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THE LINEAGE GREEN  JEWEL : Alive Dharma teaching May 17,2009

Dear Friends of Buddha Dharma,

today´s Alive Dharma brings Teaching about the Lineage by Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, reflection from the inter-faith meeting in Prekmurje,Slovenia,EU and much more. May this Dharma (Truths) accompany you in next weeks and always, bringing you inner peace, joy, beauty, wisdom and inspiration.



A) Visual Dharma : Buddhism, peace and ecology.

i.How can Buddhist teachings contribute to ecology and worldpeace ?

ii. What is the meaning of Sang rite ?

iii.How can one practice zazen Buddhist meditation ?


Dharma practitioner from France asked :

Dear venerable Sir , please enjoy my question , thank you .
Consciousness existed because there was mental formation , mental formation existed because there were perceptions , perceptions existed because there was sensation , sensation existed because there was the form . The aggregates as arising in a linear or progressive fashion , from form to sensation to perception to mental formation to consciousness .
Q.84 – According to the five aggregates of Buddha , does consciousness create the mind ?
May peace and happiness be upon you always !

Buddha or enlightened being does not have aggregates or skandas . His aggregates are purified into five Buddha families : Karma , Ratna, Padma, Buddha and Vajra family. The aim of Buddhist practitioner is to purify his/her own skandas or aggregates and to accomplish Sambhogakaya and Dharmakaya realisation. This answer is given from the Vajrayana – Diamond path – view. Other Buddhist schools give different answers. There is a lot of confusion about the term mind . In Atiyoga * Dzogpa chenpo we learn to distinguish between the mind (Tibetan: sem) and nature of mind (Tib. Sem-nyid). Does consciousness create the mind ? Nature of mind (sem-nyid) is uncreated , primordialy pure as the sky. Focus on “that”. OM MANI PADME HUM May you always be peaceful and happy.

P.S. Recommended study : The seeker´s glossary of Buddhism, published for FREE distribution by the Buddha Educational Foundation, Taiwan, 1998. Prepared by the Sutra translation committee of US & Canada. 800 pages ! Available on donation basis from Buddha Dharma.

Dharma practitioner from Indonesia asked :

How to make my concetration still focus in my meditation ?
2. How to make me get a bonus when I always doing the meditation ?
3. I want to get a little knowledge like Sakyamuni Buddha ,can see his life and other people, so I can help other people to make their life more peaceful  and happy.
Can you help me ?
Maybe I ask to much, but I think if I don’t have a target in my life, the life will end in the target of time.
Thank you for all your kindness.
Best Regards,

Dear Friend of Buddha Dharma :thank you for interesting questions.

Ad1) First of all one should meditate in peaceful  environment which inspires inner peace and concentration. One should also be a vegetarian – this is great help in accomplishing meditation ; purify one´s body,speech and mind with the help of our  Buddhist wholesome medicine (Universal healing tonic). The comment and description of Vajrasatva 100-syllable mantra gives detailed teaching about the purification process. Sit in a meditation position with straight back. If you have too many thoughts, begin with awareness of your breathing for few minutes.

Ad2) Bonus in meditating is actual merit or positive energy experienced . Dedicate (share) this merit with all sentinet beings, wishing them inner peace and happiness. Dedication of merit is very important. The verse of dedication of merit should be recited aloud and with concentration. Visual Dharma : Avalokiteshavara Buddha of compassion brings dedication verse .

Ad3)Your wish to help other people is very noble. May everything be auspicious in your life and dharma practice. Visual Dharmas-Buddhist teachings for 3rd millenium offer immeasurable help in accomplishing spiritual Path of Enlightenment for all who follow on the footsteps of the Shakyamuni Buddha. Recite the Verses of prayer to Eight noble auspicious ones daily and also other prayers.   OM MUNE MUNE MAHAMUNAYE SVAHA


Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche : Magic Dance

The Display of the self-nature of the five Wisdom Dakinis


“If we want to talk about  pure Dharma lineage, we must be concerned with purity. Buddha Shakyamuni said , “My fearless lion´s Dharma throne does not have an owner. The one who has compassion, who has Wisdom Mind, who has benefit mind, this one is the holder of my lineage, and can sit upon my throne”. He did not say the one who has a title, the one who is chosen by neurotic-minded people, the one who has created more politics. Whether one is titled or untitled, chosen or not chosen, politician or not politician, the lineage holder is the one who has the original wisdom qualities ansd whose mind source is wisdom purity. Whoever has vast spiritual qualities through pure intention and gifted mind from previous karma holds a pure spiritual lineage and can truly benefit other beings.”

