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VISUAL DHARMA ART for 3rd millenium


Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 25, 2009

“The best of all gifts is the Gift of Truth.”

Dhammapada – Words of Shakyamuni Buddha

“Hear the Sound of Nature * Hear the Sound of Emptiness “

Dharma art photo on  the blog with links to Wikipedia

www.buddhadharmaobfinternational.wordpress.com Heritage of mankind


1.1.May this Visual Dharma : The Gift of Truth – find you peaceful, healthy , strong, joyful, wise and compassionate, dear wordlwide Friends  of Buddha Dharma. Heartfelt welcome to all who joined the shining circle*mandala  of Buddha Dharma´s friends. Increase your positive energy by embeding , rating, favouring and commenting on Visual Dharmas- spiritual Teachings for 3rd millenium. They are all empowered with Sound*Light of Dharmata which is true nature of your being-ness . Respect them as you respect yourself : these Dharmas lead to discovery of who you truly are… Take your time to study the descriptions of Visual Dharmas and to practice them. This is well invested time – bringing you merit and wisdom awakening. May all your days and nights be full of peace & wisdom Sound*Lights.

With the Gift of Truth

Your Buddha Dharma – OBF International


2.1. Lunar calendar October – November 2009

Oct 26 : Medicine Buddhas and Arya Tara (8th day). Spiritual practice of Visual Dharmas: Medicine Buddha Blessings, 21 verses of praise to Tara.

Oct 28 : Buddha Padmasambhava-Vajrakilaya (10th day). Spiritual practice of Visual Dharmas : Seven-line invocation of Guru Rinpoche, Condensed Tsog offering verse by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche II. Ganachakra offering. Related : Dances of eight manifestations, Teaching about Seven-line invocation.

“Guru Rinpoche takes the form of Vajrakumara at Yang Leshö in Nepal and subdues the local deities and negative forces. He performs the sadhana of Palchen Yangdak Heruka and attains the Vidyadhara stage of Mahamudra realisation. He is know as Guru Dorje Töthreng- Vajra Guru, Garland of Skulls.” Spiritual practice of Visual Dharma: Vajrakilaya Gurkhukma (part 1,2) by Kyabje Jigme Phuntsog Rinpoche , discovered at Yang Leshö Asura cave in 1990.

October 29 : Day of Arya Manjushri (11th day). Spiritual practice of Visual Dharma: Homage to Manjushri the Buddha of Wisdom.

Nov 2 : full moon. Spiritual practice of Visual Dharmas : Avalokiteshvara Buddha of compassion, Amitabha Buddha of infinite light.

Nov 9 : DHARMACHAKRA DAY : celebrating Buddha Shakyamuni descend from Heaven (Lha Bab Duchen). “Buddha´s mother war reborn in Indra´s heaven. To repay her kindness and to liberate her , but also to benefit the gods, Buddha spent three months teaching the Dharma in the realm of gods. “ Spiritual practice of Visual Dharmas : Sampa Nyur Drupma , Wish-granting prayer of Samantabhadra (programme of Sunday´s collective prayers and meditation , 16-17 pm . GMT+1 or according to your local time).

Nov 11 : Dakini day (25th day). Spiritual practice of Visual Dharma : Sampa Nyur Drupma. Ganachakra offering. Practice is very important – positive energy (merit) multiplies 1 million times on every Dharmachakra day.

Nov 15 : Dharmapala day. Spiritual practice of Visual Dharma: Vajrakilaya tantra Gurkhukma (part 1,2).

Nov 16 : Shakyamuni Buddha day . Spiritual practice of Visual Dharma : 100-syllable mantra of Vajrasattva. Sang Offering.

*Collective prayers and meditations every Sunday from 16-17 pm GMT+1 or according to your local time.

May pure Dharma increase. Together we pray and meditate for inner and outer peace on the planet.  OM MANI PADME HUM

Buddha Dharma – OBF International : serving, upholding and protecting the teachings of Buddhas by promoting ten enlightened activities.


3.1. Mail from Buddha Dharma friends  around the world

milissamusic USA

Re: WORLD PEACE & GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 11, 2009

thanks hope you like it

Milissa singing for a good cause: KIDS! Cantando por los ninos DIF:)

Here I am giving some good vibe to some kids at the public summer camp hosted by a goverment program.
What a joy to see them enjoy their  day.


R:PRECIOUS JEWEL OF ENLIGHTENMENT Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 18,2009   Still thanks.. for these sharings of Compassion and Love..
I am honorable.. and grille for all this..
With affection and love.. Lobsang..

shirleey1969 Germany

Re:PRECIOUS JEWEL OF ENLIGHTENMENT Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 18, 2009 Hugs from my heart to yours:))

Om Mani Padme Hum JA gift for a special friend
(the”Jewel-Lotus”)You are a jewel.You are a treasure.You are light.You are love.You are a lotus.
You are peace.You are freedom.You are limitless space.You are…

meishivom Canada

Re: PRECIOUS JEWEL OF ENLIGHTENMENT Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 18, 2009

My thanks and gratitude to the forum for sharing the teachings of Venerable Mipham Rinpoche. Beautiful video and have a nice week. :-))

pinkgal109 Australia

Re: PRECIOUS JEWEL OF ENLIGHTENMENT Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 18, 2009

Thank you so much for your great message,and beautiful video,love and peace to you 🙂 *****

spirit of the hawk

Carlinhos271980 Portugal

hi, ola, hola hi, ola, hola English Message-
Hi my friends
NOTE: I don`t receive your new editions or your shares from many of you
It`s hard for me to go to your channels and watch your videos
in order for me to comment and rating thems.
I think most of your contacts are having the same problem,
that is why they are not commenting and rating your videos.
I recomend to all of you to send your videos to all your contacts
this way instead of the regular way.
YOUTUBE is having problems since the beggining of this month,
they have a new engineering system technology
they are changing everything in their web page.
Please dont ever think you’re invading your friends, sending your videos this way (friends dont get mad for this actions)
they will be happy that you are sending it your new editions (videos)
Also please
WATCH, COMMENT AND RATE IT your friends videos
and if you can, share it them with your contacts as regular share
You don’t loose anything doing that, most of this,you winning views and friendships also. Remember, if you comment and rating in your friends videos they’ll do the same on yours
I also recomend to DELETE all of the channels that are closed
this stops the shares from getting to your friends active channels.

