broken lineage . Even if we have no teacher, when we are connected to our natural mind , we have true Wisdom Mind lineage .
white Tara
Our ordinary mind is deluded mind , so our eyes are definitely deluded . Even though it seems to be reality , what we see is probably hallucination , as a person with jaundice sees a white conch as yellow. So we can not say that this one has lineage or that one does not . This only creates obscuration s about pure lineage . If we want to talk about pure Dharma lineage , we must be concerned with purity . Buddha Shakyamuni said : “My fearless lion`s Dharma throne does not have an owner . The one who has compassion, who has Wisdom Mind, who has benefit mind, this one is the holder of my lineage, and can sit upon my throne.” He did not say the one who has title, the one who is chosen by neurotic-minded people, the one who has created more politics. Whether one is titled or untitled, chosen or not chosen, politician or not politician, the lineage holder is the one who has original wisdom qualities and whose mind source is wisdom purity . Whoever has vast spiritual qualities through pure intention and gifted mind from previous karma holds a pure spiritual lineage and can truly benefit other beings .

Even though born the daughter of a noble family,
You found no essence in such worldly life,
So you ran from your splendid castle
And wandered from place to place
Seeking only ultimate liberation .

At the time you looked for liberation ,
With your incomparably exquisite from blossoming ,
Two dukedoms sought to make you their princess,
But in the midst of their disputes
You became queen .

Of the most powerful monarch ,
Manifestation of sunrise-colored prajna body,
Raising the sword of stainless awareness,
Cutting through nets of ignorance .
Even through with the supreme ruler
You became queen of the land ,
Surrounded by snow mountain rosary,
You were utterly free from attachment .
When your most wonderous betrothed
Offered you to the vagabond Acharya,
You recognised him as no ordinary being
But the very glowing of Amitabha .
And so you merged your mind in his wisdom heart .

To you, Yeshe Tsogyal, I bow always,
Until I become the same as you .
Magic Dance : The Display of the self-nature of the five wisdom dakinis ; Jewel Publishing House , New York
Afterword by Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche :
Homage to Samantabhadra Buddha
On this Dakini day we finished publishing about Essence Lineage taught by Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche . Rinpoche words are so accurate and precise , not hiding anything . “Dharma factiries, trying to bargain with substance lineage power and gain.” Very many Dharma centres treat the Dharma as merchandise , selling statues, Dharma items , selling initiations etc. Guru Padmasambhava predicted in His Jewel Spike Testament : “In the future times there will be many perverted Dharma practituioners who will treat the Dharma as merchandise . At that time ALL OF YOU WHO RESPECT MY WORDS, DO NOT NEGLECT TEN DHARMIC ACTIVITIES . ” Building temples and stupas is not counted among ten Dharmic activities . Yes nowdays this is wide spread in Buddhism . Investing in properties . Students became sales managers for Lamas and everyone else is subordinate to executive committee.
We must serve the Teachings of Buddhas to be true lineage holders connected to our natural Wisdom Mind Lineage . How to be connected to natural Wisdom Mind lineage ? By contemplating NATURAL SOUND OF DHARMATA (Chonyid kyi rangdra )as taught in the Dra Thal Gyur root tantra of Dzogchen Upadesha .
Kyabej Thinley Norbu Rinpoche says : “Lineage holder is the one who has original wisdom qualitues and whose mind source is wisdom purity .” These are profound Atiyoga Dzogchen instructions : wisdom purity is stainless Dharmakaya , kadak or primordial purity manifesting wisdom qualities (yonten) . True Wisdom Mind Lineage is Essence lineage of Dharmakaya (Choku) manifesting (Lhundrub) Rupakaya (Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya). Spontaneous perfection . Rinpoche`s Heart advice is : the best is to be simple and natural . Whoever is simple and natural is close to Dharmakaya (Choku) in himself/herself . Rinpoche devotion to Lotus-born Guru and to Yeshe Tshogyal is boundless . His poetic verse is Magic Display (Rolpa) of devotion . As emanation of All.knowing Longchenpa and of Drimed Odser he was true Lineage Holder (Rigpa Dzinpa, Rigdzin) of the Wisdom Mind Lineage . Rinpoche prayed for me to flourish Wisdom Mind Qualities for the benefit of neings . Although Rinpoche manifested Body (Tulku, Nirmanakaya) dissolved into Dharmakaya end of December 2011 , he is forever present in the Hearts of all devoted and inspired by his Dharma Works.

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III. Colophon
IV. Colophon
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