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Alive Dharma teaching, Jan. 17,2010

Atiyoga * Dzogchen Dharma : Cutt through and Leap over

There is no self. What is there to self-liberate ?!

Simply abide in natural Sound*Light of Dharmata

Illuminating the Path.


OM MANI PADME HUM, dear all worldwide Friends of Buddha Dharma. You created main part of this alive Dharma teaching: in Wisdom without borders and Interfaith dialogues we added many of your inspiring words . At www.buddhadharmaobfinternational.wordpress.com where this whole Dharma is published, there are links to your websites and to Wikipedia. Thank you for further rating,favoring,sharing,commenting and embedding Visual Dharma Dharma  art * Wisdom without borders  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yvdzxqr6yKs

Dharma art photo created for this Dharma is : Mystic lights. May there be peace, wisdom blessings, light , love and prosperity everywhere.


Bardo prayer which protects from fear – Buddha Padmasambhava . OM MANI PADME HUM May all who suffer in the Haiti earthquake be liberated from suffering and the causes of suffering.We dedicate the merit of our prayers and Shitro sadhana to them.

2.1.Collective meditations and prayers of Buddha Dharma-OBF International every Sunday (since 1988) from 4-5 pm (GMT+1) or according to your local time. Together we become vegetarians : together we pray and meditate  for inner and outer peace on the planet.

2.2.Buddhist Dharma practice around the world :

NorthernDancer1111 Canada

Re: Re: ATIYOGA * DZOGCHEN : BEYOND EGOTISTIC WAYS Alive Dharma teaching, Dec 27, 2009

thanks for the updates,,,keep em coming. Will b participating in Vajrakilaya prayer week end of January at http://www.riwoche.com in toronto, canada.
Infinite Blessings to you who spread Dharma.

P.S. This mail arrived just at the right time. Thank you for enlightened wishes. May the Vajrakilaya practices in Toronto be peaceful and blessed by Vajrakilaya Buddha . Here is the link to Vajrakilaya sadhana published at our channel


2.3.Buddhist lunar calendar , 12th month January-February 2010

Jan 23 : 8th day of Medicine Buddhas and Arya Tara. Visual Dharmas: Medicine Buddha Blessings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irc1IDew1Tk and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcLAVROyqrA

Jan 25 : 10th day dedicated to Buddha Padmasambhava. Guru Rinpoche is invited to Orgyen by King Indrabodhi and installed as Crown prince, marrying the princess Bhasandhara. He is known as Guru Pema Gyalpo- Guru , the Lotus King. Dharma practice : Tsog offering verse by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche II. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mw1nUPF7HU and Ganachakra . Related Dharma: Seven-line invocation  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i28fZuqKKcQ                                              and Teaching about Seven line invocation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NDt5ViCjsk

Jan 26: 11th day dedicated to Manjushri the Buddha of Wisdom. Dharma practice  : Homage to Manjushri http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTigO93PRi8 Related teachings : Chanting the names of Manjushri http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-gtK4CsxCg and Manjushri-nama-samgiti by H.E. Khenchen Pentse Rinpoche http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqF3_yoGOH0

Jan 30 : 15th day dedicated to Buddha Amitayus and Buddha Amitabha . Dharma practice : Namo Amitabha Buddha of infinite Light http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozKDpz_G3JQ

Febr. 2 : 18th day Anniversary of Longchen Rabjam Related  Dharma : Six perfections


Febr. 8 : 25th dayDakini day. Dharma practice : Tsog offering http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mw1nUPF7HU and Ganachakra.

Febr. 12 : 29th day – Gutor and Dharmapala day . Averting negativities of old year . Dharma practice : Vajrakilaya tantra Gurkhukma http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnGmGWAnVSs and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2ZI42Ux2M4

Febr. 13: 3oth lunar day, dedicated to Buddha Shakyamuni . Dharma practice : Vajrasattva 100-syllable mantra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApIARcwuAzc and sang rite http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cVQF_YbLoU Buddhism, peace & ecology.

