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Alive Dharma teaching, Nov. 1, 2009

“O peaceful and wrathful buddhas,

May I and others become like you yourselves, just as you are,

With your forms and your auspicious marks,

Your retinues, your long life and your realms.”

I. Introduction

1.1.With this sacred inspiration prayer we begin this Sunday´s Alive Dharma teaching, dear worldwide Friends of Buddha Dharma. May this Truth accompany you during the week, bringing you insights into the nature of your life, quality of your life… All Bardo Thödol prayers and other meditation sadhanas in Visual Dharmas can be  read aloud with attentiveness. One  dedicate the merit/positive energy of such spiritual practice to deceised relatives and to all sentient beings.

2.1. Spiritual practitioners and all wise beings must be brave enough to reflect on one´s life, on impermanence , to discover unchanging reality of innate Buddha nature. Spiritual practitioners must not become victims of alcohol, meat eating habits, drugs, halloweens and other unvirtuous activities. Spiritual practitioners know how to enjoy life, how to appreciate every moment, how to see the sunrise and the collors of autum leaves , how to see the sunset… How to breath in and breath out deeply and relax… This is basic meditation/awareness taught by Buddha Shakyamuni and also by patriarchs of Chan / Zen Buddhism in China, Japan…

3.1.May new Visual Dharma for auspiciousness – Bardo prayer which protects from fear , with guided meditation (in description/research) make you brave, courageous, peaceful and wise. It is Buddha medicine, available to everyone. By EMBEDING, SHARING,  favouring and commenting (by writing your insights), by playing it on tv stations or on mobile phones : you can practice 1st enlightened activity, multiplying the Blessings of all Enlightened Beings throughout the world.

4.1. Shitro Khordas Rangdrol – hidden treasure (terma) teaching by Rigdzin Changchub Dorje (Tibet, 20st Century), taught by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche from Oct 23-30 , 2009 also on open webcast : we listened with appreciation, wrote notes, practiced during two hours of daily Dharma/Teachings. Overview of Shitro Khordas Rangdrol will be prepared for next Alive Dharma . May pure Dharma increase *****

5.1.Friends and subscribers of Buddha Dharma – OBFI are encouraged to ask questions about meditation, Buddhist studies, health (Wholesome medicine), human rights, inter-faith dialogues, charity – connected to seven programmes of Buddha Dharma_OBFI. May all be peaceful, happy, wise and compassionate.



“Samantabhadra, the peaceful and wrathful ones,

Infinite compassion,

The power of truth of the pure Dharmata,

And the followers of tantra in one-pointed meditation :

May their blessings fulfill this inspiration prayer.” (1)

Bardo Thödol Buddhist texts were composed by the Lotus-born Guru Padmasambhava and written down by His consort and Wisdom dakini Yeshe Tshogyal (Tibet, 9th century). The enlightened activity of all Bardo Thödol texts is liberation upon hearing . 4 inspiration prayers ( Mönlam , path of good wishes) are connected with the main Bardo Thödol text namely : Inspiration Prayer Calling on the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for Rescue, The Main Verses of Six Bardos, Inspiration Prayer for the deliverance from the dangerous Pathway of the Bardo and the Bardo Prayer which protect from fear. 3 prayers from this cycle  are now  prepared as Visual Dharmas – spiritual teachings for 3rd millenium. Visual Dharmas are true Heritage of mankind. They are compassionate methods of directing one´s awareness inward and to discover one´s innate Buddha nature,  present in unimpeded continuity of the Sound*Lights of Dharmata. As Chögyal Namhkai Norbu taught at recent Shitro retreat : “When Atiyoga /Dzogchen practitioner arrive at the Bardo of Dharmata, he recognises Sound/Lights/Rays as the mother luminosity in the same way as the son recognises his mother. And accomplish Sambhogakaya realisation.”(2)

Guided meditation of Buddha Dharma-Atiyoga essence lineage :

“Breath in and out in relaxed manner nine times. Be aware of passing thoughts which are like clouds in the sky…Become aware of inner spaciousness (Tib. Khadak, voidness)… Listen to the ringing of the Bell : infinite potentiality spontaneously present as  natural Sound of Dharmata (Tib. Lhundrup, Chönyid kyi rang-dra). Be aware of your purified elements spontaneously appearing as the 5 wisdom lights : blue light / space, green light/ air, white light / water, red light / fire, golden light/ earth element. Relax in that natural state.  “May the samadhi (contemplation) of Bliss and luminosity arise.” Return to that samadhi – this is the training on the Path of natural liberation of Atiyoga Dzogpa chenpo, Great completeness.

Great Bodhisattvas can have hundreds of emanations appearing in six realms of samsara, to guide sentient beings. Tertön Karma Lingpa who discovered Bardo Thödol sacred texts at the gampo hill in central Tibet (14th century) was such great emanation (Tib. Tulku). It is said that all treasure revealers are emanations of the Lotus-born Guru , the second Buddha. His sacred Dharmas are not only for one nation, one race or one religion . They are Jewel ornament of humanity, belonging to the Lotus of padma family . Guru Rinpoche´s secret Dharmas are conceiled in the sky, rocks, lakes and in the wisdom awareness of treasure revealers.