Have all of you a brilliant week full of blessings, peace, love, happiness and triumphs

P.S. Thank you, dear Friend  , for all useful informations. We mostly comment on our Friends  videos in a creative way. We believe that creativity is the proper way to show appreciation of other´s work. Not only writing : “Thank you for sharing…” but truly looking at the video , its message , reflecting on it and THEN writing the comment. We strongly encourage everyone to apply this method .

ingridgott Spain

Re:PRECIOUS JEWEL OF ENLIGHTENMENT Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 18, 2009

thanks god bless you

___♫♥____Love____ ♥
____♫♥ Happiness_ ♥♫


Re: thank you for inspired channel comment

thanks!!! we must work faster to save the animals since factory farm is very cruel and our planet is being destroyed at a tremendous rate. i’m doing my best to spread the message to all corners so please give me some ideas to reach all the billions of people. peace and blessing always!!

Answer : Dear Timmy , we appreacite your work and awareness about suffering of animals on this planet Earth. One can join social networks   http://www.protectanimalsandnature .ning.com and www.mothersnaturecottage.ning.com. One can sign petitions at Care2web. One can also release animals (like fishes, birds ). This is well know Buddhist practice. H.E. Chatral Rinpoche (Nepal) strongyl encourage releasing of captured fishes, which would otherwise be murdered for meat !  One can teach about the vegetarian diet through internet , esp. through youtube. Get connected with millions of people who are doing their best to SAVE THE PLANET by going VEG and going GREEN ***** OM MANI PADME HUM

Buddha Dharma – OBF International

arafel1964 Belgium

Marked as spam ƸӜƷ ƸӜƷ ƸӜƷ ƸӜƷ ƸӜƷ
Have a beautiful sunday!
ڿڰۣ ƸӜƷ ~Arafel~ ƸӜƷ ڿڰۣ

shirleey1969 Germany

Thanks for the light, love and wisdom you share with us!
Wish you peace
 and harmony – hugs from my heart to yours:))
Have a nice sunday my beautiful soul!

tbalsillie Canada

Thank you for your message…have a blissfull day!

Timsee40 Afghanistan

the buddha’s teaching is awesome!


4.1. openbuddhistforum channel OM SVASTI
Dharma teachings about Zhitro practice by CHÖGYAL NAMKHAI NORBU RINPOCHE, received from Rigdzin CHANGCHUB DORJE
 (Tibet) Oct 23-Oct 30 , 2009
at Dzogchen community Merigar, Italy, can be listened with Open Audio streaming http://213.203.141 http://dzogchencommunity.net/webcast , daily from 10-12 am Central European Time .
May pure Dharma prosper and may all sentient beings be happy !
BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF International Oct 23, 2009

4.2.Dear Friends of the Center for Buddhist Studies at UC Berkeley,
The Center’s 2009-2010 colloquium series continues on Thursday, October29th,2009  with a talk by Professor Reiko Ohnuma of Dartmouth College.  Thetalk, titled “Mater Dolorosa: Māyā and Mahāprajāpatī in Grief,” will begin at5:00 pm in the IEAS Conference Room on the 6th floor of 2223 Fulton Street. Complete information about this event is included on the attached flyer or on our website (
As always, all of our events are free and open to the public.
I look forward to seeing some of you soon,
Keila Diehl, Ph.D. Vice-Chair, Center for Buddhist Studies , University of California, Berkeley

4.3. Questions and answers

nutier France

Dear venerable Sir , thank you so much for your kind response on my questions ( Q.105, Q.106 ) . It’s really important for Buddhists to understand what the samsara is . Samsara is great as an universe which drags somethings around it everytime without stopping .
Please enjoy my question , thank you .
One who killed an animal , after death , will go into hell , according to Buddhism .
Q.108 – In this world , there are a lot of animals , birds , fishs , insects etc. who killed themselves for life ; when they die , will they go directly into hell ?
May peace and happiness be upon you always ! nutier

Answer : Animal realm is beginning of lower part of samsara where suffering is greater . Animal realm is especially based on ignorance or unawareness. Animals experience  a lot of fear. Fear of being killed by other stronger animals , fear for being killed by humans for food ! Yes, their meat is murder. Animals also transmigrate in samsara. The beasts commit a lot of murder, but also birds kill a lot of insects, big fishes eat small fishes. People who eat a lot of meat have a lot of animal characteristics . Genetics could tell a lot about this. One who kills animal will be reborn 500 or more times as  animal, experiencing  the same suffering and fear. But even this truth don´t stop people from eating meat ! This shows how deeply embeded is cruelty and aggression in those who eat meat.

Buddhas teaching or Buddha Dharma is not kind of fatalistic tradition. It is wisdom and compassion. The study and practice of Buddha Dharma does not make us close-minded religionists, but truly wise and compassionate beings. First step on that spiritual path is the stop eating meat and saving lives of sentient beings.

Gilbert, Buddhas teachings are also very contemporary. Buddhas teaching manifest from stainless Dharmakaya, to benefit beings limitless as the sky. The aim of study & practice of Buddha Dharma is to become wise, compassionate being who understand himself , who understands causes , conditions and effects (=virtuous or unvirtuous karma, as we explained in previous answers). No 108 is auspicious in Buddhism . May you be blessed with true understanding , wisdom and compassion .