Febr. 14 Lunar new year according to Chinese and Tibetan calendars . New year of Metal Tiger . Valentine´s day:  Related Dharma: Buddha Maitreya Gift of Truth to all who seek true Love  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LShi_V04vX4


3.1. Gentle Rain of Nectar Blessings  Collected work Vol VI

Atiyoga * Dzogchen Dharma : Cut through and Leap over

There is no self. What is there to self-liberate ?!

Simply abide in natural Sound*Light of Dharmata

Illuminating the Path.

This Wisdom will not make one self-important.

It will make one accomplished …Beyond egocentric ways.

True Dharma practice is not to blow oneself up until one explodes.

Cutt through this dellusions of self-centered ambitions.

May the  commitments be always  pure –

With  confidence in the Lineage of Samantabhadra*Samanthabadri,

Vajrasattva*Buddha Locana , Garab Dorje, Manjushrimitra, Shri Singha, Vimalamitra, Padmasambhava, Yeshe Tshogyal down to your best Vajra Friend

Who opened the Dharma Door to innate Sound*Light of Dharmata.

Don´t seek mistakes – seek completeness.

By being simple and natural one leap over .

Yogic direct perception is direct,vivid,fresh, alive …

True Master never says that he is more important that the Buddha.

Colophon : This Atiyoga Dharma poem gives heart advice on Trekchö (Cutting through) and Todgal (Leap over)  practice of Atiyoga * Dzogchen essence lineage  according to the Dharmas of accomplished Lineage Masters like Garab Dorje, Manjushrimitra,Vimalamitra , Padmasambhava, Yeshe Tsogyal.

To all of them we prostrate with deep devotion.

Next alive Dharma teaching (January  31) will focus on Dra Thal Gyur root tantra of Dzogchen Upadesha  (Managde). May it be auspicious.

„The best of all gifts is the Gift of Truth.“

D h a m m a p a d a

© All rights reserved. Written permission to copy Dharma Texts  of H.E. Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche  can be granted, provided that reprint is for free distribution (serving the Teachings of Buddhas) and that such reprints are not sold as merchandise. Tara Tulku Rinpoche is continuing the Dharma work of Ayu Khandro Tsewang Paldron (Tibet 1839-1953), teaching in Atiyoga Essence lineage.  The Author´s copyright notice must appear, along with the title of the Dharma Text or publication and related data. Notice must be given, that reprint is by permission of the Author. For written permission to  reprint write to the Vajra-Garuda e-Publications . You will also be asked to send 1 copy of the reprinted Dharma text or publication. May all beings benefit !

3.2.Questions and answers nutier France. Dear venerable , thank you so much for your good response on my questions . You are really great teacher who know a lot of Buddha dharma as the source of water that is flowing everytime without the end . I ask you my questions when i have any doubt just for widen my knowledge in Buddhism .
Please enjoy my question , thank you .
The sensuous world , there are six devas realms included in this
 group .  Beings here are not born as babies , they are already adults and they remain the same age until they die . There may be beautiful golden mansions with gardens , and angels playing lovely music .
Q.134 – If these beings are not born as babies , have they appeared themselves ?

The are four forms of birth : birth from womb as is the case with mammals; birth  from the eggs, as is the case with birds; birth from  moisture as in the case of worms ; the birth from transformation as in the case of deities and superior beings of the pure lands.
Q.135 – If they are still young adults until they die , are the birth , old age , sickness and death still existing  in the realms of devas ?
Yes, death  exist in deva realms . Devas have divine eye and they see when their splendour and parfumed body odour diminishes. At such time all other devas (gods) leave them and they die alone, falling to lower planes of samsara, experiencing  great suffering.

Q.136 – As devas are invisible , they do not possess the five aggregates as human beings , how can they see, hear , or make movements ?
Devas don´t have material bodies as humans , but etherical bodies and divine eye.

Nutier :A person might and up in devas realms by following  religion correctly . Buddhists who practise sharing , morality and meditation , particulary loving kindness may be reborn in these deva lokas .

Answer : Person with very pure and virtuous karma is reborn in deva realms. For Buddhists who have faith in Buddha and His teaching, rebirth in Amitabha Buddha Pure land is desirable, not rebirth in deva realms.

