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Alive Dharma teaching, Nov 29, 2009

“Through the merit of this Dharma practice

May I quickly attain the state of Avalokiteshvara

And may I lead all living beings without exception

To the state of Enlightenment.”

Dedication verse from Visual*Visionary Dharma: Avalokiteshvara Buddha


1.1.Dear friends, this week Dharma teachings is made by your creative & inspiring contributions which are like drops of wisdom. We appreciate your writings and put them together in Wisdom Without Borders – Heritage of mankind. There are many  questions from Nutier (France) and Interfaith dialogue by Anil (United Kingdom). Heartfelt welcome to new friends  on www.myspace.com/BuddhaDharma_OBFI , especially to His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche (USA) , to His Eminence Chokyur Lingpa Urgyen Jigme Rinpoche (Switzerland) , to Dechen (UK), Johann Gasser, Buddha Mind – Korea and others.  Heartfelt welcome also to new friends on youtube : alifeozen, 10LightYears – Philippines, DhammaCity and many others. May Avalokiteshvara Buddha enlighten your Path of Liberation , making all of you healthy, peaceful, joyous and prosperious. Visual Dharma: Avalokiteshvara  Buddha of compassion***** connected with this alive Dharma teaching, has many of your  coments about vegetarianism, spiritual practice and other insights. Please study them together with relaxed, meditative  and inspiring  viewing of this Visionary Dharma. The meaning  of mantra OM MANI PADME HUM is found in extensive description.  It will benefit you immensely, if you practice this meditation every day, reading the text aloud and chanting the mantra with inpsiring music. Don´t forget to favour, rate, embed, share and write your insights in the comment*****.

Yours in Wisdom without Borders: Buddha Dharma-OBF International

II. International Institute for contemporary Buddhist studies

2.1. Gentle rain of nectar Blessings, Collected Works Vol VI

Ati yogic song

While visiting EarlyTibet.com there is amusement , direct insight :

“Don´t worry so much about terminology-when you die all thoughts anyhow dissolve.Thoughts are born & dying every moment :

They appear and dissapear. In unchanging space of Dharmadatu,

your innate Buddha Samantabhadra is waiting-naked blue Light-

to be discovered.Turn your attention inward.

Become aware in instant presence : Buddha Samantabhadra within you,

Natural Sound*Light of Dharmata, Natural state.

In simplicity and naturalness be truly relaxed,happy, joyous.

Natural state-pointed out by Atiyoga master, is not deluded with conceptual ignorance.It is pure and total presence-

Unimpeded continuity-Natural Sound*Light of Dharmata.

Advice for the translators of Atiyoga*Dzogpa chenpo sacred texts:

early Dzogchen texts are primordial sacred texts

for those who are simple and natural, A-biding in this sacred Lineage

of Samantabhadra Buddha-Vajrasattva-Garab Dorje…Approach them with humbleness and respect, not with arrogance.

With silence within :

These Words of advice arouse on sunny November 17th day , 2009.

May this Dharma benefit beings vast as the sky!


Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar

„The best of all gifts is the Gift of Truth.“      D h a m m a p a d a

Copyright notice :

All rights reserved. Written permission to copy Dharma Texts  of H.E. Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche can be granted, provided that reprint is for free distribution (serving the Teachings of Buddhas) and that such reprints are not sold as merchandise. Tara Tulku Rinpoche is continuing the Dharma work of Ayu Khandro Tsewang Paldron (Tibet 1839-1953), teaching in Atiyoga Essence lineage.  The Author´s copyright notice must appear, along with the title of the Dharma Text or publication and related data. Notice must be given, that reprint is by permission of the Author. For written permission to  reprint write to the Vajra-Garuda e-Publications . You will also be asked to send 1 copy of the reprinted Dharma text or publication. May all beings benefit !

E-learning curriculum :

1.Why it is important for translators of Buddhist texts to have direct experience  of Natural state ?

2.How is this direct experience of Natural state helping Buddhist translators ?

3.Why should Dzogchen terminology not be misunderstood as dry philosophy ?

