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Alive Dharma teaching, March 28,2010


Dear Friends , may  Visual Dharma : Prayer of Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche find you in good health, peace and prosperity. By viewing this Visual therapy Art , by rating it 5*, commenting, favouring , sharing and embedding it you positive energy will increase . It is ten years since Rinpoche wrote this auspicious Prayer. With your support His Prayers for inner & outer peace on this planet will be fulfilled in auspiciousness for everyone.


kunzangwa India

“May the Great Heruka Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche Live Long and May all His Noble Prayers be fullfilled .”

In this alive Dharma teaching we focus on the Sound of Dharma with the news about H.H. the Dalai Lama teaching in Europe and the Seeds of the Buddha tree for world peace. We also bring new research on Millennium goals : Gender  equality and empowerment of women : 100 commitments , presented by ambassador of Denmark  H.E. Anita Hugau and our contribution  in November 2008. Your many responses to Visual Dharmas and teachings  are included in the Wisdom without borders. Five  Questions are answered at the International Institute for Contemporary Buddhist Studies.

May your day and nights be peaceful, happy, blessed now after the season change . OM MANI PADME HUM

II.Buddhist spiritual * religious activities :

ཆོས་ཀྱི་འཁོར་ལོ (chos kyi ‘khor lo): Wheel of Law – The symbol of Buddha  Dharma


i. XIV. Dalai Lama in Europe, Spring 2010

Welcome to Europe again, Your Holiness

Slovenia, Maribor, April 6 : Planting of the tree for world peace , together with the mayor of Maribor city, 9,30 at the city park .

Ethics for the new millennium – public lecture at the Tabor sport hall, 1 pm. Buddhist monks from Gyuto tantric college will create sand mandala at the city castle hall. For complete programme see:  www.maribor.si/dalailama After Maribor His Holiness will  visit Ljubljana.

This is 2nd visit of H.H. the Dalai Lama in Slovenia. 1st occurred in July 2002.

Switzerland , April 9-11 Zürich  public talk : Universal responsibility and economics www.dalailamazurich.ch and www.compassionineconomics.org

For complete schedule in USA and India see : www.dalailama.com


Treating Planet Earth with Non-greed, Gratitude and Simplicity

From 15th annual Western Buddhist monastics conference,California

“As a result Sravasti Abbey will start a “Vegetarian from Afar” programme, to encourage people to be vegetarian.”Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron , excerpt from Snow Lion magazine, N.Y. winter 2010


His Eminence Sagar Rinpoche – World peace Envoy, Nepal, kindly offered Seeds of the Buddha tree, to promote World Peace throughout the planet.

Seed are available from : BuddhaDharma.OBFInternational@gmail.com

iv. FREE EMBEDING of 48 Visual Dharmas http://www.YouTube.com/OpenBuddhistForum

Buddhist teachings for third millenium
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dC_8PMNp-s Avalokiteshvara Buddha

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUpDQFWm4Mk Day of planet Earth, Apr22

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cVQF_YbLoU Buddhism,peace & ecology

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFXOkKPl0Q4 Crystal Stupa

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b142vg5ghsk Song of Love and Compassion

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U_wIVPE8p0 Dialogues & Ars sacra

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK8q_pg2YmU Garab Dorje : 3 Testaments

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2a0iFjgBJc About Buddhism

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApIARcwuAzc Vajrasattva mantra

ཆོས་ཀྱི་འཁོར་ལོ (chos kyi ‘khor lo): Wheel of Law – The symbol of Buddha  Dharma


3.1.Questions and answers

nutierFrance –  has made a comment on JETSUN MILAREPA : SONG OF LOVE AND COMPASSION: wonderful music song of love and compassion that I like ! Do love and compassion come from loving kindness ? Thank you for sharing .nutier .Love and compassion come from innate Buddha nature,present within every sentient being. Loving kindness (metta) is expression of Love and compassion – of that Buddha nature. Loving kindness comes from positive, wholesome mental state. To achieve such positive mental states one must stop eating meat, purify negative thoughts and negative energy. One must pray and meditate. Song of Love and compassion by Jetsün Milarepa gives many insights into the nature of spiritual progress.