Q.137 – Do persons who made donations to the poor , or associations , or only the monks will be reborn in deva realms ?
Buddhist must practice sila (ethic) , samadhi (meditation) and prajna (wisdom of discrnment). These are three pillars of Buddhism. Buddhists must also practice six perfections or paramitas as described in Visual Dharma according to Master  Longchen Rabjam. Such Dharma practice lead to liberation from samsara, not rebirth in deva realms.

Q.138 – Do persons who practise only the five , eight or ten precepts of Buddha will live in the deva realms ?
Your questions show how much you are attached to these deva realms. Study and think more about liberation from samsara, to attain save direction toward the Other shore – Enlightenment.

Q.139 – There are many kinds of meditation , I count only four of it : a – We meditate in the Buddha dharma to know how Buddha created it in the order . b – we meditate in our five aggregates according to the mind . c – We meditate on a corpse is rotting, and think it is useless in the world . d – We meditate to jewelled mansions where devas look as if they are 20 years , and devis , 16 . they remain youthful and beautiful all their lives . Do person who meditate one of its will live in deva realms ?
May new year 2010 brings to you  peace , happiness , prosperity and wisdom !

Dear Friend  of Buddha Dharma, for different kinds of Theravada Buddhist meditation please visit Buddha-Direct google group, as written below.

3.3. Buddha-Direct Bhikkhu Samahita , Ceylon bhikkhu3@gmail.com has invited you to join the Buddha-Direct group with this message:
Happy Hello Friend :-): These 2: Calm & Insight! Brings: Peace + Ease… _/\_
Friendship is the Greatest! You are very Welcome! Have a Nice & Noble Day…
Bhikkhu Samahita. Ceylon.

Here is the group’s description:This place is for the true Saddhamma spoken by the Buddha, his Awakened Disciples and preserved in the Pali Tipitaka Canon. Ultimate Master is the Buddha… Sublime Teaching is the Dhamma… Very Best Friend is the Noble Community of the Sangha… You are Warmly Welcome

Dear Bhikkhu Samahita,
happy and peaceful new year 2010. Thank you for inviting me to the Buddha Direct. I am interested in practical aspect/wisdom of theBuddha Dhamma/Dharma. May all beings be peaceful, wise, compassionate….With Metta : Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche , Buddha Dharma-OBF International

In Buddha Dharma-OBF International we extend our best wishes and gratefulness to All wise men and women around the world who contribute their drops of wisdom by embeding, rating, sharing , commenting on Visual Dharmas-spiritual teachings for 3rd millenium, thus multipying Wisdom lights, peace and love .

http://www.CongressSpaceBook.com – a opensource web application designed to make it easy to deploy websites that focus on striving to make Congress more accountable and transparent…  Note by Buddha Dharma-OBFI “On this interesting internet site we find eight or more of our Visual Dharmas embeded : Longchenpa: Six perfections, Pada:Footprints in the rock, Visual Dharma 2005/I Buddhist teaching for 3rd millenium, Light of Dharma 2010, Chanting the names of Manjushri, Buddha Padmasambhava-Main verses of six bardos,Buddhism-peace and ecology, Day of the planet Earth, Thinley Norbu Rinpoche: White sail part 2, Women in Buddhism-Intern´l day of women . “

ShifuJohnChow-影片視頻Videos MV 90352 2.18 scientific Film,Sound/Video recording; 1.02 Review article : Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpocheso.fdlive.com/ShifuJohnChow/ Related Visual Dharma: Seven-line …

Naren and Sarada would like to be your friend on MySpace.
Full name: Naren and Sarada   band, France
All love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction. Love is therefore the only law of life. Those who loves lives.
Kindest thoughts, Naren & Sarada“

pinkgal109 Australia

Re: RAINBOW LIGHTS Alive Dharma teaching, Jan 3, 2010

Thank you for the beautiful message and lovely video 🙂 *****  happy new year,peace and love to you!HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 with 24 candles