2.2.Ouestions & answers

First of all let me reflect on these series of questions send  by Nutier:

We teach here about different aspects of samsara or cyclic existence . From questions might appear that samsara is something outside, something objective. One can teach about samsara on external level , internal level and secret level. Internal level of understanding of samsara means that all and every realm relates with specific thought patterns of five poisons : pride, envy,ignorance, lust,greed and anger. We find all these thought- pattern in every unenlightened being, called sentient being.Vajrayana –tantric path teach about transforming thought patterns into five wisdoms.  To understand  secret level  how samsara develops and how to liberate samsaric thoughts,  please view and study Wish-granting prayer of Samantabhadra – Kunzang Gongpa Zhangtal, as presented in Visual*Visionary Dharma , part 1,2.

nutier France

Q.114 – What is the meaning of the four great kings , the Gandhabbas , and the Yakkas ?

They are also called Four Guardians kings or Four heavenly kings. “In the Buddhist cosmology, four mythical kings said to live halfway down Mt. Sumeru. They protect the eastern, southern,western and northern continents of traditional Indian geography.”

“The lords  of the four Quarters who serve Indra as his generals and protect 4 continents…”

Gandharva (Pali: Gandhabba) is kind of celestial musician often associated with the court of celestial monarch Indra. Gandharva cities are dream like, non-existent places , mirages in the desert.

Yaksha is swift,powerful king of gosts or demon, which is usually harmfulm but in some cases acts as protector of the Dharma. Some yakshas, according to Buddhist mythology, live in the air and some on land.

Q.115 – What are the differents of their vertuous mind ?
May peace and happiness be upon you always ! nutier

These differences are clearly described above : Gandharvas have beneficial minds, while yakshas have mostly harmful minds.

Dear venerable Sir , please enjoy my question , thank you .
Tanatimsa heaven , the thirty-three Gods with sakka ( Indra ) as their king , a devotee of the Buddha , presides over this realm . Many devas dwelling here live in mansions in the air .
Q.116 – What is the meaning of the thirty-three Gods with sakka ?
This is one of heavens in the realm of desire (Sanskrit: Kammadhatu) , with 32 deva kings presided by Indra, thus totaling 33, located at the sumit of Mt. Sumeru. Each of the four peaks in the four directions is inhabited by eight gods, and the lord of heavens, Indra, lives in the palace at the centre.

Q.117 – If this one was a devotee of the Buddha , was he born in the same period of Buddha too ?
No,  human years and celestial years of Heaven of 33 are different. Life-span of heavenly beings is very long, much longer than human life-span. Buddha´s mother was reborn in the heaven because of Her merit by giving birth to the Enlightened one. Lord Buddha spend three monts in the heavenly realm , teaching his mother and also benefiting gods. Recetly we celebrated this Dharmachakra day (Tibetan: Lha Bab Duchen )- Buddha´s return from heavenly realm. It is wise to follow Buddhist calendar which we publish occassionaly.

Q.118 – If many devas dwelling in mansions in the air , do these mansions look like meteorites ? May peace and happiness be upon you always ! nutier

No, heavenly mansions don´t look like meteorites. They resemble precious stones, shining and luminous, transparent, non-material.

Selected bibliography : The seeker´s glossary of Buddhism , Sutra translation Committee of US & Canada, published for free distribution: The corporate Body of Buddha Educational Foundation, Taiwan , 1998.

alifeofzen friendship question

hello 🙂 do you think friendship is always selfish? Do Zen masters usually carry a particular view on this subject?  thank you.

Answer : It  depends on the qualities of all involved. True friendship is unselfish and is connected to Bodhicitta / enlightened awareness. At least in Buddhism. This does not mean that all Buddhists are unselfish saints ! It all depensd on one´s karma – cause, condition and effect and the spiritual practice one has done over countless lives. Then one can return to this saha/endurance world as a Bodhisattva, leading sentient beings our of samsara by clearly showing the path of Liberation . Zen masters taught and teach according to circumstances and the cultural habits of those to be trained. Some ancient Chan masters were very strict , like Chan master Hung Po (Cold mountain). Other zen masters were wery soft , like  the late Suzuki Roshi and the Vietnamese zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. In short: particular views on friendship depends also on the character of zen masters as well on those to be trained on the Buddhist path.