Dear venerable  , please enjoy my questions , thank you .
There are thirty one planes of existence in the three worlds : the sensuous world = 11 planes , the fine material world = 16 planes , and the immaterial world = 4 planes which formed samsara world that all beings are born and die , and be reborn without ceasing . These events may exist because of ignorance . May peace and happiness be upon you always !
Q.168 – As samsara is existing because of ignorance , does ignorance create samsara? Ignorance starts when there is attachment to oneself and enmity toward others. The best Teaching how samsara is starting is in Wish-granting prayer of Samantabhadra (Tib. Kunzang Gongpa Zhangtal)

Q.169 – If the ignorance does not creates samsara , does the mind itself creates ignorance? Mind which is not aware and is dull, without clarity and awareness , is ignorant mind. There are no two separate “things” – mind and ignorance. They are the same.
Q.170 – When the enlightenment is installed in the mind , the ignorance has disappeared . When the ignorance has disappeared , the samsara has also disappeared .If samsara has disappeared , have the 31 planes of existence disappeared too ?
Enlightenment can not be installed, because it is already present in oneself as innate Buddha nature. But this precious Buddha nature is not recognised , being covered with dullness , agitation or indifference which is ignorance. When a Bodhisattva accomplish 8th stage , he transcends samsara forever. Samsara is   individual and collective. 31 planes of existence will completely disappear when every sentient being becomes completely enlightened and accomplished in the Dharmadhatu.

globalaffair United Kingdom

Re: HUMAN RIGHTS & GENDER EQUALITY Alive Dharma teaching, March 14,2010 Lovely, peaceful.
“Nowadays, if one speaks the truth, there is no one to listen. If one speaks falsely everyone holds it to be true. Therefore, I have not disclosed this to anyone before: I am no ordinary person. I am a bodhisattva who has taken birth by the power of his aspiration.”Briefly, what is “bodhisattva”?

The above insights about telling of Truth comes from venerable Mipham Rinpoche (1846-1912) who wrote the Verses of prayer to the Eight noble auspicious ones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17hdDD40SQo As it is said : Bodhisattva is not an ordinary person. Bodhisattva is somebody who has taken birth by the power of his or her aspiration . There are 10 Bodhisattva stages. Noble or Great Bodhisattvas are those on 8th,9th and 10th level. This description is in accord with gradual path toward Enlightenment. In high Vajrayana teachings great Bodhisattvas are described  as emanation of Buddhas. For Mipham Rinpoche it is said that he did not want to come again into this saha world, but wanted to take pure birt in Shambhala pure Land of the North. His words are full of Truth also in our times .


4.1. Wisdom from around the world :

netto368Malaysia has made a comment on SEVEN LINE PRAYER TO BUDDHA PADMASAMBHAVA:

orgyen yul gyi nub chang tsam
padma kesar dongpö la
yathsen chok gi ngö drup nye
Padma jungne shesu drak
Khor do khandro mangpö kor
khye kyi je su dak drup kyi
chin gyi lap chir shek su sol
guru padma siddhi hūṃ


OM SVASTI We rejoice in your knowing of Seven-line invocation of Buddha Padmasambhava. May your awareness always expand . . .

SowingthewindsIreland has made a comment on JETSUN MILAREPA : SONG OF LOVE AND COMPASSION: Milarepa meditated for several years in Cave in region of Helambu W. Nepal. Cave I visited myself inside is all in block of stones. Where Milarepa was meditating, Shiva Moon shape has formed above Yogis head. Still people go and meditate in same Cave They come from all over the world. Thou the region itself is not tourist encouraged and is today mainly inhabited by Sherpa who left Lhasa many years now. They are Guardians of Cave. Wonderful memories, beautiful Souls. Much Love and Namaste .

vivavoce83 Phillipines


5*****s. Thank You so much my dear friend!
Just what I needed for this hot and tiring day. My lassitude seems to fade away every time I watch and listen to your beautiful and sacred dharmas!
GOD bless you! Namaste!—Lynne xx

annabodhi38USA has made a comment on CRYSTAL STUPA : TRIBUTE TO AYU KHANDRO: Thank you for the music, information and inspiration!
May all sentient beings find liberation from samsara!     •*´`°•.♥.•♪♫Peace
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Thank you for the loving comment, have an auspicious dharma week!


Ye ca Buddha atita ca,ye ca Buddha anagata,paccuppanna ca ye Buddha,aham vandami sabbada.Ye ca Dhamma atita ca,ye ca Dhamma anagata,paccuppanna ca Dhamma aham vandami sabbada.