Tara Tulku Rinpoche


anil204 United Kingdom

4.1. Happy Diwali

Wishing each one of you a very happy and prosperous deepawali. May this year brings you lots and lots of happiness in life and fulfill all your dreams.
May This Diwali be as bright as ever. May this Diwali bring joy, health and wealth to you. May the festival of lights brighten up you and your near and dear ones lives. May this Diwali bring in u the most brightest and choicest happiness and love you have ever Wished for. May this Diwali bring you the utmost in peace and prosperity. May lights triumph over darkness. May peace transcend the earth. May the spirit of light illuminate the world.
May the light that we celebrate at Diwali show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony
Coming together is beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success with thinking globally & acting locally.
May Almighty illuminate our intellect and inspire us towards the righteous path. When we transform ourselves, the world will be transformed.
Prosperity, Peace and Preservation for our world !
With All the best wishes  . Anil

Dear Anil,

your good wishes are received with gratitude. Yes, coming together is beginning , staying together in  progress and working together is success – for saving the planet. Praying and meditationg together for inner and outer peace on the planet . For Enlightenment of all sentient beings . May your Happy Diwali wishes reflect in the hearts of all who read this words.Like the full moon which reflects equaly on all lakes ….


BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF INTERNATIONAL Generaly beneficial religious org. since 1995 registered in Slovenia, EU. www.youtube.com/OpenBuddhistForum www.MySpace.com/BuddhaDharma_OBFI blog, Dharma art photowww.buddhadharmaobfinternational.wordpress.com Heritage of mankind – Treasure of pure Dharma , links to Wikipedia and related photos. Serving, upholding and protecting the teachings of Buddhas by promoting ten enlightened activities as taught by Buddha Shakyamuni and His emanation Buddha Padmasambhava; promoting Millenium goals of United nations : Universal education ,Gender equality and empowerment of women www.un.org.milleniumgoals

Her Eminence Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche- Nyingma Vajrayana Atiyoga Ling, EU

His Eminence Lama Karma Gyan Sagar Rinpoche, Association for non-violence, world peace, wheel, Buddhist religion in Nepal(monastery, Buddhist school for orphan children, peace pagoda, Dechen Ling gompa, three-year meditation retreat)*****

Shifu John Chow : Martial arts, Healing,Dharma,  Australia

Venerable Mangala Konchok Norbu, Dharma art director, Buddha Dharma, European Union

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Shakyamuni Buddha


Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 18, 2009

“All phenomena arise from circumstances .

Because good circumstances can arise from good intention,

Whatever we pray for will appear.”

Shakyamuni Buddha , enlightened Teacher of gods and men


1.1.Dear worldwide friends of Buddha Dharma, please accept this Visual Dharma for auspiciousness – Verses of prayer to Eight noble auspicious ones by venerable Mipham Rinpoche. Her Eminence Tara Tulku Rinpoche wrote for her birthday (Oct 17) simple and natural Dharma in Atiyoga*Dzogpa chenpo essence lineage and allowed us to publish it, for the benefit and enlightenment of all beings. May all your days and nights in the following week be full of peace, natural Sound*light of our innate Buddha nature , happiness , joy, wisdom and compassion. Don´t hesitate to ask questions about the Dharma, spirituality, wholesome medicine and all related to our seven generaly beneficial projects (see description on www.youtube.com/OpenBuddhistForum and www.MySpace.com/BuddhaDharma_OBFI).

II.International Institute for Contemporary Buddhist Studies :

2.1. Gentle Rain of Nectar Blessings Vol. V

Precious Jewel of Enlightenment

Homage to Shakyamuni Buddha , our enlightened Guide in this degenerate age of Kali yuga

All phenomena arise from circumstances , is the Dharma/Truth that Shakyamuni Buddha proclaimed with Lion´s roar . Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa ,            one of the Lineage masters of Nyingma Vajrayana Buddhism also said : “If the intention is good, the path and result will also be good.” What is good intention and what is bad intention ? To know this difference is part of the wisdom of discernment or prajna (Tib. Sherab). Prajna is connected with inborn conscience of human being. Almost all religions and spiritual paths teach about the importance of conscience. Those who teach that good and bad intentions are the same, are nihilists and are not showing the path of Enlightenment. They lack mental training and prajna or wisdom of discernment which is the sixth paramita/perfection. Without prajna there is also no true compassion, only intellectual or book compassion.

In Atiyoga*Dzogpa chenpo essence lineage we teach about the Base , Path and the Fruit. The Base is our innate Buddha nature, Dharmakaya Samantabhadra*Samantabhadri within , primordialy pure and continuously present as Sound*Light of Dharmata… Unimpreded continuity… Upon direct introduction to our primordialy pure Base there is training on the Path, leading to Result of complete and perfect realisation of Dharmakaya Buddha Samantabhadri*Samantabhadra. Correct training on the Path is described in Heart advice of Guru padmasambhava : Descend with the View, ascend with the Conduct.” To ascend with the conduct means to become life-long vegetarian, saving lives of sentient beings. It also means to accumulate merit by practicing ten dharmic/enlightened activities (see description on the channel). It also means to nurture good intentions and to pray . Some think that prayers are not important in Dzogchen. Prayers are very important also in Dzogchen, like the Wish-granting prayer of Samantabhadra , Sampa Nyur Drupma, Verses of Prayer to Eight noble auspicious ones etc..

Here we pray and also make prostrations. Some think that Dzogchenpas (Dzogchen practitioners) don´t need to prostrate. Prostrations to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of ten directions and three times and  to Dharma guardians, invoked in the Prayer to Eight noble auspicious ones are important to accomplish the Fruit of enlightenment.  Good intentions and prayers “create” Pure lands of the Buddhas as the Result. “Whatever we pray for will appear,” said Shakyamuni Buddha. This is great encouragement  for everyone  – we must have deep faith in the words of Enlightened One who is the Teacher of gods and men.


(Mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha – recite 7 , 21 or 108 times)


(Mantra of His emanation Guru Padmasambhava, the Lotus-born Guru)


(sacred seed syllables of enlightened Body, Speech, Mind, Qualities and Activities)

Wish-fulfilling Gem of dedication according to Guru Padmasambhava:

“With unsurpassable offering-clouds of Samantabhadra

Actually present and mentaly created,

Vastly and fully displayed within pure space,

We present you, Guru Rinpoche ,

With an ocean of outer, inner and secret offerings.”

Related Visual Dharmas :

*Prayer for the deliverance from the dangerous Pathway of the bardo – from Bardo Thödol cycle of paryers and sadhanas

**Wish-granting paryer of Samantabhadra , Kunzang Gongpa Zhangtal ; part 1 & 2; from the Northern treasures of terma teaching discovered by Rigdzin Gödem Chan

***Verses of Prayer to Eight Noble auspicious Ones, pure vision prayer by Mipham Rinpoche

****Sampa Nyur Drupma by Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa and from Khandro Nyingthig liturgy

Notes :

*Importance of the recitation of Vajra Guru mantra , sent as a comment to Alive Dharma teaching -Presence of Guru Rinpoche, published at www.buddhadharmaobfinternational.wordpress.com Heritage of mankind; by www.gurupadmasambhava.org, Sikkhim, India :

The Vajra Guru Mantra is the mantra associated with Guru Rinpoche, also known as Padmasambhava.Guru Rinpoche himself has said, “In the future, such times will befall sentient beings and both in a temporary and in a long term sense, the benefits of the Vajra Guru mantra can be definitely  felt.Since my spiritual instructions and the methods of practice that I offer are immeasurable, I have hidden a great number of treasure teachings in the water, rocks, the sky and so forth. In these evil times, even individuals with fortunate karma will find it difficult to encounter these teachings. It will be difficult to bring together the necessary circumstances for these teachings to be revealed. This is a sign that the collective merit of beings is on the wane.
However, at such times, if this essence mantra, the
Vajra Guru mantra, is repeated as much as possible, a hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times, a hundred thousand times, a million, ten million, a hundred million times and so forth, if it is repeated in holy places, in temples, next to great rivers, in areas where gods and demons abound, if it is recited in these places by tantric practitioners with pure samaya, by people with monastic ordination who maintain their vows purely, by men and women who possess faith in the teachings, if they give rise to bodhicitta on a grand scale and recite this mantra, then the benefits and advantages and energy of such practice are truly inconceivable.” 100 millions of Vajra Guru mantras – practiced from Sept 22 – Oct 4, 2009 ; India and around the world .”

„The best of all gifts is the Gift of Truth

D h a m m a p a d a

Gentle Rain of Nectar Blessings

Collected works : Sung-bum

Copyright notice :

All rights reserved. Written permission to copy Dharma Texts  of Her Eminence Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche -who is continuing the teachings of Ayu Khandro Dorje Paldron (Tibet 1839-1953) in the Atiyoga essence lineage of Nyingma Vajrayana Buddhism-  can be granted, provided that reprint is for free distribution (serving the Teachings of Buddhas) and that such reprints are not sold as merchandise. The Author´s copyright notice must appear, along with the title of the Dharma Text or publication and related data. Notice must be given, that reprint is by permission of the Author. For written permission to  reprint write to the Vajra-Garuda e-Publications .     BuddhaDharma.OBFInternational@gmail.com You will also be asked to send 1 copy of the reprinted Dharma text or publication. May all beings benefit !

III.Wisdom Without Borders

Dear Buddha Dharma friends , thank you for your many comments on Visual Dharmas , channel comments and received post. From time to time we publish selected comments . OM MANI PADME HUM

Mozimmermann Brasil

Good weekend friend!
Good friends are always of especially in our thoughts. They are part of our day to day even if not present.
Kisses  , Morena


Beautiful Channel
Greets from
___♫♥____Love____ ♥
 Happiness_ ♥♫


THANK YOU SO MUCH for the invite!
I deeply appreciate it. I love your channel greatly. More power to you!
God bless! 🙂 love
 fm the Philippines,  atty. vivavoce83

TheBuddhaTv Germany

I did Vajrayana meditation yesterday and thought of you so I stopped by now to ask which way you practise in buddhism.Please post me a comment. May you be happy, May you be free from suffering.

Answer : We mostly practice in Nyingma Vajrayana Buddhist lineages, but also teach almost all Buddhist traditions in unbiased way : 43 Visual Dharmas – Buddhist teachings for 3rd millenium are Dharmas without obscurations of race, nationality , social position….

shoshenkis Canada

Glory to the Buddha Shakyamuni and the Bodhisattva

pinkgal109 Visionary art , Australia


thank you for the great message and beautiful video,love and peace to you 🙂


HALLO!!!!!! WONDERFUL VIDEOS*************

WITH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!
MONICA PANET  ***************MONI**********

liangcen Indonesia

thank you

for all beautiful vision, that you’ve already told, but i still have some problem about watch all these clearly, because i cannot take it from you tube. so if you have another sites that i can get all of this easily, i’ll thanked you so much. from your admirer. cen.

Answer : use Mozilla 3.05 and install add on- downloader from Mozilla Firefox. Mangala Konchok Norbu

JuanLorenZerimar , USA


Thank you! Peace!

meishivom Canada

Re: WORLD PEACE & GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 11, 2009

You have my support. Thanks all and have a nice weekend and week ahead. :))


Re:WORLD PEACE & GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 11, 2009


Nobel Peace Prize Winners – (2009)

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of five Nobel Prizes bequeathed by the Swedish industrialist and inventor Alfred Nobel. According to Nobel’s will, the Peace Prize should be awarded “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for…

pinkgal109 Australia


Thank you so much for the lovely message and wonderfull video,very beautiful ***** 🙂

sacredartsroe Hungary

Re: WORLD PEACE & GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 11, 2009

many thanks !!!!! Om Mani Padme Hum
Eva ❤ ❤ ❤

JuanLorenZerimar California

Re: WORLD PEACE & GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS Alive Dharma teaching, Oct 11, 2009

Peace and love!

vivavoce83 Philiphines

Dear Buddha Dharma,
I really love your channel and enjoy visiting it after a hard day’s work.
It really helps me a lot especially with all those soothing sacred chants and prayers.I was hoping if you could help me pinpoint a video evoking innate peace. That’s what I’m really looking for.
Thank you. More power to you.