The same with the Bardo experiences : persons with peaceful character meet peaceful deities in the Bardo state after death . Persons with wild character meet wrathful deities. Buddhas manifest according to the need of sentient beings to lead them on the path of Liberation and toward complete enlightenment.

III. Wisdom Without Borders

3.1.Viewers and friends selected comments and post

10LightYears Philippines Comment on Prayer that swiftly fulfills all wishes

to open buddhist forum- I practice tibetan buddhism under the nyingma lineage. We always have dharma teachings & our resident rinpoche ( Samten Phuntsok) have taught us the importance of visualization in every puja, the meaning of what we’re praying, & of course the devotion to the dharma. The real problem I see is communication ‘cos most of them hardly or don’t speak english at all.

openbuddhistforum reply

Dear Buddha Dharma friend , we aggree with you. Buddhist masters should learn English and teach in that language also, to benefit beings. Our Visual Dharmas have Buddhist texts-prayers & meditations in English as well as extensive descriptions/research/teaching . Will write more in one of next alive Dharma teachings. May your Dharma practice go well. OM MANI PADME HUM

P.S. It is interesting that  many Lamas don´t want to teach in English so that almost all could understand and benefit from the Dharma. Maybe they think that their teachings would not be authentic , if they teach in English, because they themselves received the teaching in Tibetan. The situation in most of so called Tibetan Buddhist lineages is similar to Roman-Catholic Church before the II. Vatican council : all priests used Latin language until 1962 or about that time. Authentic Dharma don´t depens on language barriers : of course it is beneficial to have good transaltions of Buddhist texts. It is even more beneficial to communicate with the Lama directly in English language . Then the student can progress more easily on the spiritual path. Only very conservative Lamas don´t learn language which is most understood in nowdays contemporary world. If the structures of the Dharma centers are not too authoritarian the students should ask for Dharma teaching in English or other language which they undestand well. Too much precious times is spend with translating the teachings ; translations are sometimes incorrect, causing misunderstandings. T Lama should deepen his Bodhicitta for benefiting sentient beings and learn the language which students understand.

Comment by Marian on November 7, 2009 at 6:25am  on We Women.ning

this is one of the most beautiful prayer/open-meditation videos I have ever seen. Thank you  for sharing it. The first half – as I used it as a visual meditation – drew me immediately into that wonderful looping light I feel when I succeed with my own (closed eyes) meditation. I haven’t felt it for a while, so it was like coming home. Thank you thank you – may the 7 human qualities change the Earth! x Marian

Answer by Her Eminence Tara Tulku Rinpoche on November 7, 2009 at 11:53am

Thank you, Marian for this inspiration and insights . I appreciate all creative comments a lot 🙂 Will publish it in one of next alive Dharma teachings (section: Wisdom without borders). This Prayer : Sampa Nyur Drupma is from Khandro Nyingthig Liturgy which is very precious. Video/Visual Dharma is meant to be practiced , recited and sung with joy and inspiration. With reciting it regularly through one´s lives, we are changing the world for better place.
OM MANI PADME HUM :)Tara Tulku Rinpoche Nov 7, 2009

Oct 1, 2009 9:35 PM   Johann Gasser   at www.MySpace.com/BuddhaDharma_OBFI Here, beside a clear deep lake,
You live accompanied by clouds. Soft through the pines the moon arrives
To be your own pure-hearted friend.You rest under thatch in the shadow of your flowers,Your dewy herbs flourish in their bed of moss.
Let me leave the world.Let me alight, like you,On your western mountain with
Phoenixes and cranes.                                 ~ Ch’an Chien ~
May all your days be Blessedwith Love and Light          Johann

DechenDolma   United Kingdom Nov 5, 2009 1:19 PM

Welcome to my circle of Dharma Friends,

Tiziana, Italy

Nov 26, 2009 11:12 AM”The wisdom of all Buddhas is infinitely wide and deep”.                 Thank you!!!

Chokyur Lingpa Urgyen Jigme Rinpoche Nov 22, 2009 1:19 PM   Tashi Delek!
Are you fine?
For my site you see here: http://www.tharlam-dronme.org
Greetings    Rinpoche

Spletna knjigarna Julia Doria, Slovenia (Internet bookstore)

Nov 14, 2009 11:06 PM”From wonder into wonder existence opens.” Lao Tzu –

Chokyur Lingpa Urgyen Jigme Rinpoche , Switzerland

Nov 11, 2009 4:14 PM                      Welcome!