In the presence of my spirit, there is but one law, and that is the law of love; love all, love what is, love yourself as you are, and love me as I express
through you. You know all these things. You remember the plans we made,
the cautions we issued. You remember existence before the
Fall. Why imagine that you do not? Wake up! Let me express through you. Put on my awareness. We are one.We have always been one.

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Barack Obama
to me , 6:29 AM ,March 22,2010 from
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For the first time in our nation’s history, Congress has passed comprehensive health care reform. America waited a hundred years and fought for decades to reach this moment. Tonight, thanks to you, we are finally here.Tonight, thanks to your mighty efforts, the answer is indisputable: Yes we can.Thank you, President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. Barack Obama,

great congratulations for the success in voting for US  Health reform. We received your mail and posted excerpts from it on our channel comment. The same will be included in next alive Dharma teaching, March 28.

With prayers for your heath, well being and accomplishment of further positive planes.

In Wisdom without borders : Buddha Dharma-OBF International

H.E.Tara Tulku Rinpoche, Shifu John Chow, H.E. Sagar Rinpoche, ven. Mangala Konchok Norbu


Heritage of mankind


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Thank you very much for the invitation, an honor and a pride for me, in Morelia, Michoacan., Mexico has a new friend and your home. Thanks for your fine comments and the extensive information on Buddhism will be happy to receive this information, I will study it and comment, as have questions or uestions, comuncaré me with you to clarify or enhance my cultural heritage. Have a wonderful week. You speak Spanish?
or communicate in
 English. greetings from your new friend Luis Gerardo.

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5.1. Human rights in Burma

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) statement on Burma Human Rights Day
13 March 2010
Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) urged people around the world to join hands with us to do the rights things decisively on this Burma Human Rights Day. Burma is facing the very critical challenges ahead especially this year since junta claims that they will hold election in 2010. Burma has been under totalitarian regimes since 1962 when General Ne Win staged a military coup. Since then, Burmese people are suffering very tremendously.
Full document on Human rights in Burma can be studied at the above sites. We support improvement of Human rights in Burma. See related Visual Dharma: BURMA-URGENT APPEAL TO ALL . Buddha Dharma – OBF International March 21, 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=947Gwq-5sus Join www.Candle4Burma.ning.com

5.2 Millennium goals : Gender Equality and empowerment of women (until 2015)

168chanismHong Kong – (age 21) has made a comment on WOMEN IN BUDDHISM -INTERNATIONAL DAY OF WOMEN:

“we buddhists believe in karma and reincarnation;  if that woman has always been a good person in her LIFE OR PREVIOUS LIFE the society will treat her equally or even superior to men. if she’s been sinful, then she would be treated unfairly. same for males as well.”


Thank you for comment on Visual Dharma : WOMEN IN BUDDHISM – International day of women . Your comment will be published in next alive Dharma teaching, Sunday, March 28. Our views about position of women are slightly different, since we promote Millennium goals of United nations , among the Gender equality and empowerment of women /till 2015). OM MANI PADME HUM

History teaches us that virtuous persons – who are virtuous now and have been virtuous in previous lives, are not always treated with respect. Just think about Mahatma Gandhi who was killed by violent Hindu believer ; think about Martin Luther King who was also killed . Think about the XIV. Dalai Lama and how he is not respected by Chinese politicians ! Your views about karma is limited and more Hindu oriented  and fatalistic or they come from Confucian views. As a Buddhist one must know what karma and reincarnation truly mean . One  should never present ones  prejudices as  Buddhist believes. For this one needs right education without obscuration of race, nationality, social position or negative politics. At International Institute for Contemporary Buddhist studies we offer such right education.

momskidUSA has sent you a message:

Re: HUMAN RIGHTS & GENDER EQUALIY Alive Dharma teaching, March 14,2010 thanks. i posted it. i only pray for Guru’s service birth after birth

|President of Republic Slovenia about overcoming of prejudices and discrimination

Na spletni strani Predsednika Republike Slovenije so objavljeni novi
Predsednik republike o premagovanju predsodkov in diskriminacije (sporočila
za javnost, 22.3.10)

5.3 IMPORTANCE OF GENDER EQUALITY & EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN – Millenium Goal of United Nations (2000-2015)

IMPORTANCE OF GENDER EQUALITY & EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN – Millenium Goal of United Nations (2000-2015)

It is truly important for all women around the world, regardless of their religious background, to understand the meaning of GENDER EQUIALITY in all spheres of lives, including religions. In actively promoting this Millennium goal of United nations www.un.org/milleniumGoals we all can contribute to accomplishment of Gender equality and empowerment of women until 2015 *****
UN secretary general asked all member states of UN to report about Millennium goals , including universal education and Gender equality in their countries – on the AGM of UN , held in 2010. Presidents of states are asked to attend this AGM. Ask your democratically elected politicians, how the Gender equality of Millennium goals is progressing in your respective country and join the groups which promote this noble aim. May every women be encouraged for self-liberation and compassion.