Answer : dear Lynne, Thank you for inspiring words. All our 43 Visual Dharmas (videos) are created out of inner peace. They are empowered with Sound*Light and are therefore sacred Buddhist teachings eble to invoke inner peace in the viewer. Some viewers have specific connections with Visual  Dharmas. One must also learn to look these Videos in meditative * contemplative ways. One can even practice short purification breathing to relax first. Deeply inhale and slowly exhale three , seven or nine times. Sit in relaxed position without any tensions, keep your spine streight. Some Visual Dharmas have texts from sadhanas (meditation instructions) which one can read aloud. One can also chant mantras while viewing. One can recite prayer while viewing Visual Dharmas. For beginning meditators we recommend these Visual  Dharmas : Avalokiteshavara Buddha of compassion, Amitabha Buddha of infinite light, Medicine Buddha Blessings, 100-syllable mantra of Vajrasattva and other prayers described in these teachings. They are like wholesome medicine : it must be taken regularly to experience mental peace and blessings coming from them.

On 02/09/2009, at 5:29 PM, Buddha Dharma wrote to Namgyalgar, Australia

Dear Vajra brothers and sisters,
we got the news that there is fire around Namgyalgar. If these is so, we pray that all be well with you and that nothing is destroyed.
Buddha Dharma
venerable Mangala Konchok Norbu, His Eminence Sagar Rinpoche, Shifu John Chow , H.E. Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar

On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 4:26 AM, Jean Mackintosh –Namgyalgar, wrote:Dear Esteemed and Valued friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts for Namgyalgar. The danger has now passed and the fire and smoke have gone down. Nothing was destroyed and we are all safe as are our buildings. The danger last week was very real but the Rural Fire Service and all the practice and prayers from our friends near and far has worked to restore peace and tranquility.
Yours in the Dharma
Best wishes , Jean Mackintosh
IV. Colophon :BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF INTERNATIONAL Generaly beneficial religious org. since 1995 registered in Slovenia, EU. www.youtube.com/OpenBuddhistForum

www.MySpace.com/BuddhaDharma_OBFI blog, Dharma art photo


Heritage of mankind – Treasure of pure Dharma , links to Wikipedia and related photos

Serving, upholding and protecting the teachings of Buddhas by promoting ten enlightened activities as taught by Buddha Shakyamuni and His emanation Buddha Padmasambhava; promoting Millenium goals of United nations : Universal education ,Gender equality and empowerment of women www.un.org.milleniumgoals

Her Eminence Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche- Nyingma Vajrayana Atiyoga Ling, EU

His Eminence Lama Karma Gyan Sagar Rinpoche, Association for non-violence, world peace, wheel, Buddhist religion in Nepal

(monastery, Buddhist school for orphan children, peace pagoda, Dechen Ling gompa, three-year meditation retreat)*****

Shifu John Chow : Martial arts, Healing, Australia

Venerable Mangala Konchok Norbu, Dharma art director, Buddha Dharma, European Union

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HERITAGE OF MANKIND : World peace and global human rights


Alive Dharma teaching, Oct. 11, 2009

„All phenomena arise from circumstances.

Because good circumstances can arise through good intention,

Whatever we pray for will appear.”

Buddha Shakyamuni

Dear Friends of Buddha Dharma worldwide :

Together we pray for inner and outer peace on the planet ,

For Enlightenment of all sentient beings.



Heartfelt congratulations to US President BARACK OBAMA, Friend of Buddha Dharma on youtube, for Nobel Peace Prize award. We all rejoice, because you deserve the award ***** In received mail to all supporters – A CALL TO ACTION – it is said :

“Tara Tulku —
This morning, Michelle and I awoke to some surprising and humbling news. At 6 a.m., we received word that I’d been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.
To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who’ve been honored by this prize — men and women who’ve inspired me and inspired the entire world through their courageous pursuit of peace.
But I also know that throughout history the Nobel Peace Prize has not just been used to honor specific achievement; it’s also been used as a means to give momentum to a set of causes.
That is why I’ve said that I will accept this award as a call to action, a call for all nations and all peoples to confront the common challenges of the 21st century. These challenges won’t all be met during my presidency, or even my lifetime. But I know these challenges can be met so long as it’s recognized that they will not be met by one person or one nation alone.
This award — and the call to action that comes with it — does not belong simply to me or my administration; it belongs to all people around the world who have fought for justice and for peace. And most of all, it belongs to you, the men and women of America, who have dared to hope and have worked so hard to make our world a little better.
So today we humbly recommit to the important work that we’ve begun together. I’m grateful that you’ve stood with me thus far, and I’m honored to continue our vital work in the years to come.
Thank you,
President Barack Obama

Our comment for CNN
BARACK OBAMA completely deserves Nobel Peace Prize 2009 *****
Americans must help him to accomplish all noble projects soon.
Don´t be so sceptical – say to yourself :Yes,we also can !
Also help to free Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma.
BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF International“

We also wrote our hopes / wishes for world peace and improvement of human rights in Burma and Tibet at Care2ActionAlert.

All who care for achievement of world peace – act now and share your hopes for peace *****


Congratulate Obama on His
Nobel Prize — and Share
Your Hopes for Peace!

Forward to friends >>

Hi Lama Tara Tulku,

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize committee has awarded President Obama with this year’s honor, citing his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” exemplified in his April 5 speech in which he called for a world without nuclear weapons.

