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“When I have passed beyond this world of sorrow,

Three hundred sixty years from now,

In Uddiyana, the land of braided people,

To the daughter of the monarch Uparaja,

Will appear a yogi-child, without a father,

Who is blessed by Buddha Vajrasattva

And bears the name Delightful Vajra.

He will spread the doctrine of Ati teachings.”

Thus Buddha Shakyamuni foretold the coming of Prahevajra – Garab Dorje

*Nirvana sutra*

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I. Introduction : Homage to Buddha Amitabha. May all sentient beings, esp. those who visit our empowered channel, safely reach Pure Land of Infinite Light. Dear Friends, this Alive Dharma Teachings from the Dragon island brings you Visual Dharma : Pada  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wbuywZ5i5M and astrological explanation about N and S Moon knot that are part of every  natal chart & spiritual advice about evolution that one must do in present life. Your lovely feedbacks are included in Wisdom Without Borders . Wishing you peace, health,love.


2.1.Rahu and Ketu : astrological Teaching from the Dragon island

“Appreciate inner Buddha potential,

Move forward like a Dragon.

Ride on the Dragon´s head,

Not on the Dragon´s tail !”

Rahu and Ketu are well known in karmic astrology. And it is just appropriate to write about them on 11th Atiyoga Dzogpa chenpo meditation retreat on the Dragon island. Retreat starts when you begin with preparations : buying food, planning the journey, packing…All these activities require concentration. Retreat does not start when you arrive at the island – it starts few days earlier. Preparation is crucial – on the retreat you wish to have everything comfortable as much as possible .

On the car ferry to the island you can renew your Bodhisattva vow to carry all sentient beings to the other shore – toward Enlightenment. With every meditation retreat on this special island we move forward toward complete Enlightenment, with Pada: self-arisen footprints in the rock which I discovered four years ago. And with self-arisen Handprint in the rock, that I discovered two years ago. Both are presented  in the Dharma Art photo connected with this Teaching. We move forward on the Footsteps of the buddhas. This special island truly deserves to be named after a Dragon. It is one of 1244 islands in the Adriatic sea and it is the biggest. Feng Shui and geomancy experts discovered connections with geomantic points on the mainland (Istra). In Greek Classical period these 30 islands were named Apsyrtides. The biggest island is like the Dragon´s head (Rahu) with the  healing water sea (Vransko jezero) as Dragon´s  glittering eye.  Dragon´s tail is southern lower island .  All surrounding is climatic health resort, 80 km long. Eye of the dragon is well known consecration ceremony of traditional Chinese paintings. We can understand that each meditation retreat is like the “eye of the Dragon” : we consecrate and empower ourselves.

“ In karmic astrology Rahu symbolises the Northern Moon knot while the Ketu symbolises the Southern Moon knot. Moon knots are sensitive points in natal chart representing karmic components : from where do I come from ? Where do I go ? Moon knots are points in natal chart where the orbit of the moon crosses the orbits of the earth and the sun. The connection of Northern and Southern Moon knot is opposite to each other , crossing the whole natal chart. They move in opposite direction (from Aries to Pisces etc). In 18,5 years the Moon knots cross all Zodiac signs. It is not surprising that in many countries human being is considered as adult with 18 years. Moon knots need ca. 1,5 years to move through one Zodiac sign. Thus we find ourselves in the company of people born in the same year who have Moon knot in the same Zodiac sign, but in different individual house. Moon knot axis describer the principle of reincarnation : in previous lives we collected experiences that are repeating itself in this life. Southern Moon knot – Ketu – represent the past. Northern Moon knot _ Rahu- represent the future and the aim in present life. The axis between them is the path on which we are in present life. All other aspects of natal chart can explain this life axis in greater details. Southern Moon knot – Ketu – contains the sum of all experiences  from previous lives and is more familiar to us as its counterpart – Rahu, Dragon´s head. Ketu (karmic tail) consist of all habits which we do not want to avoid because of the comfort (karmic shell), hindering us in our spiritual development. But it is our duty to overcome that “karmic tail” and to master our karma, making new experiences in new direction. We must put down the chain of old bad habits and look forward to new, mostly unknown shores. Through the position of the houses and its residing Northern Moon knot we can recognise in which concrete life areas this spiritual progress should take place and where we are still hindered by old bad habits. It is very interesting to see how far we already proceeded up to this point of our life and what is in front of us.” This astrological explanation about Rahu and Ketu contains many principles of natural liberation of karma, or as some call it : self-liberation.

