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INTERFAITH  DIALOGUES Alive Dharma teaching, Aug. 16, 2009


“People wish to change the world

But don´t know where to begin !

How do we change the world ?

One Act of Random Kindness at the time.”

Dialogue between the God and the congressman in the movie :

Evan Almighty

I. Introduction

Let us begin today´s Alive Dharma teaching with the reflection on the above quotation from the excellent movie Evan Almighty (one of the movies that Buddha Dharma favours). How do we change the world ? One Act of Random Kindness at the time : ARK. We obstain from eating meat of other sentient beings (i.e. animals). This is tremendous kind act toward animals : saving their lives ! Together we become vegetarians ; together we pray and meditate for inner and outer peace on the planet . We were invited to social network www.protectanimalsandnature .ning.com (founded by Christiane, Germany) and we joined with joy. As vegetarians we like animals, especially birds and fishes and I love nature. We invite everyone to join this social network as well.

Buddha`s blessings come from Acts of Random Kindness, dear worldwide friends of Buddha Dharma.  Increase your positive energy by rating, embeding, sharing and commenting on Visual Dharmas . Sarwa mangalam to All *****

II.Buddhist spiritual and religious activities

2.1 Collective meditations and prayers (since 1988); programme of Visual Dharmas – Buddhist teachings for third millenium; every Sunday from 4-5 pm (GMT+1) or according to your local time.

* Verses of Prayer to Eight Noble Auspicious Ones- by Mipham Rinpoche

* Sampa Nyur Drupma (Tibetan, English….)

* Vajrasattva 100-syllable mantra or Shitro sadhana of ven.  Mingyur Dorje

* Kunzang Gongpa Zhangtal : Wish-granting prayer of Samantabhadra

* silent contemplation : Sound/Light of Dharmata

* Dedication of merit and Long-life prayer

2.2 DHARMA TEACHING and consecration of meditation place :
Saturday August 22, 2009 from 3-6 pm (GMT +1) at the healing meditation place of Mr. Marjan Rupnik, Slovenia.Her Eminence Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche will teach the practice of Dharma in daily life, with questions-answers, meditation , Verses of prayer to Eight noble auspicious ones , Sang offering and planting
 of the nut tree for world peace. Open to everyone .To attend , contact Mr. Marjan Rupnik :

Email: spio4@hotmail.com tel. +386 70 26 23 09
Zg. Recica ob Savinji 25, SI-3270 Lasko, Slovenia, EU.
Bring with yourself : an open heart to learn authentic Buddha Dharma. Your donation according to dana paramita (perfection of generosity) is welcome ! OM MANI PADME HUM

III.International Institute for contemporary Buddhist Studies

3.1 Visual Dharma : Buddhist Chi Kung Energy workout

E-learning curriculum :

a) What are the benefits of Buddhist Chi Kung Energy workout for meditators health ?

b) write your experiences

3.2  Questions and answers

a) Nutier, France , 58 years

Dear venerable Sir , thank you a lot for your kind message , I’m so happy to hear from you . Yes , i’m Buddhist since my birth day ; My parent were Buddhists ; My father had been a Buddhist monk before to marry . But , i’m a person who want to know exactly the meaning of samsara or Nirvana etc. because these words come from other language .
May peace and happiness be upon you always !

Answer : If you study the previous Dharma teaching  : Parting from four attachments , you will understand the meaning of samsara and nirvana exactly as it is. Study at www.buddhadharmaobfinternational.wordpress.com Heritage of mankind , photos and links to Wikipedia.

b) Dear venerable Sir , thank you so much for your great knowledge in Buddhism , i try to learn it with you , and i continue to ask you more than this . Please enjoy my question , thank you .
In the Buddhist scripture , parents are regarded as Brahman of their children because they have : 1-loving-kindness , 2 – compassion , 3 – equanimity and 4 – sympathy to them .
Q.97 – Do these four divinities of brahman come from desire or samsara ?
May peace and happiness be upon you always !

Answer : Loving kindness (maitri) , compassion (karuna), equanimity (mudita) and joy (upeksa) are four immeasurables , connected with Buddhist Refuge and Bodhicitta practice. They don´t come from samsara or cyclic existence, nor from desire. Four immeasurables are noble qualities of the awakened state and must be practiced by all who wish to progress on the spiritual path toward liberation and Enlightenment as taught by the Bodhisattvas and Buddhas. To successfully practice Four immeasurables, one must become a life-long vegetarian.

c) Caesar88888 Ukraine

Re:PARTING FROM FOUR ATTACHMENTS Alive Dharma teaching, Aug. 9,2009

I want to ask you a question, is it true that Buddhists prefer not to think at all, than to think about sinfull activities?

Our question : Do you mean that Buddhists think only about sinnfull activities ?


of course not =) As far as i heard and read, Buddhists are trying to stop their mind, and not to think at all, meditating on void. Tell me please about your method of getting rid of sinfull attachments.

Answer : Meditation on voidness (Skt. Shunya-ta) is not openly thought . Generaly we can say : it is not stoping of thoughts. To practice in this incorrect way would be like “occassional freezing” . Sogyal Rinpoche used this saying at the Buddhist congress in Berlin (1992) and we like this description. Occassional freezing… People who “practice “ is such way become very nervous when they come “out of their meditation”. Our method of liberation and enlightenment is very simple , but one must be vegetarian and purify one´s body, energy and mind in order to start practicing it, after obtaining refuge in Atiyoga essence lineage of Nyingma Vajrayana Buddhism. See Visual Dharma: Light of Dharma.