Congratulate Obama on receiving this honor >>

He has many opportunities to be a peace advocate today, as his Administration considers:

  • the course of the wars in Central Asia and Iraq,

  • how diplomacy can resolve tensions with Iran and North Korea through dialogue better than violence,

  • a federal budget that devotes too much money to weapons and too little for families struggling to get by in this economic crisis, and

  • how to create the nuclear-free future that Obama has strongly articulated.

Today is a golden opportunity to show that a pro-peace majority supports the President’s first steps toward peace and will help him take the next steps as well. Congratulate Barack Obama and share with him your vision of how we can all help wage peace >>

Thank you,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Take action link: http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/AFQcN/zJvY/bICoP

2.1.Live history : Two years of OPEN BUDDHIST FORUM INTERNATIONAL  channel of youtube , October 2009

Thank you for all who visit our channel with 43 Visual Dharmas – Buddhist teachings for 3rd millenium, to all who write channel comments, Visual Dharma comments, who embed, rate, share and favour them. Google search gives 25.300 entries for OpenBuddhistForum and with your precious help Visual Dharma (Truth) is spreading throughout the world like the Gentle rain of nectar blessings, bringing positive energy to every site where Visual Dharmas appear. Please, continue to embed, rate, share these sacred Truth of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas . All who make right effort in that noble direction, are part of the Heritage of mankind. Youtube statistics show more than 358.000 Visual Dharma views and more than 13.600 channel views.  May peace, wisdom and compassion prevail on this planet. Together we pray and meditate for the fulfillment of all noble wishes.

II.HUMAN RIGHTS: Visual Dharma-Burma- Urgent appeal to all

2.1.Human rights are closely connected with world peace : Human rights as stated in the Universal declaration of the United nations. We all know that UN need to be reformed, esp. its Security council . Without reform of the Security council there will be no improvement of human rights in Tibet and Burma. This is the fact in today´s globalised world. And we strongly encourage US President Obama to go on with his noble attempts to make all nations aware why its important to make UN more alive, more responsible and wise. Not only in words, but also in noble actions ! Two years ago we witnessed UN inability to stop imprisonment of Buddhists in Burma, during and after peaceful demonstrations. More than 220 Buddhists (monastics and non-monastics) are still imprisoned in Burma ! Please, act now and sign the petitions connected with Burma , to free Aung San Suu Kyi , who also obtained Peace Prize Award. And to free many imprisoned Buddhists in Burma and Tibet. We all pray for them!   Here is the invitation for everyone :

Dear Friends,
I have just read and signed the online petition:
“Free Saffron Monks”
hosted on the web by PetitionOnline.com, the free online petition
service, at:
I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might
agree, too.  If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider
signing yourself.
Best wishes,

Text from the petition site :

“To:  Goverments of the World , United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights Geneva, UN Security Council, Asean, FREE BURMA PROJECT
Free The Saffron Monks & Nuns From Prison.
Please lend your support for the release of Burma’s 220 monks and nuns who remain prisoners of conscience for participating in the peaceful demonstrations of September 2007. The “Saffron Revolution” drew tens of thousands of monks and nuns on to the streets. They chanted the
Metta Sutta (loving-kindness), for the well being and merit of all living beings. Monks and nuns implored the SPDC government to act with compassion towards the people suffering under economic hardship and to apologize and reform their actions taken against the monks and the religion. In response, the regime unleashed a violent and unprecedented attack against the demonstrators that continued off the streets and into the monastery grounds.
For a month, the military continued to round up protestors who had participated, raiding 52 monasteries, often at night. Monks were beaten, killed and many more carted off to prison with no regard to their age or standing. Revered abbots in their 80’s and 90’s and novices as young as five were disrobed and placed into detention centers.
By some estimates, as many as 1,400 Sanghas were rounded up without respect to the procedures of Burmese or International law. Sanghas endured beatings, interrogations, and torture. Many of them disappeared– sent away to distant prisons where their families and monastic companions lost track of them. Official statistics on the number of monks and nuns who were killed in the uprisings will never be known.
Crematoriums were put into 24-hour operation in the days following the crackdown to burn the bodies of those who were killed on the streets and inside the Monasteries. Unconfirmed reports assert that in order to keep the Sanghas from reaching the hospitals where they could be seen and counted, injured monks and nuns were taken to the crematoriums to be cremated alive.
Awareness and condemnation are vital tools of accountability that we in the International community can take to exert pressure on the regime to free the remaining Saffron Revolution monks and nuns still in prison under conditions that are a form of torture. Please give your support and solidarity to them and to the Burmese people.
Sign our petition to free Burma’s Saffron Monks, Nuns, Political Prisoners today! freeburmaproject@gmail.com
The Undersigned

III.International Institute for Contemporary Buddhist Studies

3.1. Questions and answers

a) Dear venerable Sir , thank you so much for your lovely response on my questions . Its are important to understand the whole world of Samsara with six realms of existence . I’m so happy to read a great story of ( My lap is your perch ) . But i don’t understand the meaning of the word Amitabha , please explain it to me. Thank you .
Please enjoy my question , thank you .
Angels , gods,  demons ,  hungry ghosts ,  hell beings are beings that we can not see , but they  exist in their realms . In each realm , there is a king that govern them forever .
Q.104 – As they are invisible beings , how can we meet them ?
May peace and happiness be upon you always !

Answer: Amitabha is the Buddha of the Pure land in the West, which is named in Sanskrit : Sukhavati, Tibetan : Dewa Chen. Amitabha is the Buddha of Infinite light and has special connection with human beings. When Buddha Amitabha was the Bodhisattva (still practicing the Buddha´s Path toward complete Enlightenmnet) He made special vows to deliver every being who remembers His name (Amitabha), to be reborn in His Pure land . This means that every being who is reborn in Amitabha´s Pure land is liberated from samsara. There are many millions of Pure land Buddhists , esp. in China and Japan, but also on other continents. They are mostly vegetarians ! Nice that you like the story : My lap is your pearch. It is very creative….See also related Visual Dharma: Amitabha Buddha of Infinite Light.