Replies on www.buddhadharmaobfinternatio0nal.wordpress.com Rainbow Lights

Incense Man
tibet-incense.com/blog golansm@gmail.com 2010/01/03 at 6:00pmIt’s very inspiring, thank you for exciting information! Blessings. Anton
wiki.wikim.eu/User:One.hour.payday.loan freehaz1@gmail.com 2010/01/03 at 5:33pmExcellent article. +1 Regular reader of your blog.

freehaz1@gmail.com Anton     http://wiki.wikim.eu/User:One.hour.payday.loan

MissingVoices77 Netherlands said about Visual Dharma: 11th anniversary of Dudjom Rinpoche II-


Thanks for this teaching, most valuable
”When thoughts dissolve you gaze at the rainbow Lights. True love, Infinite, without duality, Complete silence, Purity, Spontaneity.”
As a practising Buddhist I became aware of that, but can also be hard to accomplish. I’m so stubborn 🙂

LeoAsztalos Hungary Re: Happy new year & the Light of Dharma .really thanx

meishivom Canada Re: RAINBOW LIGHTS Alive Dharma teaching, Jan 3, 2010 Looking forward to the first and third Sundays. Happy New Year. meishivom

“Om Tara” Sacred Chants Of Buddha

shirleey1969 Germany

happy new year my spiritual friend!Wish you all the best for 2010!


OM MANI PADME HUM, dear friends at www.Protectanimalsandnature.ning.com
May the beginning of new year be peaceful, healthy, joyful, wise and loving for you.
With prayers and Light to all *****

From Richard Marquez, California :

Thanks for your kind wishes and peaceful videos that always bring so much to me and the circle…have a good week and enjoy 2010…hugs and happiness to you always…

At 1:48am on January 7, 2010, Richard Marquez said…

Thanks for your coloration,illumination,brilliance and true universal love…Now I know why Buddha is always smiling…with people like you,I smile too…hugs…

Dear Richard, may you and your family enjoy peace of mind, clarity, health and prosperity. Here is another Visual Dharma  for auspiciousness 🙂


Tsog offering verse by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche . This is very advanced Atiyoga*Dzogchen sadhana/meditation practice, hardly  to find in this world. It describes the essence of my Dharma Lineage and teachings also.

globalaffair United Kingdom

Re: Happy new year 🙂 – with the Light of Dharma: thank you for rating*****,favoring,sharing,embeding

Thank you kindly. I’m always hopeful
for peace, but doubtful about maintaining it. See also: <youtube>/healing4newport

Tibetan Arts and Culture , New Zealand, Buddha Dharma friend  on MySpace said :

Quote from an Ancient Text…

“As a bee seeks nectar from all kind of flowers, seek teachings everywhere. Like a deer that finds a quiet place to graze, seek seclusion to digest all that you have gathered. Like a madman beyond all limits, go wherever you please and live like a lion completely free of all fear.”

Ancient Tibetan text

Wisdom words about how to practice Atiyoga*Dzogpa chenpo : Great completeness Path correctly. Thank you for publishing these Words.

In Wisdom without borders : Buddha Dharma-OBF International

BestofEastWest California Re: Visual Dharma for auspiciousness – for new Friend of Buddha Dharma Excellent video, very powerfully put together – thanks linking me to it.Jack

uliraja Germany Re:Happy new year & Light of Dharma for auspiciousness : thank you for rating,sharing,favoring and commenting namaste!
thank you very much for your nice letter!
wish you all the very best for 2010! much love, peace, happyness and health !!!
just in time 4 christmas my new musicvideo was uploaded !pleace enjoy !
namo datzu dabei guan shi yin pusa : om mani padme hum : om shanti

Jan 9, 2010 11:50 AM The Lotus Jewel , USA , MySpace Thank you for being here.May you be blessed for the new year.All is Infinite Light.Infinite Light is Infinite Wisdom and Intelligence.Namo Amithaba.

mimejormusica USA said about Dances of Eight manifestations of Padmasambhava


This is truly beautiful, but my soul cries when I think how many still suffering. There are 6 billion of us in this world how many prayers and mantras do we need? How many times we have to be reborn? How many Buddhas do we need to understand senseless killing? May all sentient beings enjoy happiness.