Excerpt from 49th consultation organised by the Government of Republic Slovenia: Office for religious communities (original in Slovenian language, published at www.uvs.gov.si . There is no translation into English). November 5, 2008 , Ljubljana .

“100 Commitments for gender equality and empowerment of women”

Book with the same title was kindly offered to all by the  ambassador of Denmark.

Attended also by the ambassadors of Norway H.E. Guro Katharina Helwig Vikor, Denmark H.E. Anita Hugau and others.

“Alenka Boné – Lama Tara Tulku Rinpoche Drimed Drolkhar-Buddha Dharma – Association of Buddhists in the Republic of Slovenia-expressed joy at the fact that the Government Office for Religious Affairs organized a conference on this important topic of gender equality which  the United Nations Organization has promoted from 2000 onwards. In the Buddha Dharma they actively work for gender equality in Buddhism. They are pleased by the presentation of a brochure “100 commitments for gender equality and empowerment of women”. Term commitment (oath) and empowerment  have special significance in Buddhism  and relate to religious traditions. She said that almost all traditional religions have  problems with gender inequality. This  is well known and scientifically proven fact. Some are aware of this and some are  unwilling to recognize this. Above all this is happening in religions that have a primarily patriarchal hierarchy. How to solve this problem? Gender equality in religions is closely related to human rights of women. Women represent approximately half of the population in the world and half of the population in the world should not be discriminated against  religious position. When the religious leaders began to think more openly about the situation of women and to ensure the principle of equal treatment  they  began with efforts to modernize, including gender equality in religions. When this process will be complete,  religions will play even more  important role in the modern world. In this regard there is progress  in Buddhism, which has the world some 600 million believers. Although Buddhism does not have  one   supreme religious leader , 14th Dalai Lama (Nobel Peace Prize Award )is one of the most renowned Buddhist masters of our time. Some Buddhists are aware of the need to actively promote gender equality in Buddhism. In this respect, there  is  very interesting report published in the  Snow Lion Newsletter (1) of the U.S., with a statement summarizing the 14th Dalai Lama, who says: “My successor may be a boy or girl. Girls have more compassion… Women also dominate throughout the world. ” In  Buddha Dharma we do not  see the dominance of women in the world, but we sent to His Holiness an  e-mail message to support that  very enlightened idea – that his successor, his next incarnation would be a  woman.
Buddhism is a religion and spirituality, which may be adapted to new situations, as it is  inner journey. There is no conflict between religious teachings and gender equality. All authentic Buddhist teachings say that every being , regardless of whether   man or a woman, they have  the  same Buddha nature. In Europe, Australia and North America, where democratic systems work, there is increasing awareness among Buddhists of the importance of gender equality in religions. Women should play a stronger role and responsibility in all areas of life, including economics, health, education, science. It is believed that a lack of equality is due to false education of previous generations  and the present generation. German neurobiologist (2) discovered that baby boomers who were raised in fear, are unable to develop creative potential of life in adulthood. Therefore, Buddhists of all nations, are  calling to promote education and training without fear (fear free education), based on gender equality and respect for all members of the human family. Fear is the greatest obstacle to spiritual development. In particular, women must overcome their fears in taking responsibility and noble initiatives. In promoting   these noble initiatives, women are often attacked with  hate speech (3), where they rank them  among the controversial personality, movement, etc..  Controversial are   those who do not want to understand the democratic standards of gender equality, rather than those who actively promote gender equality! Visions of Buddha Dharma for the present and future are as follows: each one should promote in  the families, the workplace, schools, universities, temples, monasteries and offices of the environment fear free environment, actively promote gender equality, self-sufficiency and noble virtues. Many religions teach us that truth is liberating: what is more liberating than the truth that  all beings (men and women) have  equal opportunities in religions. That is the summary of their research on gender equality in Buddhism, which is fully published in the blog on the website http://www.myspace.com / BuddhaDharma_OBFI and http://www.YouTube.com / OpenBuddhistForum: Visual Dharma-Buddhist teachings for the third millennium. Buddha Dharma also act on Universal education (International Institute for Contemporary Buddhist Studies) on  the Internet to publish scientific research .Buddha Dharma is  connected with other experts in gender equality and empowerment (Dianne Irene (President Global Development Group in the U.S.), Sakyadhita – International Association of Buddhist Women (established in Hawaii), World Peace-Nepal envoy, U.S. President Barack Obama, Buddhist representatives at the United Nations, Iscomet Institute, the Ombudsman and others.