Question : As far as i understand there are four desires which lead to degradation, and can cause person to obtain animal form (or even worse as animal). These are desire to sleep, desire to eat, desire to have sex and desire to fight.

Answer : Yes, human realm is part of the desire realm in samsara. Desire to sleep comes from ignorance or unawareness. Vajrayana Buddhism teaches about Yoga of dream and clear light, connected to the dream bardo (milam bardo). Desire to fight comes from competitiveness and envy, so predominant in contemporary world. To understand the methods of Buddhist practice, study the Visual Dharma and teachings : Main verses of six bardos, as taught by Lotus-born Guru Padmasambhava.


BuddhaShiva1 wrote :

“Buddhism and Hinduism: Not that separate at all.

Hello, Open Buddhist Forum: To this day, and forever, I will always say that Hinduism and Buddhism are not totally distinct. They are not identical, sure. But they are far from being totally separate either.
Buddha was a Hindu; he came from a family that was of the Vedic religion of the time. He was not trying to start a new religion. He was not trying to say that to follow him, everyone must drop the faith that was existing at the time. In fact, he respected those who are well versed in the Vedas but show a strong sense of compassion and detachment. He says in the Sutta Nipata that those who know the Vedas and are compassionate, they are self realized and never waver. What he was preaching against was those who misuse and abuse the existing faith of the time, those who are not compassionate and are attached to evil and slander. That’s really all. Lastly, the ONE of Brahman, and the NOTHINGNESS of Sunyata, are the same thing! They only differ semantically in my opinion. Heck we can extend this to other religions too – the Tao, Allah, Chesed (in Judaism)…these highest levels or realization are not different, after all. So to say that Buddha was anti-Hindu and anti-Vedas is very, very wrong.”

Answer by Tara Tulku Rinpoche :

“BuddhaShiva1 , let´s take my example,  : I was also not born in Buddhist family, but in Catholic family. Does this mean that I should be Catholic till the end of my life ? No. Nowdays (after 1949 according to Universal declaration of Human rights of United nations) everyone can choose the religion that one can follow with open heart and wisdom. This is fundamental human right of every citizen on this Earth. Your way of thinking is too narrow, BuddhaShiva1,  although you try to be open-minded. How do you know what Lord Buddha wanted ? He still want that all sentient beings awaken from their delussions now, BuddhaShiva1. You wrote : “Buddha did not want to start new religion.” So according to your beleifs, we Buddhists don´t have place on this Earth ? Must we be converted to another religion ?! When we had Interfaith dialogues , (as from 1998-2000 at the Congress centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU ) the basis of these dialogues is mutual respect . You try to already know everything about Buddhist Dharma, but are protecting your personal convictions. We Buddhists respect followers of Hindu religion and many are among our friends here at youtube and elsewhere. Nowbody else, except  you, tried to convert us J

To say that Brahman and Nothingness of shunyata are the same , is wrong view according to Buddhist teaching. Voidness (Skt. Shunyata) is not nothingness . To misunderstand voidness (shunyata) as nothingness is extreme of nihilism.   To understand higher realisations try to study with authentic spiritual master about higher realms of samsara : form realm (Rupa dhatu) and formless realm (Skt. Arupadhatu). Each of this realms have specific realisation, which is still in samsara. To say that Tao and Allah are the same, is wrong view. You lack wisdom of discerment (Skt. Prajna) which comes when one slowly collect virtues and wisdom , beginning with become a vegetarian. We Buddhists are not anti-Hindu or anti-Vedas, as you see J

World religions can collaborate perfectly by promoting non-violence , beginning with Thou shall not kill !  Religions could contribute so much to inner and outer peace on the planet, if their followers would truly take the teachings of founders of their religions to heart . Contemporary religious leaders must be noble examples of noble way of living . This is the most important fact . With many Acts of Random Kindness *****

Note: related Dharma teaching : Four noble Truths

Related Visual Dharma: About Buddhism

V. HUMAN RIGHTS and gender equality :

Please join us in
 signing this petition to urge China and Russia to join with the UN Security Council and the global community in condemning Burma’s sentencing of pro-democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi, calling for the immediate release of Suu Kyi and all political prisoners in Burma, and supporting a global arms embargo against Burma. Thank you!

BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF International

Serving, upholding and protecting the teachings of Buddhas by promoting ten enlightened activities as taught by Buddha Padmasambhava; promoting Millenium goals of United nations : Universal education , Gender  equality and empowerment of women www.un.org/milleniumgoals

Buddha Dharma is generaly beneficial religious organisation, since 1995 registered in Slovenia, European Union

www.youtube.com/OpenBuddhistForum 42 Visual Dharmas with scientific descriptions

www.buddhadharmaobfinternational.wordpress.com Heritage of mankind

www.MySpace.com/BuddhaDharma_OBFI blog, Dharma art photos

venerable Mangala Konchok Norbu – Dharma art director, EU

H.E. Lama Karma Gyan Sagar Rinpoche, World Peace Envoy, Nepal

Shifu John Chow, Martial arts, TCM, Healing, Australia

H.E. Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche, EU

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