All Visual Dharmas are empowered with the Sound*Lights of Dharmata, pointing directly to the enlightened state in every being. EMBED, FAVOUR , RATE them, PLAY them on TV stations, mobile phones  and multiply blessings of the Buddhas throughout the world. In such way you accumulate merit of practicing 1st enlightened activity !

Documentary recording is from commemoration of the Intern´l day for remembering the victims of traffic accidents, held in the Maribor city  Slovenia EU , organised by the Maribor city (Mestna obcina) on Nov. 15, 2008 at Slomskov trg surrounded by historic buildings : university, Catholic church, post office, theatre … The event was  initiated by Foundation “Varna pot”, Ljubljana, in connection with different ministries of Slovenian state .Buddha Dharma took part in religious ceremonies  .

Afterword: May all who see and reflect on this Visual Dharma discover confidence in their innate, primordialy pure natural state, free from fear. May the blessings of the Buddhas fulfill this Alive Dharma teaching, awakening wisdom & true loving heart in everyone. Thank you, Shifu John Chow, for  spiritual contribution to this Alive Dharma.

Selected bibliography & notes :

1.The Tibetan Book of the Dead-translated by Chögyam Trungpa, Shambhala, 1975.

2.Chögyal Namkhai Norbu: Shitro Khordas Rangdrol- terma  by Rigdzin Changchub Dorje,  teaching/retreat in Merigar, Italy- transmitted with open webcast  Oct 23-30,09


1. Write your insights on this inpiration Prayer

Colophon : Bardo Prayer which protects from fear; Buddha Dharma_OBFI, Oct 31,09 . Bibliographies  www.izum.si/cobiss 90321

Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche 1.04 Professional Article. 90352  Mangala Konchok Norbu 2.18 Scientific film/Video

Key words :

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3.1.Selected comments and your mail

DalaiLamaFrankfurt Germany

Re:THE GIFT OF TRUTH AND OTHER DHARMAS Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 25, 2009

Thank you for your wonderful videos, I enjoy them from heart!!!!!

cristall1953 Romania The Gift of Truth

merci……pour c’est magnifique video.favorit……

produccionespablo USA The Gift of Truth

gracias por tu amistad y por compartir estos videos que me transmiten tanta paz 10**** con todo carino…Pablo

Benhallned Australia

Once again, thank you for giving my week a peaceful and harmonious start, Rabbie Australia.

pinkgal109 Australia –  The Gift of Truth

Thank you for such a beautiful message and video,love and peace to you 🙂 *****

YThemertY Australia – The Gift of Truth

Thank you for this beautiful message.
My favourite. Maria

marcdruten #   Holland – The Gift of Truth

May All Sentient Beings Be Happy & Peaceful Everywhere!

shirleey1969 Germany Visual Dharma: The Gift of Truth

You can imagine it through consiousness…
 can feel it through love…
Thanks for your gift of wisdom!
Hugs from my heart to yours.
send you love and light!
we are all ONE!

Mozimmermann Brazil – The Gift of Truth

Thank you for this most valuable gift.
A great Sunday.

giovenko123 Italy – The Gift of Truth

Bellissimo video veramente! carlo giove.Grazie mille!

OroyaPeruviana Polland –  The gift of Truth


QuanYinMethod USA

Re: THE GIFT OF TRUTH AND OTHER DHARMAS Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 25, 2009

Thank you.storkcoolswings

Re: THE GIFT OF TRUTH AND OTHER DHARMAS Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 25, 2009

thank you
all dharma’s are ultimately empty
may your cultivation rid you of defilements
may you see your original face
may your practice help all beings in all realms
my you get home   . metta

P.S. Dear Friend  of Buddha Dharma, we all wish you successful Dharma practice in daily life. We all rejoice in your Dharma verse J With loving kindness / metta from Buddha Dharma_OBF International

Carlinhos271980 Portugal

Hi, ola, hola Hi, ola, hola hi, thank you for your kindness .God bless you and yours  – Carlinhos

meishivom Canada

Re: THE GIFT OF TRUTH AND OTHER DHARMAS Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 25, 2009

My friends, I value your friendship and this correspondence weekly. It is my weekly treasure. I love you all. Have a nice week.everyone. Talk soon. :-))

butterisgood503 USA

Hey openbuddhistforum!! Thanks for being my friend!

As you know I am making a series on healthy drinking WATER and am going to release my second video of the series this week! you can check out the intro video here:

I promise I will make it worth your while and give you exclusive access to a really cool video I am making for my website on how to purify water for FREE!  Cheers! Barry


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  1. good read, solid stuff, thanks for sharing this.

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