Page 55. Jewel publishing house , New York, 1981.

Related Visual Dharmas : Nyingma Vajrayana Buddhism, Prayer of Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, White sail part 1 & 2.


Every Sunday from 4-5 pm GMT+1 or according to your local time. Programme of Visual Dharmas.

May 18: Dakini day : Tsog offering or Ganapuja. Text of Condensed Tsog offering verse by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche II. is published at our photo gallery of myspace.


May 14 : Meeting of representatives of religious communities , organised by the Office for religious communities of the Government of Republic Slovenia, EU.

This year we visited East part of Slovenia, called Prekmurje which is like GREEN JEWEL of the lowland and hills of natural beauty, settled between Austria and Hungary.  After years I met again friends who took part at the Dialogues in Ljubljana (Congress centre: 1998-2000) and also learned about rich religious, cultural and artistic history of Prekmurje region.

It was rainy day and night before and the nature was cleansed of dust. True refreshment for the senses : sight, smell, hearing… 18 religious communities took part at this yearly meeting. Murska sobota is the capital city of Pomurje region. There we viewed three churches of Christian denomination (Protestant and Catholic). With the eyes open for the beauties of nature I could record big flowering rhododendrum bush in the nearby park with the statue of Slovenian protestant leader Primoz Trubar. Next we stopped at the health resort Moravska toplice www.moravske-toplice.com and visited Evangelical Church nearby. At the settlement Bogojina there is beautiful Church with round tower designed by most important Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik (1872-1957). On the way with the bus Mr. Silvester Gaberscek from the Ministry of culture shared his rich knowledge about the work of architect Plecnik. In the settlement Filovci we were lead through interesting museum of around 150 years old houses built in the ancient, but natural style. After the lunch break where I as vegetarian tasted delicious sorts of bread , cheese and busquit (Prekmurska gibanica)  our travell lead us to the village (Selo) with round church (Rotunda) from 13th Century. This ancient church – artistic jewel of Prekmurje region- stands amidst green and lively blossoming meadows. Next we stopped at Motvarjevci village and were welcomed by the religious community there. In the late afternoon we came to the biggest castle in Slovenia, called Grad. It  became the headquarter of the Three country park : Goricko (Slovenia)-Raab (Austria) and Örség (Hungary), supported by the European Union. Slovenian part of the park is 45.000 hectares big and gives home to 25.000 people (among them around 15o who recently  settled here from England). The castle is being renovated . Ten minutes docomentary about the park was especailly interesting. If you travell in this part of Europe, don´t forget to visit it www.park-goricko.org . Relax and enjoy a mosaic of rolling hills, perfect natural idyll, splendour of forgotten sensations and a mixture of past and present.

Our travell through the Green Jewel of Prekmurje further lead us to settlements of Bodenci and Puconci where we were kindly received by religious communities in their Churches. All Churces that we visited have beautiful architecture and meaningful symbology. Addresses of Churches and religious communities are provided at www.uvs.gov.si .

Because I am commited to always support Millenium goals of United nations , namely Gender equality and empowerment of women – I must write about Sister Marija who was with us on our travell. She presented her missionary work in India where she lived for more than 30 years, helping women from rural parts in Gujarat. She is also well known writter awarded by the academy of Gujarat. Please find more about her beneficial work at www.kesudaflower.org

Finally we congratulate the director of the Office for religious communities dr. Drago Cepar and his colleagues (Emilija Snoj, Tanja Vatovec) for well organised and inspiring meeting. They prepared valuable materials which will remain with us for study and remembrance. We are grateful to all religious communities in Prekmurje region who with their openess and kindness showed true spirit of ecumenism and inter-faith communication. Let´s pray together for inner and outer peace on our home planet earth.

Her Eminence Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche


*During the travell through the Green Jewel I could record about 14 min. of inspiring materials. If time allows, video documentary will be published at our channel at www.youtube.com/OpenBuddhistForum

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