I little bit corrected your question, making it more clear : gods, demi gods, hungry ghosts, hell beings are all invisible beings . Every realm has Buddha who teaches in that realm. Shakyamuni Buddha and his emanation Guru Padmasambhava are teaching in  human realm. There is no need to want to see invisible beings. Shamanistic traditions are related with making connections with these invisible beings. We Buddhists remember all sentient beings in samsara, praying for enlightenmnet of every being.

b)Dear venerable Sir , please enjoy my question , thank you .
 is true that we can not meet invisible beings . According to Buddhism , we can see them from mediations and after our lives . All of the realms of life are depicted between the jaws , or in the arms of a monstrous yamaraja ( king of the death ) .The king of the death judges all invisible beings and all living beings.
Q.105 – In the Samsara , there are six realms of existence . Are there also six kings of the death ?
May peace and happiness be upon you always !

Answer:One Yamaraja or the king of death holds samsara or cyclic existence in his arms and jaws. In the center of the wheel of samsara are three poisons , namely : ignorance, attachment and aggression, symbolised by three animals. Research which mental poison  is connected with which animal . When a being releases grasping, symbolised by Yamaraja, samsara also collapses. Related Dharma teaching is : Parting from four attachments (published at our blogs some time ago). Take a close look.

c)Dear venerable Sir , thank you so much for your best gift of Dharma. I appreciate it so much  and I continue to read it. When i have any doubt , i note it as some questions to ask you every week end .
Please enjoy my question , thank you .
You wrote that, ( Human being with a lot of ignorance will be reborn as an animal. Human being with ignorance + stinginess will be reborn as hungry ghost. Human being with ignorance+stinginess+aggression will be reborn in the hell realms ) .
A lot of human beings go to hell where they will undergo all suffering caused by their bad actions, bad speech , and bad
 minds .
Q.106 – When human beings go into the hell , will they stay there forever or just to serve their sentences , and will return also as human beings ?
May peace and happiness be upon you always !

Answer : Sufferings in hell realms, both heat and cold hell ream, are intense. They are described in the Dharma book by ven. Patrul Rinpoche : Kunzang Lamai Zhalung – translated as: Words of my perfect Teacher. Human being which commints crime with killing , has a lot of aggression and this mental imprint (aggression, anger) remains as his last thought when he dies, will be reborn in the hell realm. Beings reborn in hell stay there very long time, but not forever. Some Buddhist masters practice Bardo deliverance ceremony, to liberate beings from samsara. Some masters perform Phowa – transference of conciousness of the deceised to the Pure land of Buddha Amitabha.  In Shitro practice we  make name burning, which helps the deceised . Spiritual help for dying is very important part of Buddhist practice.

d)Dear friend,
Do Lien Shen Rinpoche have a personal e-mail address ?
Since 1996 I practise “yoga” padmasana formation, without a teacher, without mantra.I feel “inner energy” in my body.
I often feel sensation such as like snow comes on my head.
It’s cool…….Keep me healthy too.
Maybe YOU have one that I can make a consultation with ?
Can a TAOISM MAN be baptized as Satyabudhagama Buddhisme too ?
Regards,   H.S.

*this question was received through email.

Answer: One can follow Grand master Lu`s teachings also on internet or through web cam almost every Saturday. There are many meditative experiences on the Path of Taoism as well as Buddhism. In China many practitioners successfully connect Buddhism  with Taoist methods of cultivation. Yoga practice should make one healthy ,as you said,  not sick . Inner energy is connected with opening of  energy channels and chakras. We always recommend vegetarian diet, no alcohol, drugs, tobacco and other poisons. Yoga is the way of purification of one´s energy. All authentic spiritual traditions agree on that. We also recommend Buddhist Chi Kung Energy workout as a daily practice. Being baptised into Buddhist path means to receive Refuge in the three Jewels (Buddha-Dharma-Sangha) and later to Three Roots (Guru-Dewa-Dakini). First Refuge introduces  you to Mahayana Buddhist path, second Refuge to three Roots to Vajrayana Buddhist path- it has inner meaning , connected with meditational deities sadhanas, working with inner energy, channels and essences . See our Visual Dharmas for more explanation (in descriptions) about Vajrayana Buddhist path, esp. Vajrasattva 100-syllable mantra.. Having successful Taoist base of spiritual development you can surely become advanced Vajrayana practitioner in this life. Wish you all the best . OM MANI PADME HUM

IV. Colophon BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF International– serving , upholding and protecting the Teachings of Buddhas by performing ten Dharmic Activities ; promoting millenium goals of United nations : universal education, gender equality and empowerment of women.

His Eminence Lama Karma Gyan Sagar Rinpoche, World peace envoy, Association for non-violence, world peace, wheel – Buddhist religion in Nepal;Venerable Mangala Konchok Norbu, Buddha Dharma,EU.

Shifu John Chow, Martial arts, healing, spirituality; Australia.

H.E. Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche, Nyingma Vajrayana Atiyoga Ling, European Union .

BUDDHA DHARMA is generaly beneficial religious organisation, since 1995 registered in Slovenia, European Union. Residents of Republic Slovenia can donate 0,5 % of their yearly income (Slov. dohodnina) to our generally beneficial projects (Slov. E-davki). Your donations are tax deductible.


www.YouTube.com/OpenBuddhistForum www.myspace.com/BuddhaDharma_OBFI


Heritage of mankind – Treasure of pure Dharma

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Alive Dharma teaching, Oct. 4, 2009

“O Guru Rinpoche, turn my mind towards the Dharma.

Longchenpa and Jigme Lingpa,

Exalted and all-knowing,

Let me not deviate into any wrong and inferior pth.

O Lama, you who are one with them :

Hear me !” *

“Homage to the gurus, yidams and dakinis.