Eminent Nyingma Vajrayana Buddhist master Longchen Rabjam (1308-1363) wrote three cycles of Teachings about relaxation in Atiyoga Dzogpa chenpo. All-knowing Longchenpa also taught that Threkchö (Cutting through) and Todgal (Leap over ) must be practiced as a unity. Cutting through tensions, which is natural relaxation, is important part of Atiyoga Dzogpa chenpo daily practice. On meditation retreat we must not burden ourselves with too many activities (esp. if one´s energy is not high), but try to relax in spaciousness.

Relax in listening to sea waves, relax in listening the birds singing, relax on walk through lungo mare – pathway at the sea shore … relax in swimming, floating in crystal clear emerald sea… relax in preparing vegetarian food, relax in seeing beautiful sunset at the bay, relax in listening to gentle rain and in seeing the rainbow thereafter. Relax in the view of spaciousness. Relax in inhaling fresh salty ionised air while moving gently in Chi Kung workout. Relax in exhaling slowly and long. In relaxed way everything becomes part of contemplation , not only chanting of Prayers, sadhanas and mantras, but all experiences.

Ordinary busy , extraverted life which many people live, brings enormous tensions. Living in tensions means that you live on the Dragon`s tail, living in the past, not in the present. When ordinary people get older, they nurture memories about their youth or their traumatic experiences in life. Meditation teaches everyone not to dwell in the past, but to become aware of innate Buddha potential, seed of Enlightenment. Buddha Padmasambhava also teaches : “What you are now is the result of your past actions. What you can become, will be the result of your present actions.” These Teachings can help everyone not to be attached to living in the past  but to nurture innate Seed of Enlightenment through accumulating merit and wisdom on the Dharma path. Thus one moves from the Dragon´s tail (Ketu) to the Dragon´s head (Rahu), making spiritual progress, important for ones incarnation.

Astrological chart gives precise advice about spiritual work to be done regarding ones spiritual evolution on present life.

OM May you be fearless like the Dragon,

Looking forward  deeply inside.

May you become awakened to innate Buddha potential,

Secret Sound*Light of Dharmata, Ultimate nature. SVAHA

International institute for contemporary Buddhist Studies :

E-learning  curriculum :

1.What does Rahu and Ketu symbolises ?

2. How do you apply hem in your daily life ?

3. Why is relaxation important for spiritual progress ?

„The best of all gifts is the Gift of Truth.“

D h a m m a p a d a

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nutier- France

Dear venerable, please enjoy my questions , thank you .
In Buddhism , there are four different lengths of kalpas ( aeon ) . A regular kalpa is approximately 16 millions years long( 16.798.000 years ), and a small kalpa is 1000 regular kalpas . Further , a medium kalpa is 320 billion years , the equivalent of 20 small kalpas . A great kalpa is 4 medium kalpas , or 1.28 trillion years .
May peace , happiness and wisdom be upon you always !

Q.196 – Is kalpa a unit of measure the universe or simply to measure the Samsara world?
Samsara is measured in kalpas and aeons. For some sentient beings it takes many kalpas to be reborn in Amitabha Buddha Pure land, which is out of samsara. All depends on person´s faith, devotion to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, purity of precepts , noble way of living (vegetarianism) and diligent spiritrual practice , including relaxation.

Q.197 – If the kalpa is used to measure the samsara world , what are the lengths between sensuous , form , and formlessness realms ?
Kamadhatu (world of desire), rupadhatu (world of form) and formless realm (arupadhatu) : they all originate from the central ignorance or unawareness. Samsara is circle , not some horizontal line. How to transcend that ignorance or unawareness is the whole Teachings of the Buddha, the Teacher of gods and men. Turn your attention inside and find in your consciousness that awareness of Buddha potential within.

@Suki40330 and friends, please explain me who is Amithaba? Origins and teachings ? thanks

Amitabha is the Buddha of the Western Pure land of infinite Light and Life. Detailed explanation is found in the description of Visual Dharma : Amitabha Buddha  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozKDpz_G3JQ

Heritage of mankind



4.1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wzQ6Kp9PEU IF LOVE WAS A RIVER

“If love was a mountain
High above this town
Would you climb to the top
Would you never look down
If love was a mountain
Would you go around”

Musical postcard for all connected in Wisdom without borders , comes from Alan Jackson´s song : If love was a river. May the River of Wisdom be peaceful and deep.

4.2.Wisdom from around the world

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