Gender equality and empowerment of women in Buddhism are necessary not only in words but also the correct actions.
From discussion :

Alenka Boné, Lama Tara Tulku Rinpoche Drimed Drolkhar-Buddha Dharma – Association of Buddhists in the Republic of Slovenia-said that the annual U.S. government report on the human rights situation in Slovenia in 2008 speaks of sharp violence against women in Slovenia. This is a major problem that exists in the Slovenian society and it is still too little addressed in the public. What specific government agencies do to prevent violence? How can violence against women in our society be avoided ?
Matjaz Debelak was  also asked what the Council has done to implement the principle of equal treatment – this is the earlier commission of the National Assembly, previously headed by Mrs. Majda Potrata .
Dalai Lama´s  successor: Girl or Boy, Snow Lion Newsletter, Buddhist magazine, Itacha, NY USA, Winter 2009
2. prof. Manfred Spitzer, Ulm, Germany
3* At Buddha Dharma we sharply protest that we and  some other religious communities are placed by  Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling (registered 2002)  among controversial  movement and personalities . With hateful writings  since November 2006 they promote  religious intolerance and hatred! They began with such writings immediately after the international conference in Maribor on  October 2006 organized ISCOMET – International Scientific Conference Minorities for Europe of Tommorrrow, led by well-known Slovenian legal expert dr. Silvo Devetak. This conference is part of its program co-funded by the European Union. The printed book is: Success story with the aftertaste of bitterness – Discrimination in Slovenia (A success story with a bitter aftertaste-discrimination in Slovenia), Community action program to  combat discrimination (2001-2006) http://www.stop-discrimination.info, Maribor, Iscomet 2007th At this conference, we actively partitipated .Iscomet Institute has  a NGO consultative status with the Council of Europe.
Buddha Dharma – Association of Buddhists in Slovenia   also operates internationally (since 2001) and has the status of generally beneficial  organization. We are also registered by  the new law on religious freedom. As such, we strive for the dignity of every human being, which  is the purpose of generally beneficial organizations. We are against the introduction of religious intolerance and hostility based on sex and religion which is  prohibited by  the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, the Law on Religious Freedom, the Treaty of the European Union and international human rights treaties. At Buddha Dharma we   promote the United Nations Millennium goals, including gender equality and empowerment of women, published on the website of the United Nations http://www.un.org / millennium goals / genderEquality. We have already organized   Dialogues in Ljubljana (Congress and cultural centre) between 1998-2000.  Attended by the Current Prime Minister, Mr Borut Pahor in the capacity of leader of the Slovenian delegation in the Council of Europe (October 1999 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Council of Europe), other government organizations-the Office for Religious Communities, American Ambassador to Slovenia, non-governmental organizations and many churches and religious communities.

We therefore demand that Dharmaling immediately remove from the Internet hate speech against the Buddha Dharma as their writings are offensive, false and discriminatory!  They must make the effort for respect and human dignity, not to spread religious hatred and hostility. It is unacceptable that a representative of the Buddhist congregation  Dharmaling tried  to prevent the publication of our contribution to 48 consultation on hate speech and the Slovenian legislation in November 2008 by the Office for Religious Communities. Dharmaling representative is a citizen  of the Republic of Slovenia and he does not understand Slovenian language.  The  Office of the XIV.Dalai Lama send us the letter  in November 2006 saying  that they did  not sent  Lama Shenpen to Slovenia.   It means that they are not responsible for his activities.
Since 1995 Buddha Dharma   promotes   interfaith dialogue, respect and cooperation among religions, religious communities and civil society,  to accelerate the development of democracy and rule of law in Slovenia
and in the world.”



* Because time for each speaker was limited to only few minutes, not all what we wanted to present on this conference , was said. Here all our notes are included without omitting anything, for greater clarity.


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