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OM SVASTI : Dharma instructions are SEEDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT

Dear Friends of Buddha Dharma – OBF International, may these Dharma instructions find you in perfect peace, health, prosperity and compassion.

I.BUDDHIST MEDITATIONS & PRAYERS : our meditation retreat place Atiyoga Ling is celebrating its 20. anniversary. Collective prayers and meditations every Sunday afternoon. BUDDHIST CALENDAR : third lunar month April 26 ,2009 : 1st lunar day : Kalachakra new year May 2 : 8th lunar day, dedicated to the Medicine Buddhas and Arya Tara; Visual Dharma: Medicine Buddha Blessings, 21 verses of Praise to Arya Tara; May 4 : 10th lunar day : dedicated to Guru Padmasambhava, known as Guru Chime Pemajungne – Immortal Lotus-born Guru. King of Zahor tries to burn Guru Rinpoche alive. Guru Rinpoche transforms the fire into a lake (called Resalwar or Tso Pema, North India), establishes the Dharma in the land of Zahor and takes the princess Mandarava as his Consort. Visual Dharma: 7-line invocation of Guru Rinpoche. Dharma practice: Tsog offering or Ganapuja. Sang offering. May 9 : 15th lunar day : Lord Buddha taught Kalachakra.

VESAKH : celebration of Buddha Shakyamuni´s Enlightenment and Parinirvana , according to Theravada Buddhism. Dharmachakra day- Dharma practice is very important, merit is multiplying 1 million times. At the age of 35 Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment at Bodhgaya. This day also marks anniversary of His Parinirvana. According to Vajrayana Buddhist calendar Enlightenment of Lord Buddha is celebrated in 4th lunar month , called Saga Dawa. Visual Dharma: Buddha´s Enlightenment. • Collective prayers and meditations on every Dharmachakra day from 4-5 pm (GMT +1) or according to your local time. Programme of Sunday meditations. • May 18 : 25th lunar day: Dakini day . Dharma practice : Tsog offering or Ganapuja. May 23 : Dharmapala day . Dharma practice : Dharmapala practices or Vajrakilaya sadhana. See Visual Dharma. May 24 : Shakyamuni Buddha day – purification practices , Sang offering. * May pure Dharma always increase *

II. INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR CONTEMPORARY BUDDHIST STUDIES : Wisdom studies : E-learning curriculum. • Visual Dharma: Buddha´s Enlightenment 1. What is the outer,inner and secret meaning of Lord Buddha´s Enlightenmnet ? 2. Write short hagyography of Buddha Shakyamuni according to this Visual Dharma. 3. What does the Stupa / Peace pagoda symbolise ?

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS : 1. Friend of Buddha Dharma from Guatemala asked about the teaching of Guru Rinpoche, published on description of our Buddhist channel . He wrote : “…it says : at the end of future age”. I really get the feeling we are at the end of future age…We are at transition period? At the end of future age ? What can you tell me about this ?” This Guru Rinpoche´s Dharma instructions comes from His Jewel Spike Testament which says : “At the end of the future age , there will be many perverted practitioners who will treat the Dharma as merchandise. At that time, all of you who obey my words, do not forsake the ten spiritual activities.” It is published in English translation by Erik Pema Kunzang in : Advice from the Lotus-born : a collection of Padmasambhava´s advice to the Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal and other close disciples. Rangjung Yeshe Publications, Hong Kong & Kathmandu, 1994. Yeshe Tsogyal wrote down in 8th century Tibet : “These teachings are the central advice of the collected words of Padmasambhava, the great nirmanakaya master. They are the words from His heart, meant to be personally practiced.Please keep this in mind !” Jewel Spike Testament is from famuous Gongpa Zhangtal, a cycle of terma (hidden treasures) teaching, dicovered by Rigdzin Gödem (1337-1408) who was the master of Jangter or Northern treasures lineage of Nyingma Vajrayana Buddhism. See Visual Dharma: Wish-granting prayer of Samantabhadra. Rigdzin Gödem is one of five king-like tertöns or treasure revealers. Since these teaching was discovered in 14th century it means that “ at the end of future age” is from 14th century onwards, right now also. Guru Rinpoche´s teachings are timeless or transcendental and they speak to each of us personally. We must just open our minds and hearts and listen without distractions. It also mean that each of us must not neglect those 10 enlightened activities, to accumulate merit and wisdom. Ten dharmic activities are : copying Buddhist scriptures for free distribution (not selling dharma books), making offerings, giving alsm/donations, listening to discourses,memorising,reading,expounding,reciting,reflecting upon and training in the meaning of the Dharma. These enlightened activities can easily be practiced with the spiritual guidance of authentic Buddhist masters who themselves promote these enlightened activities. For exapmple: nowdays its easy to copy Buddhist texts and teachings for free distribution on internet. We remain grateful for Youtube founders to make this possible ! Great merit ! One can embed our 40 Visual Dharmas to other web sites to multiply the Blessings of the Buddhas. It can not be easier as this ! Note: question about 500 years period in Buddhism will be answered next time.


FIRST 100 DAYS : Congratulations to US President Barack Obama, our Friend on Youtube, for successful work in fist 100 days of his presidency . May all your good plans be fulfilled without obstacles. With full support from Buddha Dharama-OBF International.

Video shared by Juan LorenZerimar : • Michael´s Sonata – BEYOND THE GLACIERS : dear Friend, thank you for sending us this video. Your piano music is beautiful and well played. We did not know that contemporary composers can create such beautiful music. Thank you for inspiration ! • JuanLorenZerimar : “ Thank you so much! Blessings for your divine work on Earth !”

IV.CHARITY : SEEDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT – SEEDS FOR WORLD PEACE * His Eminence Lama Karma Gyan Sagar Rinpoche, founder of World Peace Envoy, offered Seeds of the Buddha tree from the Lumbini zone in Nepal. Giving donations is connected to dana paramita-perfection of generosity. Orphan boys and girls, studying at the Buddhist school in Nepal, need your financial support or sponsoring. These “Little Buddhas” pray, meditate and learn every day diligently and will remember you in prayers. A3 posters and photos are prepared for all sponsors. With your donation you will also receive Seeds of Buddha tree, offered by ven. Sagar Rinpoche, to remember you on your innate Buddha nature which begin to be visible if you accomplish good deeds of Charity. OM MANI PADME HUM

Dear Friends, may your week be full of blessings, peace, health, inspiration, wisdom and compassion. Together we become vegetarians, praying and meditating for inner and outer peace on this planet and for all sentient beings.

BUDDHA DHARMA – OBF International

H.E.Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche-Nyingma Vajrayana Atiyoga Ling, EU. Sifu John Chow, Australia : Martial arts, TCM .H.E.Lama Karma Gyan Sagar Rinpoche, World Peace Envoy, Buddhist monastery,temple, peace pagodas,retreat center,Nepal. Venerable Mangala Konchok Norbu- Dharma art director, EU

Serving, upholding and protecting the Teaching of Buddhas by promoting ten enlightened activities as taught by the Buddhas. http://www.youtube.com/OpenBuddhistForum – 40 Visual Dharmas http://www.myspace.com/BuddhaDharma_OBFI Dharma art calendar,Teachings and research in Blog http://www.buddhadharmaobfinternational.wordpress.com Heritage of Mankind – Treasure of pure Dharma . Comments are possible . BuddhaDharma.OBFInternational@gmail.com

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