With their great love may they lead us on the path.” (1)

With these invocation we begin Alive Dharma teaching on this full moon day,  dear worldwide Friends  of Buddha Dharma. Please accept 43. Visual Dharma as the Gift of Truth which is multiplying.  May it inspire you to take time, read aloud & write comments with your insights. By embeding it, favouring, sharing … your positive energy will increase day by day. In such simple and natural way everyone can take part in the Wisdom without borders and Heritage of mankind projects. The following teaching/research comes from the description of 43rd Visual Dharma-Buddhist teaching for all 3rd millenium and for all sentient beings.

In Buddha Dharma´s  Sunday´s  Collective meditations and prayers  for inner and outer peace on the planet we  remember more than 700 deceased and more than 3000 missing after the earthquake in Sumatra. May they all soon reach Buddha Amitabha´s Pure land of infinite light.

Dear Friends, we did not forget your already sent questions. Answers , selected channel & Visual Dharmas comments will be prepared next  weekend. May your days and nights be full of peace, happiness, joy, loving kindness and prosperity.


Visual Dharma: Guru PadmasambhavaInspiration prayer for deliverance from the dangerous pathway of the Bardo


1.1This Inspiration prayer (Tib. Mönlam, Wish-path) was transmitted by Buddha Padmasambhava and written down by Wisdom dakini Yeshe Tshogyal in 9th century Tibet. It was discovered in 14th century as a hidden treasure (terma) at the Gampo hill in central Tibet by tertön Karma Lingpa.Other Bardo Thödol prayers, connected with the Liberation through hearing text, are : Inspiration prayer calling on the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for rescue, Main verses of six Bardos and The Bardo prayer which protects from fear. Al these four prayers should be read aloud together with the Liberation from hearing sacred text when giving spiritual help  for living and dying. All four bardo prayers and other research/teachings are part of DVD Light mandalas (2).

II.Importance of Bardo Thödol  for humanity :

2.1.These Dharmas are Heritage of mankind- Guru Padmasambhava´s revealed Dharmas are most important, since they give detailed explanation about birth, life, dying process, death and rebirth in six realms of cyclic existance. Buddhas also give guidance how to achieve liberation from samsara. Buddhist ancient yet so contemporary wisdom tradition is true support for humanity also now in 3rd millenium. Contemporary world is focusing too much on material development and is neglecting personal happiness of each and every being. We are all interconnected, both spiritually and materialy, living in  material world. How to transform material world into non-materialistic world , how to cut down also spiritual materialism ? This is the process which every authentic spiritual path must go through. To accept that we are impermanent, that everything is in process of change, demands courage and wisdom. Buddha Dharma´s 42 Visual Teachings-published until Oct. 2009 are  empowered Buddhist texts. Embeding, sharing, favouring , commenting and contemplating them brings great blessings to you*

2.2.Inspiration prayer can touch human heart – it is speaking directly to you and every-one. It clearly describes  mental poisons: confussion, ignorance,aggression,pride,intense desire,envy,strong unconscious tendencies and fierce confussed projections throgh which  human being stays in samsara. We can aggree that anger/aggression is main mental poison, experienced by contemporary human beings. From the perspectives of TCM and Buddhist Wholesome medicine : Toxic Anger Syndrom comes from poisoning of liver chi which ascends upwards. Everyone who is still eating meat is poisoning oneself with TAS, because meat of murdered animals contains a lot of stress hormones.

Inspiration prayer further describes five elements and their connection with five Tathagatas and their consorts. Purification process of one´s  energy  starts with purification of inner elements. Pure outer elements support inner purification – taking care of environment is very important.

Atiyoga*Dzogpa chenpo meditator practice the Sound of Dharmata (Tib. Chönyid kyi rang dra) with light and rays, training in recognition of these Sound*Lights*Rays as natural liberation. Meditator train in spontaneously knowing the bardo, attaining  liberation into three dimensions/ kayas : Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya. Atiyoga*Dzogpa chenpo essence Lineage introduces these wisdom through empowered Visual Dharmas – Buddhist teachings for 3rd millenium. May it be auspicious for everyone : may all beings soon be liberated into three dimensions of Buddhahood. OM AH HUM SVAHA

III.Additional research


*The Dzogchen innermost essence preliminary practice “Longchen Nyingthig Ngöndro” by Jigme Lingpa, with original Tibetan text, translated by ven. Tulku Thondup, edited by Brian Beresford, LTWA, India, 1989

1.Tibetan book of the dead , Shambhala, USA,1987, pg. 100-102

2.Mangala Konchok Norbu : Light mandalas, Vajra-Garuda e-Publ; Buddha Dharma, 2004, ISBN 961-91189-3-6

3.2.Selected bibliography

*Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche: Bardo Guidebook, Rangjung Yeshe Publ. , 1991

*Sogyal Rinpoche: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Rigpa fellowship, Harper Inc., 1992

3.3. Related Visual Dharmas

*Padmasambhava: Main verses of six Bardos

*Condensed Tsog Offering verse by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche II.


Padmasambhava: Inspiration-prayer… Visual Dharma 43, Buddha Dharma_OBF International; bibliographies of researchers/authors www.izum.si/cobiss 90321 Tara Tulku Rinpoche 90321 Professional Article 1.04; 90352 Mangala Konchok Norbu – scientific film video rec. 2.18.

Buddha Dharma – OBF international

Serving, upholding and protecting the Teachings of Buddhas as taught by Buddha Shakyamuni and His emanation Buddha Padmasambhava; promoting Millenium goals of United nations : Universal education , Gender equality and empowerment of women.

Buddha Dharma is generaly beneficial religious/spiritual organisation , since 1995 registered in Slovenia , European Union.


www.myspace.com/BuddhaDharma_OBFI Dharma art


Heritage of mankind: blog with  Dharma art & links to Wikipedia.

Ven. Mangala Konchok Norbu , Buddha Dharma, EU

H.E.  Sagar Rinpoche- World peace envoy, Nepal;

Shifu John Chow, martial arts,TCM, healing, Australia;

H.E. Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche, Nyingma Vajrayana Atiyoga Ling, EU

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