For details you look here: http://www.tharlam-dronme.org
Best for your life!
Greetings , Rinpoche       Note by Buddha Dharma: His Eminence Chokyur Lingpa Urgyen Jigme Rinpoche  is Dharma successor of Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche , taking care of retreat center with 25 monastic practitioners at Samye monastery in Central Tibet. Rinpoche is incarnation of famous tertön (treasure revealer) Chökyur Lingpa (Tibet).

Buddha Mind    Korea Nov 7, 2009 12:46 AM ♥
♥ ♥ ♥ – ♥ ♥ ♥ – ♥ ♥ ♥
♥ “All that we are is the result
♥ of what we have thought…♥ The mind is everything…
♥ What we think we become.”♥ ~Buddha♥
♥ May all beings be Well…♥ May all beings be Happy…
♥ May all beings be FREE.♥♥ Namaste ~ ॐ  ♥ 卍 卍 卍♥
♥ FREE ♥ TIBET ♥♥ ♥ ♥ – ♥ ♥ ♥ – ♥ ♥ ♥
♥From Buddha Dharma friends  on youtube


Re: Visual Dharma for  auspiciousness – for new Friend of Buddha Dharma

Dear Dhamma Friend,
Thanks so much for your message informed about Buddhist forum. and also thanks for accepting my request. May peace and happiness, love and compassion along with harmony be upon you always! May you attain Nirvana!   With Much Metta   Nanda

friasalf Mexico

Re:Visual Dharma for auspiciousness – for new Friend of Buddha Dharma

Gracias                 Abrazos de Sol             Deyi

marcdruten Netherlands

Re:OCEAN OF WISDOM Alive Dharma teaching, Nov 22, 2009

best wishes!

~ 2012 – LOVE CHANGES Everything ~

Reflections over 2012 and my advise for all of us, about the Maya Calender and beyond… and i wonder what do you think about 2012?
As we near the final date of the Mayan Calendar, mankind must face what is perhaps the most difficult hurdle of all…

IV. Interfaith dilogues

4.1 anil204 United Kingdom

Re:OCEAN OF WISDOM Alive Dharma teaching, Nov 22, 2009

Thanks for the video clip very good & cool
In Buddha we had the great, universal heart and infinite patience, making religion practical and bringing it to everyones door. In Shankaracharya we saw tremendous intellectual power, throwing the scorching light of reason upon everything. We want today that bright sun of intellectuality joined with the heart of Buddha, the wonderful infinite heart of love and mercy. This union will give us the highest philosophy. Science and religion will meet and shake hands. Poetry and philosophy will become friends.What! Those giants of old, the ancient Rishis, who never walked but strode, of whom if you were to think but for a moment you would shrivel up into a moth, they sir, had time–and you have no time! by Swami Vivekananda !
With All the best wishes     – anil

V. Colophon

BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF INTERNATIONAL Generaly beneficial religious org. since 1995 registered in Slovenia, EU. www.youtube.com/OpenBuddhistForum www.MySpace.com/BuddhaDharma_OBFI blog, Dharma art photowww.buddhadharmaobfinternational.wordpress.com Heritage of mankind – Treasure of pure Dharma , links to Wikipedia and related photosServing, upholding and protecting the teachings of Buddhas by promoting ten enlightened activities as taught by Buddha Shakyamuni and His emanation Buddha Padmasambhava; promoting Millenium goals of United nations : Universal education ,Gender equality and empowerment of women www.un.org.milleniumgoals

Her Eminence Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche- Nyingma Vajrayana Atiyoga Ling, EU

His Eminence Lama Karma Gyan Sagar Rinpoche, Association for non-violence, world peace, wheel, Buddhist religion in Nepal(monastery, Buddhist school for orphan children, peace pagoda, Dechen Ling gompa, three-year meditation retreat)*****

Shifu John Chow : Martial arts, Healing,Dharma,  Australia

Venerable Mangala Konchok Norbu, Dharma art director, Buddha Dharma, European Union

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