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I. Introductory teaching :

Dear Friends of Buddha Dharma-OBF International :

it is just two days from the celebration of Birth of Guru Padmasambhava. In this sense the Visual Dharma: Dances of Eight manifestations of Padmasambhava is taught today. The background image of our Buddhist channel on youtube shows Amitabha Buddha of limitless light. It is only natural that we follow the Dharmas of Buddha Shakyamuni and Buddha Padmasambhava, who was the emanation body (Skt. Supreme Nirmanakaya)  of Amitabha Buddha. Shakyamuni Buddha never taught tantric or vajrayana buddhist path . Guru Padmasambhava promoted and uphold many vajrayana lineages, like that of Vajrakilaya. To His lotus –feet we devotedly prostrate, to receive His blessings.

When one study and practice with authentic Buddhist masters, first of all we  learn to be respectful toward the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Without respect there is no true progress on the spiritual path toward enlightenment. All authentic Buddhist masters teach this respect and devotion toward the Buddhist lineage. They also prostrate toward Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of ten directions and three times, before they allow that somebody prostrate to them. In today´s hectic and swift world, arrogance (also called spiritual pride) is the greatest obstacle encountered by many spiritual cultivators, as well as intellectualism. There are very few, who are simple and natural… Simplicity and naturalness , connected with appreciation and respect, is especially important if one wish to practice advanced Dharmas of Atiyoga/Dzogpa chenpo : natural great perfection ! Dharma path becomes more and more simple, not complicated( Tib. Dumache-uncompounded). Simplicity is the key. In internet language we would say: simplicity is the “tag”, key word. Subscribe to that tag – simplicity in your heart and become more and more simple.Simplify your life. You will not loose anything (only heavy lagguage of ego!) and  you will become more peaceful and happy. For the fulfillment of this noble aims we pray and meditate together. Simplicity is the key to mental peace and world peace. OM AH HUM VAJRA GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUM

Tara Tulku Rinpoche


2.1.Visual Dharma: Dances of eight manifestation of Padmasambhava

This is 4th Visual Dharma (2004) from the International Institute for Contemporary Buddhist Studies. It was created at the time of translating Dharma text “Gypsy Gossip” by Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche and publishing the text at Vajra-Garuda e-Publications on CD-ROM (ISBN 961-91189-1-X). This Visual Dharma is inspired by excellent Teaching which Rinpoche offers in his explanation of the mantra of Guru Padmasambhava (outer, inner and secret meaning) as well as ennumeration of Eight manifestations of Guru Rinpoche. Life and liberation (Tib. Padma Ka`i Tang) of Buddha Padmasambhava was written down by Lady Master Yeshe Tshogyal (8th Century A.D.) .It was later discovered as hidden treasure (Tib. terma) by Tertön Orgyen Lingpa (14th Century). In 1912 it was translated into French (published in 1933). In 1978 it was published in English language. This chronology shows that Buddhism and its sacred texts are present in Europe from the beginning of 20th Century and that Buddhism is one of the religions traditinaly present in Europe !
This fact must be observed by institutions of Europe, USA and others (Council of Europe-Strasbourg, European Commission-Brussels, United nations- New York etc.) which organise international conferences and dialogues about religions in Europe and America. See our 5th Project: Human rights and gender equality — collaboration by the White paper on Intercultural dialogue at the Council of Europe. 2008 is the year of
Intercultural dialogue.