openbuddhistforum answered :

OM SVASTI Thank you for very meaningful comment on Visual Dharma: Dances of Eight manifestations of Buddha Padmasambhava-spiritual teaching for 3rd millenium. May all beings be liberated from suffering and the causes of suffering.Killing is surely the main cause of suffering. Many millions of animals are killed for meat eating each day by humans . This is greatest cause of suffering. OM MANI PADME HUM
In Wisdom without borders : Buddha Dharma-OBF International

Marian United Kingdom has sent you a message on www.WeWomen.ning.com:
sending love and prayers: to all who are finding the going tough right now: for earthquake repercussions wherever they are – on the North Coast or in the deep Caribbean, or in the depths of our loved one’s hearts where pain takes more than one jolt of love to budge.  I love you. We are LOVE. We shall overcome the feeling of pain.  We shall see and BE the light.

Praying together for all who suffer at Haiti earthquake

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozKDpz_G3JQ Amitabha  Buddha of Infinite light


We are grateful to Anil for  creating this Interfaith dialogues – online. May all noble and meaningful increase in the world.

Visual Dharma : Dialogues and Ars sacra for world peace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U_wIVPE8p0

anil204 United Kingdom wrote :

Re:AVALOKITESHVARA BUDDHA OF COMPASSION & ATIYOGIC SONG Alive Dharma teaching, Nov 29, 2009  Dear Openbuddhistforum
Many Thanks for Dharma teachings. Please see following Quote Vivekananda’s.
Where God is, there is no other. Where the world is, there is no God. These two will never unite. Like light and darkness. That is what I have understood from Christianity and the life of Jesus. Isnt that also Buddhism? Isnt that Hinduism? Isnt that Islam? Isnt that the teaching of all the great sages and teachers?- Swami Vivakanand
GAYATRI MANTRA By-Vedamurthy , Taponishta , Yugadrasta ,Prajnavatar Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya
Om Bhur Bhuvah Swah,Tatsavitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat
Meaning Of the Gayatri Mantra
O God, Thou art the giver of life, the Remover of the pains and sorrow,
The Bestower of happiness. O Creator of the universe may we
Receive Thy supreme sin-destroying light.
May Thou guide our intellect in the right direction
Why Gayatri Mantra?
Gayatri Mantra is based on an absolute science (not a belief system).
It illuminates our thoughts and leads us towards the correct path.
It will protect you from harm wherever you are and whatever circumstance you are in.
Since ages highly elevated souls have been practising Gayatri Mantra.
Chanting Gayatri Mantra is fun and it confers great joy.
Gayatri Mantra Putting the World on Sound Track By An American scientist Dr Howard Stein gull, who collected Mantras from all over the world to test their strength in his Philology Laboratory and found that The Gayatri Mantra produced 110,000 sound waves per second. The sound waves possess immense spiritual potentialities which UN fold and have the desired effect on the nervous plexus in the spinal cord called the Chakras. Which results in awakening trillions of neurons in the brain, only four percent of which stay awake in the ordinary brain? When this happens man becomes super human. The Gayatri Mantra is scientific, as it is based on the universal and natural laws relating to sound and matter. The Mantra recited on a mass scale creates powerful sound waves which affect every human being like heat and cold waves in a subtle way, and the result is instantaneous. The Aura will then be created engulfing the whole world, making it impossible for any evil power to have its effect on our world. The aura thus strengthens peace, love, unity, equality and brotherhood.
Please visit our main Web site when you have time http://www.awgp.org and visit our university http://www.dsvv.org
May Almighty illuminate our intellect and inspire us towards the righteous path.
When we transform ourselves, the world will be transformed.
Prosperity, Peace and Preservation for our world !
Coming together is beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success with thinking globally & acting locally.
With All the best wishes  , Anil

Dharm a Sabha part 2 Speech by Swami Dayanand Saraswati Ji

Speech by Swami Dayanand Saraswati Ji on the auspicious occasion Dharma Sabha of Various Organizations working for World Peace at Dev Sanskriti Viswavidyalaya shantikunj Haridwar India

VI. Colophon

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