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Alive teaching,12 – 13.9.2009

“The divine is not something big above us.

It is in heaven, it is in earth,

it is  inside us. “

Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace

(Dharma art photo on myspace & wordpress blog)

I.Introduction : Open Dharma greetings , worldwide friends of Buddha Dharma. Today we sent Dharma from the Dragon island in the Adriatic sea , from 10th Atiyoga Dzogpa chenpo meditation retreat. Surrounded by pine trees and olive trees of this Unesco world heritage – island, with self-arisen footsteps in the rock, experience with us fresh salty air while inhaling and slowly exhaling… Feel the breeze and crystal clear water , purifying you while chanting the Vajrasattva´s 100-syllable mantra. Feel the blessings of Condensed Tsog offering verse, recited at lunch… Peaceful  energy of the Verses to the Eight noble auspicious ones and Sampa Nyur Drupma, recited  during the retreat. Feel harmonious movement and breathing during the Buddhist Chi Kung energy workout  at the sea shore. May your days and nights be full of natural Sound*Light of Dharmata, our Buddha nature .

Visual Dharma sent with today´s Alive teaching, was recorded some years ago on the Dragon island with a lake full of drinking water. This mystic lake is like the eye of the dragon. Chinese painters will remember that the eye of the dragon means consecration of the painting…With praying and meditating together we consecrate the planet earth, promoting inner and outer peace. Don´t forget to  increase your positive energy by favouring, rating, commenting upon , sharing and embeding Visual Dharmas – Buddhist teaching for 3rd millenium. They are all consecrated with innate Sound*Light of Buddha nature.


2.1. Questions and answers

nutier , France

Object :your question

Dear venerable Sir , thank you so much for your advise . i’m so happy to learn the Buddha dharma from you . You wrote that : ( It is not hard to become a vegetarian at all. Just think and see with the eye of Truth, that you are eating corpses of dead animals. Join social network http://www.protectanimalsandnature.ning.com and have a closer look about killing animals in this saha world. Also advice your relatives to began cooking very healthy vegatarian food for example rice porridge (Gen Mai) . The recipe is found on our channel : OBF Buddhist medicine group. ) . It’s so great to become vegetarian because you follow exactly the five precepts of Buddha , i agree with you , I think . But , I see sometimes Buddhist monks who eat meats that Buddhists had prepared to them . In my opinion , one who kill an animal must have sin , but one who only eat this meat he must have sin too . If there is no one to eat meat , there is no one to kill animals also .
May peace and happiness be upon you always !

Answer : We are happy that our Dharma teachings brought you closer to ahimsa or non-violence, represented  by vegetarianism. Yes, if there would be no one to eat meat there will not be any killing of animals for food. Let´s pray that all 600 millions and more Buddhists will soon all become vegetarians. Some Buddhists don´t see the interconnectedness of everything and even many Buddhist monks eat meat; although they don´t kill animals themselves,  they accept meat if it is offered to them. When we visited Tibetan Buddhist centre in Swiss many years ago ( around 1991) the food for dinner was momos with meat ! It is difficult to teach such Buddhists that vegetarian food is necessary. They would  argue that Buddhists in Asian countries often eat meat and there is centuries old “tradition” of meat eating. They could also say: “Who are you to teach that Buddhists must not eat meat ?!  You were not even born in the central land (refering to the country where Buddhism exist for centuries )…” It´s hard to believe that youtube viewers sometimes write offensive commentaries for Visual Dharma : Avalokiteshvara Buddha of compassion , where there is open dialogue about vegetarianism : meat eating. Some feel offended that we don´t publish commentaries for support of meat eating.

Let´s clarify again: meat eating habbit is deeply “embeded”  in beings who eat meat. As the Chinese saying goes : You are what you eat !  Our aim is to educate and bring awareness about the importance of not eating meat (corpses of dead animals) and to bring more wisdom and true compassion  to this saha world. Ancient story : My lap is your perch – tells us that animals are not afraid of those who eat only vegetarian food. Some even come to meditate with us.   With these words may peace and true happiness be with every sentient being.


3.1 My lap is your perch

Long ago an old old hermit lived deep in the woods. He was so kind that he never killed any living creature. One day he was sitting under the ancient tree. Just as he began to meditate he felt a gust of wind coming towards him. “That`s  strange,” he taught and opened his eyes. He saw a little bird sitting in his lap. The bird was not at all flustered . It was quite at home, as if it were perching  on a twig. The hermit recited the Buddha Amitabha´s name and said to himself . “So you think my lap is a perch ? Well then, I can hardly refuse you. Amitabha, this is good, this is good.

Then the little bird curled up and went to sleep right there in his lap. The hermit was afraid to disturb its dreams. So he began looking into his own heart and immeditately entered very deep state of meditation.

Much later he left his meditation state but the bird was still sleeping. He didn´t move, because he didn´t want to bother it. He said very quietly , Amitabha. Just keep sleeping. You can fly away when you slept your full.” Finally the little bird woke up. It flapped its wings  and streched its legs. It chirped quietly a few times. Then it straightened its feathers and its beak and flapped its wings a few more times. Only then did it fly away.

When it had flown away the old hermit got on his feet. He watched its little friend until it was out of sight. Then he left the tree and went back to his little hut.

From the Dharma book : The love of life . Please share this with everyone you know. Reproduction welcomed. Reprinted by the Buddha educational foundation, Taiwan.

3.2 Dharma poetry : Quan Yin contemplation

Listen to your inner Sound :

Did not Quan Yin Bodhisattva

Contemplated the inner Sound

On the holy island Potalaka

Before he/she became fully enlightened Buddha ?!

Sitting on the shore of the Dragon island,

Seeing crystal clear waves ,

Touching  warm rocks ….

Remember :

Whatever I say

It can not describe

The deepness of that

Contemplation …

Tara Tulku Rinpoche

3.3 Viewers comments and replies :


Re: FACTUAL DHARMA – Alive teaching, Aug. 30, 2009

Thank you,great video,love and peace to you 🙂


From Sara

….`’–.._..-‘ ? HOLIDAYS!
I’m back
…………………\ Sara



Re: DHARMA PRACTICE IN DAILY LIFE Alive teaching, Sept 6, 2009

Goodmorning and thank you for today’s teachings on DHARMA. :))


Re: DHARMA PRACTICE IN DAILY LIFE Alive teaching, Sept 6,2009

Thank You Very Much!


Re: DHARMA PRACTICE IN DAILY LIFE Alive teaching, Sept 6, 2009

Thank you,beautiful message and video ***** love and peace to you 🙂

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