According to Terma tradition Guru Rinpoche was born from the immaculate Lotus on the Danakosha lake in the country of Oddiyana. He was supreme emanation (Skt. Nirmanakaya, Tib. Tulku) of Sambhogakaya Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha of Limitless light and life. In 8th Century Guru Rinpoche was invited to Tibet by the king Trisong Detsen. Guru Rinpoche has countless manifestations. His main Eight manifestations with correspending gestures (Skt. mudra) are presented in this Visual Dharma. Guru Rinpoche did not have mortal, material karmic body. After spending 55 years in Tibet, he departed on the sun rays. His Eight manifestations have peaceful and wrathful aspects — according to the needs of sentient beings to be tamed. Based on his Eight manifestations there are numerous initiations with sadhanas, visualisations and mantras. Traditional religious dances, practiced by Buddhist monks at different Buddhist religious festivals, present sacred dances with masks, costumes, movements and gestures (i.e. at Thimpu Tshechu in Bhutan, Mani Rimdu festival at the Everest region in Nepal etc.). This Visual Dharma is direct teaching with the aim of connecting pure perception of every viewer with natural and continuous stainless energy of Padmasambhava´s Lineage. At each 10th lunar day of every lunar month Vajrayana Buddhists throughout the world meditate and celebrate one of the manifestations of Buddha Padmasambhava and his heroic Dharma activity to liberate sentient beings from suffering. Birth of Guru Rinpoche is celebrated on 10th day of 6th lunar month. Our Guide in this degenerate age, Buddha Shakyamuni, prophecied, that He will reappear in this world as Buddha Padmasambhava. His promisse was fulfilled.
Bibliographies of researchers and authors online:
2.10 Special work ; 1.04 special article H.E. Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche; ven. Mangala Konchok Norbu
1.Thinley Norbu Rinpoche : WHITE SAIL-Offering praise; part 1 & 2

2.Seven-line invocation Of Guru Rinpoche
3.Teaching about Seven-line invocation

4.Vajrakilaya tantra Gurkhukma by Khenpo Jigme Phuntsog Rinpoche,part 1 & 2

5.Pada: self-arisen footsteps in the rock.

Comments  from viewers :

Lovely music. It makes me feel very happy.

Don’t know how i found this. It’s like it’s talking to me,makes me feel just so peaceful.

OM SVASTI Enligtened Energy of Visual Dharmas talk to every being who is open to the Truth. May your peace expand and may you always be happy. To be in touch with enlightened Energy of Visual Dharmas you can subscribe to our Buddhist channel.

Thank you…I’ve subscribed!

om mani padme hum


1.The emanation of which Buddha was Guru Padmasambhava ?
2.Write the names and gestures of His Eight manifestations .
3.Why it is important
 to respect Buddha Padmasambhava´s Teachings and how one can do this ?

2.3. Questions and answers :

Gilbert, France :

Dear venerable Sir , thank you a lot for your lovely response on my question , I’m appreciated it so much . I know now that the ” mind ” is not permanent , and also all of things flowing in the universe according to the Buddha’s teaching .This is a great enlightenment of Dhamma . This is my new question ,please enjoy it , thank you .
Yes, each person has his own Samsara . The person that always wants to meet only good friends, good
 times to work or travel , but there is something that prevents their wish , or completely changes their destination .
Q.93 – Does this prevention come from Samsara ?

Answer from Shifu John Chow :” All existence is Samsara, according to Lord Buddha. That is due to the  deluded mind.  Obtaining whatever we want is no other than our craving, desire and expectations.  That is already our dualistic craving mind.  Such projections are samsara.  If you say all such unfulfilled desires come from Samsara, then you will have to search further  –  where does samsara come from.  The answer again is the deluded mind  –  due to ‘avijja’  fundamental ignorance or non-realisation of our true nature.  Samsara does not prevent things from happening so samsara is not the cause.  Samsara is more the condition or state.  The real cause is avijja.  Whether prevention or fulfilment,  these are mere projections of the cravings of our deluded minds. Exist only within context or realm of samsara.
So,  we do not say that preventions or fulfilments come from, or arise from, or are caused by samsara,  but it may be more accurate to say that preventions and fulfilments are the play in samsara of our deluded mind, experienced by our deluded mind.  It is like a great puppet master who is so skilful that he can enthral the audience with his puppet work,  but he himself also got caught in his own play.  Although samsara is false, illusory magical creation of the master magician’s projection,  it is so real that the ‘creator’ gets caught up in the play, movements, dynamics and laws of his own creation and can not distinguish that he is living, seeing, feeling, touching, hearing, living and dying and suffering within his self-created world of illusion!   Even though, in the beginning, to start off with, the great magician knows he is going to create an apparition, and that it is only an apparition, when he is so fully engrossed in the movements and play of the apparition, he lost his central sense of pilot, and becomes like all his objects of creation.  Not remembering more and more of the fact that these are only apparitions and their play that he created by his projections,  eventually totally not remembering and realising this at all.  This is the fundamental ignorance.  In Tibetan, this is ‘ma rigpa’.
I hope this answers your question.  I am also learning some Dharma now so I just share what my idea is.  I am not sure whether I answered correctly.  You can do whatever you like with them.
Blessings to you and family.”
Gilbert,France :
Dear venerable Sir , thank you so much for your response to my question , I’m so happy to learn Buddha dharma from you . This is my question , please enjoy it , thank you .
Q.94 – If samsāra is the unbroken chain of the five-fold khandha-combinations, which, constantly changing from moment to moment follow continuously one upon the other through inconceivable periods of time , as buddhistheritage wrote here , do bad and good omens, bad and good preventions, bad and good dreams , bad and good chances etc. come from Samsara too ?
May peace and happiness be upon you always !

Answer from Shifu John Chow :“The answer to the the previous question also applies here.  Good and bad do not come from, or arise from, or are caused by samsara. Samsara is more the condition of unsatisfactoriness caused by the play of all alternations or changes from states of good to bad etc.   Changes are all energy play flux.  Changes are not good or bad about changes.  But it is our mind’s projections of desire, craving, wanting, satisfying due to conceptual ideas of what good is about, what bad is about, ceaselessly judging whether good or bad, projecting our delusions,  that creates samsara.  In reality, there is no samsara.  However, in the relative, because of our projections, we are born into such a type of existence that befits our karmic vision.  We experience what we have projected.  All existence  –  samsara and nirvana –  are just a play and flux of our ceaseless projections.  Our getting caught up in their ‘reality’ is continued compulsive transmigartion in existence.  In relative language  – we take rebirth after rebirth.  The master magician, being caught up by his own self-created apparitions,  really believes in their true existence,  and hankers after their play  –  seeking pleasure in watching, experiencing, touching, playing with them,  getting joy and pleasure from them, and after getting some little joy and pleasure,  wanting to get more (that means believe in their existence, and craving for more), wanting to experience more (craving, desire, greed, tanha),  and if can not get or lose the experience, is in dissatisfaction and misery (suffering of not getting what one desires – preventions), ……. etc.   You see how all this relates to the whole of the Buddha’s teachings right from basic Hinayana to Vajrayana.  So,  samsara does not cause preventions.  Prevention is part of the flux in samsara.  I hope that answers your question.  I am afraid I don’t know Dharma very well so I simply try to say a few words to act clever! Blessings to you and family.”

JoshRom , USA, 31 years   Comment on Vajrasattva 100-syllable mantra :

“I agree with the Buddhist views of interdependence and emptiness. I also practice meditation. However, I disagree with vegetarians. No one has shown me that life is inherently valuable. In addition, vegetarians assume that less intelligent animals can suffer while excluding the possibility that plants can suffer simply because they cannot yelp, scream, or cry. Furthermore, if we can train carnivores like lions to eat a non-living source of protein, are we obligated to do so?”

Answer by Tara Tulku  Rinpoche : Buddhist view of interdependence and emptiness is difficult to understand for the beginners. Life is inherently valuable because of inherent Buddha nature in you and in all beings. If you dissagree with vegetarians and still eat meat , this is sign that you  don´t have practical insight into emptiness/voidness. Your view is more nihilistic, it is  not true shining voidness. It is all about you – don´t exuse yourself for eating meat by showing fogg of unawareness. Problem with contemporary meditators is : they are too clever ! Not wise or truly intelligent, but clever . This is because the school education don´t put much (or enough importance ) on spiritual values. Only collecting on dry intellectual “knowledge” which is more burden as liberation. Still it is all about you and how to change your bad habits of eating meat into virtuous habit of saving lives, by becoming vegetarians (see vegetarian recipes at Buddhist wholesome medicine) , by praying and meditating from the bottom of your heart. The greatest Tibetan yogi Jetsün Milarepa said : “Seeing emptiness, have compassion! “ What can be more compassionate toward sentient beings / animals as saving their lives ?!

We welcome further questions by subscribers and friends .

BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF International : serving, upholding and protecting the teachings of Buddhas by promoting ten enlightened activities and Millenium goals of United nations : gender  equality and empowerment of women.

H.E. Lama Karma Gyan Sagar Rinpoche, World  Peace Envoy, Nepal

H.E. Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche, EU

Shifu John Chow, Australia

Venerable Mangala Konchok Norbu, EU – Dharma art director

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